"We don't care how you dance, as long as you have rhythm! Am I a good dancer?"
— Graceful Goron

The Graceful Gorons are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. These uniquely colored Gorons are the best of all Goron dancers, and, thus, are the leaders of the Goron Dance mini-game on Rolling Ridge. Although only two are seen, five generations of Graceful Gorons have existed between the game's two time periods.

The first generation Graceful Goron is seen in the Past. He is red, unlike most Gorons, and can be approached only with a Letter of Introduction. He gives Link the Mermaid Key after Link completes the dance for the first time. From that point on, he allows Link to dance at three different levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The fifth generation Graceful Goron is seen in the Present. Unlike other Gorons, he is blue. For the first time that Link completes the dance, he wins the Brother Emblem. From that point on, Link has the option of dancing at Bronze, Silver, or Gold level.

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