The Goron Shrine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located in Goron Village in the mountains of Snowhead, it houses many Gorons living in Termina. During the winter the door is shut to preserve heat and can only be opened by performing a Goron Ground Pound in front of the door. The shrine is a large stone structure built around a cavern-like area carved into the mountain. It features a chamber where the Goron Elder's Son resides, a main hall, a shop, and a complex chandelier. It appears to be used as a central meeting place for the Gorons, as many of them gather there after the curse on Snowhead is lifted.


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Upon Link's arrival, the Goron inhabitants are distressed due to the loud crying of the Goron Elder's Son, whose father has not yet returned from his trip. Link eventually encounters the Goron Elder near the frozen lake in the area; the Goron Elder himself is frozen inside a giant snowball. Link unfreezes him with Hot Spring Water, and the Elder informs him that he is headed to Snowhead Temple to investigate the cause of the perpetual blizzard. However, when he hears about his crying son, he teaches Link a song that soothes Gorons, known as the "Goron Lullaby"; however, he can only remember the beginning of the song. Link plays this in front of the Goron Elder's Son, who teaches him the rest, causing himself and the rest of the Gorons in the hall to fall asleep.

Points of Interest


In the center of the Goron Shrine, there is a giant unlit chandelier, which Link can reactivate by lighting every torch in the shrine. After doing this, the chandelier will start spinning, allowing Goron Link to roll off a ramp himself into the Goron Vases attached to it. Inside one of these is hidden a piece of Rock Sirloin, which can be carried and given to the Hungry Goron in the Mountain Village; its rich taste and nourishment returns his strength and allows him to climb down. Before returning to Goron Village, he will give Link Don Gero's Mask.

Goron Shop

A shop where Link can buy basic merchandise can be found on the lower floor of the shrine. The prices of these items are higher during the winter than during the spring that follows. During the summer, Bombs are sold here at a lower price than anywhere else in Termina.

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