"So, this must be that Goron cave I've heard about."

The Goron Cave is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Located in the southwestern sector of Lon Lon Ranch, this cave is full of large obstructions. In order to break them, Link must fuse Kinstones with Eenie and five walls in caves throughout Hyrule that require the Mole Mitts to enter, in order to summon enough Gorons to the Goron Cave to break through rock walls. After all six Gorons arrive and break the final wall, Link can reach a Treasure Chest containing an empty bottle. Link can also find Rupees in the cave and fuse Kinstones with one of the Gorons, which makes Biggoron appear at the top of Veil Falls. This allows Link to obtain the Mirror Shield after the final boss fight with Vaati.

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