Unofficial Name

"So, this is the big city! How very exciting!"
— Goron Elder's Grandson

The Goron Elder's Grandson is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is, as his name implies, the grandson of the Goron Elder.


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The Goron Elder's Grandson resides in Goron Village, but cannot reach the north side of the village where the Goron Elder resides due to the eruptions that have taken place in the village. After Link brings Mega Ice to Goron Village and clears the way, the Goron Elder's Grandson goes to see his grandfather at the same time that Link goes to inquire about the location of Fire Sanctuary. The Goron Elder is initially reluctant to tell Link, but decides to trust him after his grandson informs him that it was him that stopped the eruption.

Later, the Goron Elder's Grandson wishes to travel to Castle Town to meet Princess Zelda. If Link talks to him, he asks the hero to bring him there in the Spirit Train. Upon arrival, he mistakes one of the townsfolk, a blonde woman dressed in pink, for Princess Zelda. This woman is disgusted by his appearance, but does not deny being the princess, before running off to her house. Overjoyed at finally meeting the princess, the Goron Elder's Grandson rewards Link with a Force Gem.

Soon after, the Goron Elder's Grandson will feel homesick, and if Link cheers him up, he will reward Link with a Goron Amber.

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