The Goron Shop is a recurring shop in the Legend of Zelda series. It is a shop owned and operated by the Goron race.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Goron Shop is located on the bottom floor of Goron City on Death Mountain. The Goron Shop Owner sells a Goron Tunic, hearts, and after Link defeats King Dodongo, bombs. If Link talks to him as an adult before he defeats Volvagia, he will say that all the other Gorons have left, and that he is the only one left. After Link defeats the dragon, however, he will be overjoyed that everyone has returned.


Item Price
Recovery Heart 10 Rupees
Recovery Heart 10 Rupees
Red Potion 40 Rupees
Goron Tunic 200 Rupees
5 Bombs 25 Rupees
10 Bombs 50 Rupees
20 Bombs 80 Rupees
30 Bombs 120 Rupees

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

The Goron Shop is located on the bottom floor of the Goron Shrine in Goron Village. A canal flows through a roped-off section of the shop, and the shopkeeper looks and acts very similar to the one from Ocarina of Time. During winter, which has been prolonged and intensified due to a curse, the shopkeeper can not get products stocked due to the cold, and sells them for more than he does during spring, which will return if Link defeats Goht.


Item Price (Winter) Price (Spring)
10 Bombs 40 Rupees 10 Rupees
10 Arrows 40 Rupees 20 Rupees
Red Potion 80 Rupees 50 Rupees

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Goron Shop is located in the Hot Springs section of Death Mountain. It is considered a souvenir shop for the Hot Springs. The store sells items such as arrows and a Wooden Shield.


Item Price
10 Arrows 10 Rupees
Milk 20 Rupees
Lantern Oil 20 Rupees
Wooden Shield 50 Rupees

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Hyrule Warriors Locations Death Mountain - East Goron Keep (Goron Shop & Bombchu )

The East Goron Keep from Hyrule Warriors

The Goron Shop from Ocarina of Time appears as a Keep known as the East Goron Keep in the Goron City section of the Death Mountain stage. The keep's design is also used as the background of the game's Bazaar menu, though with the addition of the Goron Shop Owner.

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