"Huh? What's wrong, brothers? Were you worried about me? Ah ha ha ha ha! A rock that size can't hurt me! Ah ha ha ha ha!"
— Goron Elder

The Goron Elder is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. He is the leader of the Gorons living in Rolling Ridge in the present.


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Goron Elder (Oracle of Ages)

When Link visits Rolling Ridge in the past, he finds that the Goron Elder is trapped under falling rubble. The only way to set him free is with the use of Bomb Flowers, but there aren't any in the area. In order to find one, Link travels to the present of Rolling Ridge.

In the present, Link finds that the Great Moblin and his followers built his keep in Rolling Ridge and collected all the Bomb Flowers for themselves, so they could put the Gorons out of business. Link, however, with the help of Pegasus Seeds from the past, enters the Great Moblin's Keep and defeats the creature, forcing him and his followers out of Labrynna. With the Bomb Flowers returned to the Gorons, Link is given one as a reward, and is told of the Goron legend about a young boy who saved their elder with a Bomb Flower while he was trapped under rubble. Link returns to the past of Rolling Ridge, and he uses the Bomb Flower to free the Goron Elder, thus giving the Gorons that legend. The Goron Elder gives Link the Crown Key as a reward, which allows him to enter the Crown Dungeon in the present.

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