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"That song...That's the song daddy always plays for me before I go to sleep...I'll sing the next part."
— Goron Elder's Son

The Goron Elder's Son is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is instrumental in Link's quest to enter Snowhead Temple.


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After the death of Darmani, the Goron Elder left Goron Village to check on Snowhead Temple. His son is extremely upset by the disappearance of his father. This loss, combined with the perpetual winter, causes him to cry endlessly, making life miserable for the other Gorons.

Link eventually locates the Goron Elder and is taught the first six notes of the "Goron Lullaby". He plays the unfinished song for the Goron Elder's son, who teaches him the rest of the song. After finishing the song, he immediately falls asleep, much to the relief of the other Gorons in earshot. Humorously, the Gorons closest to the Goron Elder's son also fall asleep.

Once spring returns to Snowhead, the Goron Elder's son can be found near the Goron Racetrack waiting for the entrance to open. He encourages Link to enter and presents the first place prize, a bottle filled with Gold Dust, to Link should he win the race.

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