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OoA Goron Gallery

The Goron Shooting Gallery in Oracle of Ages

The Goron Shooting Gallery is a location in Oracle of Ages. It takes place in a cave in Labrynna during the past, and hosts its own variation of the Shooting Gallery minigame.


Playing the Goron Shooting Gallery is essentially just like playing the Shooting Gallery in Lynna Village during the past. The gameplay involves Link having to hit his sword at a ball so it hits certain blocks, earning him points. The Fairy Blocks are worth 100 points and Blue Blocks are worth 30 points. However, Red Blocks take away 10 points, and either missing a shot or hitting an Imp Block takes away 50 points.

Various rewards can be won from the Goron Shooting Gallery, but the most valuable is the Lava Juice and Boomerang, both of which can be obtained only once, by scoring at least 100 points and 400 points, respectively.


  • 0–99 points = Nothing
  • 100–199 points = 30 Rupees
  • 200–299 points = 20 Bombs
  • 300+ points = Gasha Seed
  • 100+ points = Lava Juice (once only)
  • 400+ points = Boomerang (once only)