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Goronu (pronounced /ˈɡɒɹoʊnuː/ GO-roh-noo)[1] is a location in The Faces of Evil. Along with Crater Cove and Nortinka, it is one of the game's starting stages.

Features and Overview

Goronu is the name of the area that surrounds Goronu's Face of Evil. It is located near the southern coasts of Koridai, represented by a giant gold monument that resembles Goronu's likeness. The area itself is a mountainous river valley, and home to a large crypt in the Face of Goronu that is filled with undead enemies. It is under Goronu's control.

The area is also notably the only known area in Koridai to have a shop. Morshu's shop can immediately be found at the entrance to the mountain pass, standing on a red bridge next to a raging waterfall that flows from Glutko. Here Morshu sells Link Rope, Bombs and Lantern Oil. His shop also has a Triforce Map, which will take Link back to the world map screen. Across from his shop is a red archway that serves as another bridge, which leads to the Face of Goronu. A boulder blocks an opening in the Face's teeth, which can be destroyed with a Bomb or the Power Glove. The opening leads to an enormous crypt haunted by Ghinis and Stalfos. Here Link meets Gwonam, who shows him the minion Goronu as he raises Stalfos from their coffins to attack. A door at the end leads to the next room.

The final room is a tall chamber with several rafters supporting the structure. Link confronts Goronu at the very top. After his defeat, Link receives a Life Heart and finds the Bell. After completing the stage, Harlequin Bazaar is unlocked.

Minor Enemies and Traps



  1. "Look, and see Goronu." — Gwonam (The Faces of Evil)