Goron Village is a recurring location in the Legend of Zelda series.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Located in Snowhead, Goron Village is the home of the Gorons living in Termina. The village is a set of large, cavern-like areas carved into the mountain.

Goron Powder Keg Shop

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The Goron Powder Keg Shop is where Medigoron resides. Here, Link can purchase a special type of bomb known as the Powder Keg, which can only be used by Gorons. However, Link is only allowed to purchase these after completing a small test: he must destroy a boulder blocking the Goron Racetrack with a special Powder Keg that lasts much longer than the ones that Link can carry around normally. After this, Link is allowed to carry Powder Kegs and purchase more from the Bomb Shop in Clock Town, even after he plays the "Song of Time" to reset the three day cycle.

Goron Shrine

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The Goron Shrine is the main cavern in Goron Village. It is here that the Goron Elder, his son, and the Goron hero Darmani reside. There is also a shop inside the Goron Shrine. The shop sells items at increased prices when it is winter in Snowhead. Once spring arrives, item prices drop inside the shop.

In the center of the shrine is a giant, unlit chandelier, which Link can reactivate by lighting every Torch in the Shrine. After doing this, the chandelier will start spinning, allowing Goron Link to propel himself into its many ceramic goron "faces". Inside one of these is hidden a Rock Sirloin, which can be carried and given to the Hungry Goron in the Mountain Village; its rich taste and nourishment return his strength and allow him to climb down. Before returning to Goron Village, he gives Link his Don Gero's Mask.

Lone Peak Shrine

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Located across a chasm in Goron Village, the Lone Peak Shrine houses the Lens of Truth. To reach it, Link must follow Kaepora Gaebora across invisible platforms. Kaepora Gaebora drops feathers to reveal the pathway. Link must retrieve this item in order to see the ghost of the recently deceased Darmani.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Goron Village Sprite

Goron Village is found in the Fire Realm of New Hyrule. It is home to the Goron tribe, but is plagued with constant volcanic eruptions. Link scales the Mountain of Fire west of the village to meet with Kagoron who is praying to the Mountain Goddess for better conditions. Kagoron asks Link to retrieve something cold to cool the lava, and gives him the Freight Car to aid him. Link must then obtain the Mega Ice from Noko, which gives him access to the Goron Elder. Once this is accomplished, Link can enter the Fire Sanctuary to meet the Lokomo sage Embrose.

Spirit Tracks Credits Artwork 9

Artwork of the Goron Elder at Goron Village

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