"My son is crying because he misses me?? Why do you know that? My son misses me... Ulp! Forgive me, my child! Your father has work to do! Darmani... Be you a ghost or a figment of my imagination, I no longer care. If you feel pity for my crying son... then please quietly sing my son to sleep with this song I am about to play on my drum."
— Goron Elder

The Goron Elder is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. His real name is never revealed, but he is the patriarch of the Gorons living in the Snowhead region of Termina. He appears to be very old, and has a very prominent hunchback and lower lip. Gor Ebizo from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess bears some resemblance to him.


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When Link first arrives at Goron Village in the Snowhead Mountains, he finds that the Goron Elder's Son is crying and cannot be stopped. He is driving all the Gorons crazy, and they cannot figure out how to put an end to his tears. The baby misses his father who has left the village and has not come back. The Goron Elder has gone to Snowhead Temple to attempt to lift the curse on Snowhead after the Goron hero, Darmani, died while trying to do so himself.

Link finds the Goron Elder encased in a block of ice within a large snowball. Despite being seen as frozen at any given time, the Goron Elder moves to a different location on each day, from beside each of the Twin Islands to near the Owl Statue in the Mountain Village (in Majora's Mask 3D, he stays next to one Twin Island for all three days). Link retrieves Hot Spring Water and uses it to thaw the Goron Elder. The old Goron is uncooperative at first, believing Link, when he appears in the form of Darmani using the Goron Mask, is a hallucination, since Darmani is dead. When Link tells the Goron Elder of his son's crying, he wants to comfort the young Goron but will not go back to the Goron Shrine until he has completed his mission. Still unsure if Link is even real, the Goron Elder teaches Link the first part of the "Goron Lullaby" in the hopes that he will play it to calm down his crying son.

Link returns to Goron Village and plays the first part of the Lullaby to the Goron Elder's Son. When Link does so, the baby teaches Link the rest of the song, and falls asleep, much to relief of all the Gorons.

When Link defeats Goht and brings the perpetual winter in Snowhead to an end, he can find the Goron Elder back at the Goron Shrine. If he talks to him while in Goron form, the Elder tells him that he is stepping down as patriarch, and wants Darmani (Link in disguise) to be his successor.

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