The Goron Gallery is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is found on Rolling Ridge at coordinate 2,N in the past. It is nearly identical to the Lynna Village Shooting Gallery with the exception of the prizes. Each game costs twenty Rupees and has ten rounds.

When the game begins, a small hole in the center of the stage will shoot a small ball at Link. He must deflect it with his sword and attempt to hit the targets that appear. The blue blocks and fairies yield 30 and 100 points, respectively. On the other hand, red blocks and imps yield -10 and -50 points, respectively. If Link swings his sword but does not hit the ball, he loses 50 points. If he hits the ball, but it hits no target, no points are given.

After ten rounds, Link is given a reward based on how he scored. If he scores under 100 points, he wins nothing. For 100-190 points, Link wins 30 Rupees. For 200-290 points, he wins 20 Bombs. Finally, for 300 or more points, Link wins a Gasha Seed. The first time Link earns over 400 points, however, he will be given a Boomerang. If Link scores above 100 points the first time he plays the game, he wins a bottle of Lava Juice.

In a Linked Game, the Goron Elder appears inside the Goron Gallery. If Link tells him the correct secret, he allows Link to play the game while wielding the Biggoron's Sword. If Link scores high enough with it, he gets to keep the sword and learns another secret to take it back to Holodrum

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