"Goron Racetrack ahead.
The race season is currently underway.

The Goron Racetrack is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Here, the Gorons of Snowhead indulge in the popular Goron past-time, Goron Racing, during the spring. Located atop a hill along the path to Goron Village, a giant boulder that can only be broken with a Powder Keg blocks the entrance. When Link defeats Goht and brings spring back to Snowhead, he must assume his Goron form and use a Powder Keg to destroy the boulder. When he does this, the track is open to the general public and the racing season commences.

Once inside, Link can enter the race if he transforms into Goron Link. The object of the game is to race from start to finish without falling off an edge or being damaged by another Goron while simultaneously racing the other Goron competitors. If Link can manage to win the race, he is rewarded with a bottle filled with Gold Dust (or simply Gold Dust if he has won the bottle during a previous time loop), which he can give to Zubora and Gabora for use in forging the Gilded Sword.

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