"Ah! Darmi! I've been waiting for you. See, everyone's restless 'cause they can't wait to enter. You're gonna enter aren't you?"
Goron Elder's Son

The Goron Race, also known as the Patriarch's Race, is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located within the Goron Racetrack of Snowhead, the Goron Races are held every spring. After Link defeats Goht and brings spring back to the mountains, he can participate in the Goron Races if he wears the Goron Mask and transforms into Darmani.

The object of the mini-game is to race from start to finish without falling off an edge, while attempting to reach the finish line before other competing Gorons. If he is hit by another Goron, Link is deflected by the collision. Several big green pots holding magic can be found throughout the racetrack, which help restore Link's Magic Meter. It is imperative that Link's Magic Meter is restored before it runs out, since Goron Link cannot roll nearly as fast without it.

If Link manages to win a Goron Race, he receives a bottle filled with Gold Dust, which can be used to forge the Gilded Sword at Zubora and Gabora's Mountain Smithy. If Link wins the race again in a different three-day cycle, he will be awarded with just the Gold Dust, but not the bottle, as he already has it.


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