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Goron Mountain
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Goron Mountain is a snowy mountain range located in the northern part of Holodrum in Oracle of Seasons.[1] As its name would suggest, it is home to all the Gorons of Holodrum, including Biggoron, who is the most noticeable feature of the mountain.


Biggoron atop Goron Mountain

Located in the mountainous region of northern Holodrum, Goron Mountain is situated between Mt. Cucco to the east and the Temple Remains to the west. The area of Goron Mountain is permanently fixed in winter (likely made to reflect the heightened altitude), and cannot be changed with the Rod of Seasons since it is one of the few regions in Holodrum not to yield Tree Stumps. With the seasons in chaos due to the sinking of the Temple of Seasons, Goron Mountain is said to become even colder, increasing the possibility of catching cold simply by standing outside on the mountain.[2]

Despite their usual preference for warmer climates, Goron Mountain is home to all the Gorons in Holodrum. The Gorons reside inside the mountain inside tunnels that they likely dug to shelter themselves from the cold. Much to the relief of the Gorons, lava can be found inside the mountain, suggesting that the mountain is an active (or recently gone inactive) volcano. In a secluded cave in the mountain resides a lone Goron who will upgrade Link's Ring Box.

The Gorons of Goron Mountain frequently complain about the cold and rarely (if ever) step outside the mountain.[2][3] Unfortunately, Biggoron, who is unable to fit within the caves, must stay perched atop the mountain, subject to the harsh weather of the mountain.[4][5] Unsurprisingly, Biggoron catches a cold which can only be cured by the Lava Soup which Link obtains in the Trading Quest.[6] Later on, Link may need to return to Biggoron atop the mountain to tell him a secret obtained in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages in order to obtain Biggoron's Sword.

The foothills of Goron Mountain are marked by several pitfalls. The Dragon Key, which is used to stop the flow of the waterfall on Mt. Cucco in order to access the Dancing Dragon Dungeon can be found in one corner of the mountain, surrounded by rocks pitfalls. The key can only be reached with the help of Moosh's flying abilities.


Theory Warning

According to his diary, the Goron Elder traveled from Rolling Ridge in Labrynna to Goron Mountain long ago.[7] The diary is found within the hands of a Goron who claims to be the Goron Elder's descendant,[8] which would lead to believe that the Goron Elder settled on Goron Mountain. It is then possible that the Goron Elder was indeed the first Goron to come to Goron Mountain, and that he was the one who colonized it.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロン山 (Goron Yama) Goron Mountain
French Republic FrenchEU Montagne Goron
Federal Republic of Germany German Goronenberg
Italian Republic Italian Monte Goron
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Montaña Goron


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