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The Gorons (pronounced /ˈɡɔər.ɒn/ GOAR-on)[citation needed],[2][3] also known as the Goron Tribe,[4] are a race of rock people inhabiting Hyrule, Termina, and several other countries, typically living in mountain ranges.[5] They have been called "rock people" since ancient times, when the goddess Hylia ruled and have long held close ties with the Hyrulean royal family.[6] They have the capability to thrive in any environment, and in times of crisis, have survived by migrating to different climes.[2] They are notable for having a lack of identifiable female members.


The Gorons are a large, mountain-dwelling race, with sizes ranging from medium, tall, and even gigantic. The largest known Goron in the series is Biggoron, who is roughly about the same height as the peak of Death Mountain. Goron legs are short, especially in comparison to their much longer arms.[6] Gorons typically live in or under mountain ranges of several countries, including mountains such as Death Mountain of Hyrule and Snowhead of Termina, among others. They are also adept at living in non-mountainous regions; it is not uncommon to see Gorons come down from their mountain homes or even travel to faraway lands, as seen in The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.[7] Some also live on islands, such as on Goron Island. Befitting with that of their habitat, their durable, round bodies greatly resemble that of stones and boulders, and nearly all Gorons have a hide of ridged stones on their backsides. They usually have light brown skin. They have small eyes and noticeable lips, which conceal unaligned, square teeth. Another common trait are their symbols in the shape of the Goron's Ruby tattooed to the sides of their arms, whether this is natural or not is unknown. Combined with their round shape, Gorons can also curl themselves into a ball shape and roll like a boulder, which is also their primary attack against enemies.

To date, no female Gorons have been seen at any point in the series. Gorons are born from the earth itself, and refer to other Gorons who were born in the same place as them as their siblings.[8]

Gorons possess immense strength which many are proud of, and many groups of Gorons like to hold competitions that test each other's physical strength and even rolling ability, including competitions such as Sumo Wrestlin' and rolling racing, among others. While Gorons do have many strengths, they are also not without their weaknesses. Gorons tend to move slowly, though their ability to roll can make up for this, and one of their apparent weaknesses is deep water as they cannot swim. However, as mentioned in Twilight Princess, Gorons can hold their breath for long periods without ever needing to breathe and thus cannot drown.[9] Groups of Gorons often live in close-knit communities within their home mountains, often led by an elder leader, such as Darunia, the leader of the Death Mountain Gorons in Ocarina of Time. Those who become chiefs are both powerful and wise, uniting their people through respect and trust, rather than by force.[6] Gorons tend to live in relative isolation but will regularly trade with Hyruleans and other friendly races.[6] Gorons are very close and respectful to others of their own kind, and often refer to each other as "brothers". Though the Gorons are a friendly race, they can also be slow to trust outsiders, and may come off as cautious or even aggressive depending on the situation. However, if an outsider is able to prove their worth, usually in a test of strength, skill, intelligence, or courage, the Goron tribe will accept them and come to call them one of their brothers.

The diet of Gorons consist almost strictly of rocks mined from nearby quarries.[10] Gorons tend to be somewhat selective about the quality of the rocks.[6] It has been shown in other titles that Gorons also eat other kinds of foods. In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, Gorons also drink lava, either in the form of Lava Juice or Lava Soup.[11] Oracle of Ages also had a drink called Goronade, which acts much like an energy drink.[12] In The Minish Cap, Biggoron had indicated that he likes to eat steel or iron, and asked Link to give him his Small Shield to "nibble" on, which eventually turned it into the Mirror Shield. In Phantom Hourglass, it is mentioned that young Gorons may eat Wood Hearts to grow big and strong.[13] It was also implied in Twilight Princesss that Gorons may drink Milk.[14] Although they eat rocks they do not enjoy the taste of gemstones, and once considered them worthless before learning that other races will spend money to buy them.[15]

Some Gorons are also known to be skilled smiths, notably Medigoron and Biggoron, of which the latter is responsible for creating the Biggoron's Sword. They are also known for harvesting Bombs from the Bomb Flowers, which grow in Death Mountain, sometimes also called the "Goron's Special Crop."[16][17] A few Gorons, notably Gorko, have been shown to be interested in archaeology, uniquely among the many Hyrulean races.

Gorons love entertainment through singing and dancing, and Goron dances mostly capitalize on their size instead of being concerned with finesse.[6] Goron body paint is often devoid of any meaning beyond what is in style at the time.[6]

Goron people can resist immense heat, as in Breath of the Wild they are shown walking around the Lava-filled Death Mountain in nothing but a fundoshi. Their bodies are even strong enough to resist contact with Lava.[18] As such, the Fireproof Armor is only crafted by them for Hylian tourists.

Mainline appearances[]

Ocarina of Time[]

In Ocarina of Time, the Gorons live within Death Mountain, in a large dome-shaped cavern which they call Goron City.[19] This city houses several rooms, as well as a shop on the bottom floor as well, run by a Goron. Many Gorons populate Goron City, but some also venture out into the trail and are willing to give directions to the city if spoken to. At first glance, the Gorons look like smooth boulders lying down, but will uncurl themselves if approached. The Gorons also have their own mining complex, Dodongo's Cavern.[20] Its entrance lays at the base of the mountain trail, and the Gorons mine there for the rocks which they eat.[10] One Goron mentions that the Gorons have became such gourmets that they refuse to eat ordinary rocks, and thus rely on the mines for their only source of food.[21] The Gorons also grow a special kind of explosive plant called a Bomb Flower,[16] a flower that acts like a Bomb which the Gorons use for mining.[17]

The Gorons are governed by a single leader, a large Goron named Darunia, who often stays in his room on the bottom floor.[22] Another notable Goron is Biggoron, a gigantic Goron who is too large to live with the other Gorons, and thus resides on the peak of Death Mountain. Biggoron also has a younger brother named Medigoron who is much smaller, but still about ten times the size of a normal Goron. He lives in his cramped workshop, Medigoron's Blade Store, within Goron City. Both Gorons are blacksmiths, but the eldest brother Biggoron is more skilled in his work than his brother.[23] As an adult, Link can purchase a Giant's Knife from Medigoron for 200 Rupees, which will break after striking enemies or hard surfaces four times. Biggoron, however, is able to craft an indestructible blade, the Biggoron's Sword, which Link can obtain at the end of the Trading Quest.

The Gorons are the guardians of the Spiritual Stone of Fire, more commonly known to them as the Goron's Ruby.[24] The Spiritual Stone of Fire was originally guarded atop a high platform, which could only be reached by crossing a rope, until Darunia took it and guarded it himself in his room.[25][22]

When Link goes to Goron City with the intention of acquiring their Spiritual Stone, he learns from the Gorons that a gigantic boulder had blocked the only entrance to their mining complex, Dodongo's Cavern.[26] Because of this, the Gorons can no longer mine for the rocks they eat, and are now starving because of their rock shortage.[27] Some of the Gorons had became so hungry, that a few had went to the Spiritual Stone of Fire with the intention of giving it just a little lick, only to find it missing from where it was usually kept.[28] Darunia had taken the Spiritual Stone and guarded it himself to prevent the others from possibly eating it. In the process, he locks himself in his room, saying that he would only come out whenever Hyrule's royal messenger arrives.[22] When Link plays "Zelda's Lullaby" on the doormat to Darunia's room, Darunia opens his door, thinking the Royal Family's messenger has arrived.[29] But when Darunia sees that it was only a child, he becomes furious, saying that the Gorons are having their own problems.[30] He then tells Link to leave him alone.[31]

Some of the Gorons tell of the tunnel that leads to the Lost Woods, where "Saria's Song" can be heard, and that sometimes Darunia likes to listen to it.[32] When Link plays "Saria's Song" to the Goron leader, Darunia begins to dance madly, and instantly becomes happier.[33] Darunia then asks Link to help them with their problem, and that he would award Link with the Spiritual Stone, but only if Link helped them.[34] He is then given the Goron Bracelet which allows him to pick up heavy objects such as Bomb Flowers. Link manages to find a Bomb Flower and uses it to unblock the entrance. He goes inside the mining complex and eventually defeats the boss, King Dodongo. Darunia tells Link that Ganondorf had approached the Goron tribe and had blocked the entrance to their mines, threatening them that he would only unblock it if they had gave him the Spiritual Stone of Fire.[35] Once the mines are finally safe again, Darunia and two Gorons drop down to Link and announce that he was now one of them, a "sworn brother," and gives him the Spiritual Stone of Fire for his efforts.[36] The Gorons also want to give Link a Goron hug,[37] which Link runs away from.

After acquiring the Master Sword, Link awakens seven years into the future, where he finds himself as an adult. He is then told by Rauru, one of the six Sages, to go out and awaken the other five Sages to aid him in the battle against Ganondorf.[38] During the seven years Link slept, Ganondorf wreaked more havoc on Death Mountain.[39] Its trail became more dangerous and red smoke surrounded the mountain, reflecting its tumultuous state.[40] After arriving in Goron City, Link finds that the Gorons' home is completely empty. There is however a single, rolling Goron who can be stopped with the use of a Bomb. This Goron introduces himself as Link, Hero of the Gorons who admires the real Link.[41] Link the Goron says that he is the son of Darunia.[42] He then tells Link that Ganondorf had revived an evil dragon named Volvagia that, according to Goron lore, had preyed on Gorons and was defeated by a Goron hero who used the Megaton Hammer in a battle against it.[43][44] Darunia is a descendant of that Goron.[45] More recently however, Ganondorf had captured nearly all of the Gorons and held them captive as prisoners in the Fire Temple, where he threatened to feed them all to the revived Volvagia, as an example to all of the other races who might question his rule over Hyrule.[46] The only other Gorons who were not taken captive were Biggoron, Medigoron, and the Goron who runs the shop in Goron City. Darunia was not captured, but went into the Fire Temple to defeat Volvagia and to save his people. Link the Goron fears the worst and pleads with Link to save the Goron race.[47] Link the Goron then gives him the Goron Tunic and tells him of a secret passageway to the other half of the Death Mountain Crater that can be accessed by pushing away a block in Darunia's room.[48] There, Link finds the bridge that leads to the temple.

Inside the Fire Temple, Link reunites with Darunia in the room that holds the boss door. Although Darunia is glad to see him again and would love to have a man-to-man talk to him, Darunia has to save his tribe and is about to fight Volvagia, even though he did not have the Megaton Hammer with him.[49] He asks Link to free the Goron prisoners and then goes inside.[50] Most of the Small Keys in the Fire Temple are used to free the prisoner Gorons, who give Link advice about the temple before escaping. Their prisoner cells often also hold important items, such as more Keys, which makes freeing all of the Gorons necessary in order to clear the dungeon. After Link frees all the prisoner Gorons and defeats Volvagia with the Megaton Hammer, Darunia awakens and realizes that he is the Sage of Fire. He gives Link the Fire Medallion, which is also a symbol of their friendship.[51] Afterwards, all of the other Gorons return to their city, and thank Link again if spoken to.

Majora's Mask[]

In Majora's Mask, the Gorons live in the Snowhead area north of Termina. They include the Goron Elder, his son, and until recently, Darmani III. Throughout the plot of Majora's Mask, Link learns to become a Goron himself by using the Goron Mask.

In recent events, the Goron and Mountain Villages have been plagued by harsh snow and ice, changing the usually warm habitat of the mountain. The source of the change was apparently Snowhead Temple, so Darmani went to investigate. He was then blown off the trail by a blizzard and died along the way.[52] Link heals his soul by playing the "Song of Healing." After Darmani's soul came to rest, Link obtains the Goron Mask from him.

In Goron Village, the Goron Elder's son has been crying ever since his father left. The Goron Elder had left the village but became frozen solid along the way due to the harsh conditions outside. Link thaws him while taking the form of Darmani using the Goron Mask, and learns part of the "Goron Lullaby" when the Elder learns his son is upset. While under the guise of Darmani, Link calms the Goron Elder's son with the "Goron Lullaby" played on the Goron Drums, and learns the other half of the song from him. While traveling to the Snowhead Temple, Link also discovers the source of the blizzard: a giant Goron named Biggoron who has inexplicably turned invisible. Link plays the full "Goron Lullaby" on the Goron Drums to lull Biggoron asleep, allowing him to access the temple.

After clearing the temple and defeating Goht, thus ending winter and bringing spring to Snowhead, Goron Link is allowed to participate in the Goron Race. However, the racetrack's entrance is blocked by a large boulder which can only be destroyed using a Powder Keg. To get one, Link must visit a Goron near the Goron Village and carry a Powder Keg from the village to the boulder. Successfully accomplishing this permits Link to purchase more Powder Kegs. If Link wins the race, he receives a Bottle filled with Gold Dust.

Another Goron named Link visits Clock Town during the three days Link is in Termina. The Goron has a reservation at the Stock Pot Inn, and claims it at four on the First Day.[53] However, Link can check in before the Goron of the same name, because Anju has a difficult time remembering the faces of the customers.[54]

Oracle of Seasons[]

Oracle of Seasons Manual Description
Oracle of Seasons logo
They used to live in peace on Goron Mountain, but because of the disorder in the seasons, their peaceful lives are threatened. The Gorons all took shelter in a cave to escape the bitter cold and now wait for Spring's return—patiently.
OoS Goron Artwork 2

In Oracle of Seasons, Gorons live on Goron Mountain. Their population is much smaller compared to the Gorons of Labrynna. A giant Goron named Biggoron also lives with them, however, he must stay outside due to his large size. While the Seasons are in chaos, Mt. Cucco experiences cold Winters most of the time, forcing all of the Gorons but Biggoron to stay inside the caves. The main cave in which the Gorons live can be used as a shortcut to the Temple of Seasons or as the sole entry to the peak where Biggoron resides.

Due to the cold Winters, Biggoron had caught a cold. His cold is cured when Link gives him Lava Soup as part of the Trading Quest. In return, Biggoron gives Link the rare Goron Vase, which can be then given to Ingo in Sunken City.

A solitary, red Goron lives in a separate cave from the others. When visited, the Goron will thank Link for visiting him and reward him with a Level 2 Ring Box, capable of allowing Link to equip three Magic Rings.

Oracle of Ages[]

In Oracle of Ages, Gorons live in both the peaks of Rolling Ridge of Labrynna, as well as the base of the mountain. They make up most if not all of Rolling Ridge's population, though more Gorons appear in the Past than in the Present.

The Gorons of Labrynna exhibit many interests in playing games as well as dancing. The base and eastern peak of Rolling Ridge appears to have the most activity, as well as many tunnels that lead to the base and vice versa. This is where most of the mini-games that Link can play are found, a requirement in order to access the Mermaid's Cave, and also where the Goron Dance Hall is held.

Gorondance present

the Goron Dance

The western peak of Rolling Ridge is less active, but also appears to be the main cavern of the Gorons. The western peak are also where Bomb Flowers are grown, most notably in the past. In present day, the Goron Elder became trapped under some fallen rocks and could not get out.[55] The other Gorons had tried to break away the rocks, but even with their Goron strength, they could not break them. Only a Bomb Flower would be powerful enough to destroy the rocks,[56] which had not been seen in years. In the past, the Great Moblin had built his fortress in the western peak of Rolling Ridge and had kept all of the Bomb Flowers for himself.[57] After Link defeated the Great Moblin, the Gorons had their Bomb Flowers returned to them. As thanks, Link was rewarded a Bomb Flower which he took into present day to free the Goron Elder, who was found to be uninjured.[58]

After clearing the Crown Dungeon, Link heads to the eastern peak and base of Rolling Ridge, where he participates in several Goron mini-games. The Goron Dance Hall mini-game is hosted by a blue Goron in the present day and by a red Goron in the past, both known as the Graceful Goron in their time. They instruct dancing in rhythm to other Gorons in the Dance Hall. According to the red Goron, he is the first generation of Graceful Dancers,[59] and that the blue Goron is the fifth generation.[60] To join in, Link has to pay 10 Rupees in present day or 20 Rupees in the past to dance with them. According to the dance instructors, only people who dance well will be considered a Goron.[61] When Link completes the mini-game, he is officially dubbed a fellow brother within the tribe. He is then given the Brother Emblem, allowing him access a tunnel that was being blocked by a Goron from outsiders.[62] Other games that the Gorons in Labrynna play include the Target Carts game, which involves shooting targets with the Seed Shooter, and the Big Bang Game, where Link has to dodge falling Bombs for a certain amount of time. Several Gorons also ask that Link find them items such as Rock Sirloin, Goronade, and the Goron Vase. Eventually, after completing a number of requests and mini-games, Link is rewarded the old and present day Mermaid Keys that provides him access to the Mermaid's Cave.

The Wind Waker[]

Main article: Wandering Merchant

In the The Wind Waker, Gorons appear as disguised Wandering Merchants (also known as Traveling Merchants) who travel the Great Sea in search of valuable goods and to sell their wares.[7] Three Goron merchants appear, with one stationed at the Mother & Child Isle, Greatfish Isle and Bomb Island.[63] The Wandering Merchants play a vital role in the Island Trading Sequence, wherein Link may trade items he has purchased from Zunari in exchange for newer and different items.[63] By trading with the Wandering Merchants, their items will become available for purchase at Zunari's Shop in Windfall Island. Newer items are offered when Link trades different items with other merchants, requiring Link to trade multiple times with all three merchants to receive each item in the sequence.

Four Swords Adventures[]

FSA Child Goron Sprite

In Four Swords Adventures, the Gorons live in the Death Mountain region. Both adult and young Gorons appear, with the adults wearing blue robes and the younger Gorons wearing red shorts. They appear in The Mountain Path and the Tower of Flames.

During the events of Four Swords Adventures, the Helmaroc King had moved into the mountain and had begun to harass the Gorons with its fast flying and by sending out falling boulders. The Gorons had attempted to stop the monster bird, but were only able to figure out a way how to make the bird fall; by throwing Bombs at it, which they then recorded this information for later use. Besides being hassled by the Helmaroc King, the mountain path had also been ignited by flames, most likely started by Shadow Link, and the Gorons were unable to control it. The flames were later extinguished by the four Links who then proceeded to defeat the Helmaroc King.

Another Goron can be found in the Tower of Flames, claiming that he had tried to defeat the Dodongos in the next room but could not do it with his strength alone. He had brought a couple of Bombs and had the thought of using them against the Dodongos, but had accidentally dropped them into the lava below.

The Minish Cap[]

Main article: Goron Digger

Only eight Gorons appear throughout the land of Hyrule in The Minish Cap. They once lived on Mount Crenel, but their numbers have since dwindled.[64] Six of them, the Goron Diggers, appear in the Goron Cave at Lon Lon Ranch, the two other being Biggoron and the Goron Merchant. Save for the first one, the Goron Diggers all appear after Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with Mysterious Walls across Hyrule.

The other two Gorons also appear as a result of Kinstone Fusions, both with Goron Diggers.

Twilight Princess[]


Gorons in Death Moutain

In Twilight Princess, Gorons primarily populate Death Mountain. However, two Gorons have migrated to Castle Town as merchants. The Gorons in Twilight Princess are slightly different in appearance than previous incarnations of Gorons. Their skin is very yellow in color and they have what seems to be tribal tattoos painted on their skin. Only certain Gorons, such as Gor Coron, have differently colored tattoos. They also have more hair, which is in the form of a rocky surface which extends all the way to their backsides, as well as rock surfaces along their arms. The Gorons are governed by five Gorons: their Patriarch, Darbus, and their four elders, Gor Amoto, Gor Coron, Gor Ebizo, and Gor Liggs.[65] The Gorons had constructed a large mining complex within Death Mountain known as the Goron Mines, which utilizes mechanical and industrialized magnetic cranes and elevator systems. They most likely use the mines to mine rocks which they eat, similar to the purpose of Dodongo's Cavern in Ocarina of Time. The mines also serve another purpose; being the place where the Gorons hold a Fused Shadow, as instructed by the Light Spirits, and the Hero's Bow that was once owned by an ancient hero. A single, armored Goron named Dangoro guards over the weapon.[66] The mines also have three rooms where the Goron elders come to pray, and are where Gor Liggs, Gor Ebizo, and Gor Amoto can be found.

The Gorons in Twilight Princess have a strong interest in sports of strength, most importantly Sumo Wrestlin'. On the very top of the mountain is a small cavern where the Gorons keep their wrestling ring, where they often hold their Sumo Wrestlin' competitions. This cavern is also the entrance to the Goron Mines, which also holds an elevator to the Gorons' hot springs. Many of the older Gorons enjoy Sumo Wrestlin', although several Gorons mention that the youngsters seem to be losing interest in the sport.[67] The hot spring is at ground level in Death Mountain. The spring also has a small stand where a Goron can sell Link some Arrows, a Wooden Shield, and some Milk.

The Gorons have also developed a way of launching each other into the air, by having one Goron curling into a ball while the other climbs on top of him. The Goron below will then spring out, which will send anyone standing on top to be shot up into the air. This seems to be how many of the Gorons climb their mountain. Link also uses this method to get around Death Mountain. They also apparently picked up the ability to stay underwater for extended periods of time and not need to breathe,[9] as demonstrated by both a child Goron in the hot springs and the adult Goron Link frees from the rock in Zora's Domain at the bottom of the throne room.

Main Quest Involving Gorons[]

TPHD Death Mountain Goron Roll

Goron rolling at Link at Death Mountain

TP Goron Knocking Back Link

A Goron knocking Link over at Death Mountain

Shortly after Link restores Eldin's light to the Eldin Province, he learns from Renado of Kakariko Village that the Gorons have been keeping outsiders from their trail.[68] Thus, anyone who dares to trespass would be knocked away by a Goron guarding the beginning of the trail, as well as several other rolling Gorons. The only way Link could stop them is to wear the Iron Boots, which are owned by Mayor Bo, who was one of the first people to earn the Gorons' trust by beating them in a Sumo Wrestlin' competition by using his Iron Boots.[69]

By using the Iron Boots, Link successfully manages make his way through Death Mountain. Halfway through the mountain, many of the Gorons there will attempt to punch Link rather then roll at him. Link can stun these Gorons by jumping out of the way and then rolling into them with the Iron Boots, causing the Goron to curl into a ball. Link can then climb on top of the Goron to be launched to higher places. This is the only way that Link can get to the highest cavern which houses the wrestling ring and entrance to Goron Mines. During this time, the Gorons in the hot springs will not attack Link, giving Link a place he can rest. When Link reaches the highest cavern, Gor Coron will challenge him to a Sumo Wrestlin' competition. This competition can be retried multiple times. Since Gorons are much stronger and heavier than a human, Link requires the use of the Iron Boots again to beat him.

Link, having proved his worth to the elder, is told about the recent events. Gor Coron says that recently, the volcano has been growing very violent, and that Darbus and the elders had gone to investigate. When they arrived to the Fused Shadow which their mine guarded,[70] Darbus had went to touch it and was suddenly transformed into a gigantic and uncontrollable monster,[71] Fyrus. The Gorons had managed to use all of their strength to lock Darbus away, but continued to worry about their Patriarch and the fate of their tribe. They also chose to cut off all relations with Kakariko Village and outsiders to ensure continued safety. Gor Coron asked for the help of Link to save Darbus and the fate of the tribe. Link then has to visit the three other elders within the mine, who were told about Link's assistance prior to Link visiting them. The Key to the sealed room of Darbus had been broken into three pieces and is being held by Gor Liggs, Gor Ebizo, and Gor Amoto.[72] Link has to visit each elder to retrieve a piece of the Key to restore it. He also has to battle Dangoro for the Hero's Bow, and finally, has to defeat Fyrus to transform Darbus back to normal and to obtain the second Fused Shadow.

Side Quests involving Gorons[]


Wrestling Gorons

Once everything returns to normal, the Gorons restore their past relation to Kakariko Village, with some of them even visiting the village as well. With the restored relation, Barnes is able to make and sell Bombs again. During the night, a child Goron will open up a stand in the village and sell Lantern Oil, and Red and Blue Potions. During the day, two Gorons in the village will also offer to launch Link to either the village's hot spring or to the roof tops.

Gor Amoto and Gor Ebizo will also appear in Malo Mart, taking Rupee donations so that the eastern bridge to Castle Town can be rebuilt, and so that a Malo Mart can open in Castle Town as well. Eventually, Gor Coron and Darbus will come down and can be found in Renado's house, the Kakariko Village Sanctuary. They appear to be there to help Renado with Ilia's amnesia. When Link obtains the Wooden Statue and gives it to Ilia, it will jog her memory of Impaz who kept her safe in the Hidden Village. Darbus knows the location of this village and will go out to unblock its sole pathway.[73]

Other appearances of Gorons in Twilight Princess includes a Goron merchant and his son in Castle Town, who were at one time selling Hot Spring Water to people. They have since ran out of Hot Spring Water as a result of the bridge leading to the Eldin Province being destroyed. This Goron can later be found at the bridge once it is repaired, saying he is too tired to continue his journey to retrieve water from the mountain, and says that if he were doused with Hot Spring Water, it would give him the energy to continue. Link can acquire a barrel full of Hot Spring Water from Gor Liggs in Kakariko Village, which he can then take to this Goron and throw the water onto him. Once he is revitalized by the water, his shop will restock Hot Spring Water. Another Goron can be seen trying to unblock the path to the Southern Hyrule Field, although he will not be able to do it unless he drinks a Bottle filled with Hot Spring Water. Link can bring him Hot Spring Water purchased from the Goron merchant's shop in Castle Town.

A third Goron can also be found inside Telma's Bar, when Wolf Link is supposed to carry Midna back to Princess Zelda through the building. The Goron mentions that he had escorted Telma back to Castle Town, as well as complains that he cannot stand the city air.[74] Finally, a Goron accidentally encased in the molten rock that Link used to unfreeze Zora's Domain can be freed by using Water Bombs. He will then reward Link with a Bomb Bag.

Phantom Hourglass[]

In Phantom Hourglass, a tribe of islander Gorons live on a large island in the south-eastern Great Sea, aptly titled Goron Island. Various adult and child Gorons can be found wandering around outside or residing in their cavern homes. As with The Wind Waker, the Gorons have a yellow skin tone, but also include white markings, remarkably similar to the tattoos seen on the Gorons in Twilight Princess.

Goron Island[]

During the events of Phantom Hourglass, Link searches for the Pure Metals to forge the Phantom Sword, the only weapon that can defeat Bellum. Upon arrival on Goron Island, Link heads to retrieve the Gorons' treasure, the Crimsonine. As with most Gorons who first meet an outsider, Link is treated indifferently by the Gorons. Several of them offer advice or tell several facts about their lives. Link eventually finds a much larger cavern, home to Biggoron, the tribe's leader, and his son Gongoron. Link asks for the Crimsonine but is refused it as he is just an outsider. However, since Biggoron has a love for quiz games, he decides that he would test Link in a quiz to prove himself as a Goron. Link has to meet and talk to every other Goron on island to begin the quiz.

Afterwards, Link returns eligible to be tested. For the price of 20 Rupees, Link is given six questions that all have to be answered correctly, and every correct question will yield him a couple of Rupees as a prize. These questions are mostly about the Gorons of the island, such as how many homes there were or what some Gorons talk about. After getting all of the questions right, Biggoron is amazed by Link's knowledge, rewarding him with a Wisdom Gem. He also announces that Link is now a Goron, provided that he pays 146 Rupees, which was the very same amount that he wins as prizes in the quiz. After paying the Goron leader, he is given the name Goro-Link and is now officially a part of the tribe. Upon Link's membership, Biggoron declares that Link is free to take the Crimsonine from the Goron Temple of the island.

Goron Temple[]

Gongoron Control

Gongoron in the Goron Temple

Gongoron was meant to lead Goro-Link to the temple, but he refuses to accept Link as one of them and runs off hiding. After spotting him a few times on the island, Gongoron soon runs into the maze area of the island which also leads to the temple. A Goron who is guarding the maze's gates says that Gongoron had ran off inside the temple. After reaching the temple, Gongoron is no where to be seen. Link and Ciela eventually find him trapped in another room. Even being freed, Gongoron still could not reach Link. The game then gives the ability to instantly switch between Link and Gongoron to solve puzzles.

The next time they see him, Gongoron is being attacked by Dongorongo. In the boss room, Gongoron and Link are separated by a pool of quicksand. Gongoron and Link both have to be controlled to defeat the boss, due to each ones' abilities and Dongorongo's weaknesses. After Dondgorongo is hit enough times, it passed out, which Gongoron mistakes as a defeat and runs off into the next room containing the Crimsonine. A bridge appears over the quicksand and allows Link to cross, only for it to disappear again as Dongorongo awakens, challenging Link again only without Gongoron's assistance. After its true defeat, Dongorongo dissolves away. Link then hurries to the next room where Gongoron allows him to have the Crimsonine.

Back outside, Link visits Biggoron again who had been told what had happened by Gongoron. Biggoron, greatly impressed by Link's courage and strength, says that he is now worthy to leave the island; suggesting that all Gorons on the island have to leave at some point. This is also evident by a Goron outside who was watching the SS Linebeck. Biggoron also leaves the Crimsonine with Link and says that he can do anything with it, including boiling it or forging it. Link then leaves the island with the Pure Metal, not without the other Gorons saying their farewells and hoping that he would come back for a visit.

Dee Ess Island[]

After obtaining the Crimsonine, a new game ran by Gorons will become available on Dee Ess Island. Playability shifts to Gongoron during the Goron Game. The obstacle course cost 50 Rupees to play and the biggest prize to win is the Bombchu Bag.

Spirit Tracks[]

In Spirit Tracks, the Goron Village is situated in the Fire Realm. It is ruled by the Goron Elder. The Gorons living there are responsible for producing Goron Iron, a malleable, heat-resistant metal.

Upon first visiting the Goron Village, Link finds that the entrance to the village is blocked by fire geysers. At the altar to the north-west of the village, Link meets Kagoron, a prominent Goron in the village who acts as the spiritual connection between the Gorons and the Mountain Goddess whom they worship. Kagoron grants him a freight car to add to his train. Link then uses this to transport Mega Ice from the Wellspring Station back to Goron Village, thus extinguishing the flames blocking his way. Once in the village, Link is granted access to the Fire Sanctuary by the Goron Elder. He first notes that Link must prove himself, only to be swayed moments later when his grandson runs into the room, noting that Link was the one whose efforts put out the lava.

After gaining the Spirit Tracks to the Fire Temple, Link is informed by the Goron Elder that the Key to the Fire Temple must be obtained by defeating three beasts terrorizing the rails. The Gorons of the village give Link helpful advice on how to defeat these enemies.

Gorons are featured in two mini-games: the Goron Target Range and the Pirate Hideout. The former is situated near the Goron Village, and is run by a solitary Goron child. The Pirate Hideout is found in the Ocean Realm, and is essentially an archery mini-game in which Link rescues a Goron child captured by the Miniblin pirates in order to earn treasure, a big Quiver, and a Heart Container.

One sidequest involves transporting Kogoron from the Goron Village to Hyrule Castle Town. The reward is a Force Gem, and he will later reward Link with a Goron Amber once he realizes that the city is not what he expected, but he will make the most of it. Notably, the humans who live in Hyrule Castle Town have racist sentiments against Gorons.[75][76]

Another sidequest involves taking a Goron to Anouki Village so he can see what snow is. Upon arriving to Anouki Village, the Goron is met by an Anouki claiming to be the Honcho. Link is then awarded a Force Gem while the Goron takes residence in the Honcho's house, much to the real Honcho's dismay. The final sidequest involves the transportation of Dark Ore from the Dark Ore Mine to Linebeck III's Trading Post. This Dark Ore is mined by Gorons, who happily provide Link with some of this rare material in return for Rupees. Furthermore, after visiting the Dark Ore Mine, Link receives a letter from Kagoron, telling him where to find treasure that the Goron had buried at the mine as a child.

Skyward Sword[]

In Skyward Sword, Gorons are one of the five Surface tribes, although only three Gorons appear as characters. Two of them inhabit the Lanayru Desert, while a third named Gorko explores the world as an archaeologist. As one of the Surface tribes, the Gorons stood alongside Hylia against Demise.

Link first meets Gorko at the Sealed Grounds, where he saves the Goron from a group of Bokoblins. As thanks, Gorko shares some of his knowledge on the myths of the Isle of the Goddess, and explains that he is currently researching the Bird Statues and Goddess Cubes. Once Link obtains the Goddess's Harp, Gorko lets him in on his research into the Sheikah Stones and Goddess Walls. These artifacts are all activated by Link's presence or actions, which stuns and amazes the Goron. After Link discovers a Goddess Wall at the Sealed Grounds, Gorko asks Link to experiment with the wall and help him figure out the various riddles for it that he found during his research.

On his way to the Lanayru Sand Sea through the Lanayru Caves, Link meets a Goron named Golo, who is busy digging his way into Lanayru Gorge, the domain of the Thunder Dragon Lanayru. He gives Link a Small Key to open the door to the Sand Sea, and by the time Link returns looking for Lanayru, he has broken a small tunnel through the rocks that he allows Link to use.

A third Goron, Gortram, resides at the Lanayru Shipyard, where he frequently rides the rails. He runs the Rickety Coaster mini-game, challenging Link to beat his own times on the track.

Breath of the Wild[]

In Breath of the Wild, Gorons live in Goron City on the side of Death Mountain. They are fairly technologically advanced, as can be seen by their minecart and rail systems, as well as cannons, but are far overshadowed by the prowess of the Sheikah. Their appearance has not changed drastically from previous incarnations; most gorons have their hair in a topknot, and wear a mawashi or fundoshi, and the rocky growth on their backs are still present. The children all wear bibs, and the elderly have a hunch and a large beard. Some appear in that same pale colour, but there is more variation after the many millennia that have passed, namely orange, like Jengo, a darker beige which can be seen is Aji, and dark brown, such as Dorill and his son Axyl, or even a off-mossy green, seen mostly in elderly gorons, those being Grapp and Bohrin, but also in Kairo. They have a large mining industry which digs up the plethora of ore that can be found on Death Mountain and sells it to allow their hometown to prosper. Miners all wear Helmets and carry large pickaxes. There are two main mines, those being the Southern Mine, where most current miners can be found, and the Abandoned North Mine. The latter was more prosperous but when Divine Beast Vah Rudania showed up, lava levels rose and many Fire-Breath Lizalfos made their home there, forcing the gorons to make do with the former. Goron City is well protected from monsters; the miner Drak keeps watch at the entrance to the abandoned north mine armed with a Cobble Crusher to make sure nothing goes in or comes out. There are also guards at the top and the bottom of goron city, each with a cobble crusher and bronze face visor.

Gorons on the whole are quite accepting of visitors, as some shops are primarily for Hylian tourists, such as the armour shop and the outdoor grill. Other shops, such as the Goron Gusto Shop or Rollin' Inn, appear to have use to the general goron population as well as miscellaneous travelers. Offrak also sells Fireproof Elixers to people who can't withstand the heat. Gorons have no need for those goods, as they have flame-resistant bodies and eat Rock Roasts, as can be seen when Bladon prepares one for his brother, or from Daruk's Training Journal. There is an ambassador of tourism for Goron City, who promotes it to people he meets. As well as that, they are seen going to settlements of other races, such as Reagah visiting Zora's Domain or Strade and Lyndae who managed to access Gerudo Town, despite it being on the complete opposite side of Hyrule. Other gorons can be found around Hyrule, whether that be traversing Akkala or playing Boom-bam Golf in a canyon in Tabantha. Both Kairo and Greyson's younger brother Pelison sell ore, which may be neeeded to craft jewelry in Starlight Memories. The Hot Springs are open to anyone,; Grapp and his grandson Dugby can be found there, and Link can bathe in them to slowly restore his health to full.

During the Great Calamity, there was a goron champion assisting Link and Princess Zelda, the mighty warrior Daruk. He piloted Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but was murdered by Fireblight Ganon before the strike could occur. However, he had a son alive at that time, who himself later had a son, named Yunobo. Yunobo assisted the current Elder and patriarch Bludo in driving away the divine beast by being fired out of a cannon, as he had Daruk's Protection, allowing him to take hits completely unscathed. Daruk's spirit was worried that the gorons hadn't fared well after the calamity struck, but was relieved when he saw his grandson Yunobo after Vah Rudania was freed of Malice.

The legacy of past gorons such as Biggoron or Medigoron is still going, as the venerable blacksmith Rohan keeps the "ancient arts" alive, according to his assistant Fugo. Rohan will recreate the Boulder Breaker for Link should it break, at the cost of one cobble crusher, five pieces of Flint and one Diamond. He may also be the source of other weapons, such as Stone Smashers, Drillshafts, Iron Sledgehammers and the flame weapons (the Flameblade, Flamespear and Great Flameblade). He does not craft Biggoron's Sword, but this can still be obtained through the use of Amiibo.

Gorons have families in this game, but only brothers, fathers, sons etc. No female gorons appear, further denying speculations that female gorons exist, and no gorons are seen in relationships. Some do have brothers, such as Bladon and Gonguron, Greyson and Pelison, and the three goron blood brothers, Bayge, Heehl and Kabetta. There are also examples of fathers, as Dorill is the father of Axyl, and grandfathers, with Grapp being Dugby's grandfather, and Daruk as Yunobo's. Rohan, Fugo and Slergo have clear family ties, but it isn't explicitely stated what those are in-game. It can sometimes be hard to tell which gorons are actual brothers, and the term "brother" is used to refer to pretty much anyone by gorons.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Spinoff appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors[]

In Hyrule Warriors, Gorons appear as allies to the Hyrulean Forces in several Scenarios of Legend Mode. They serve as basic infantry troops, often alongside Hyrulean Soldiers. They sometimes appear as enemies too, going against the heroic forces during the Scenario, "Land of Myth", as well as being an enemy during Ganondorf's Scenario missions. In some Scenarios, they help their allies by building giant Bombchus used to destroy pillars and forts standing in the way of progressing. They also appear in the Bazaar as smiths and salesmen, helping with upgrading abilities, brewing Potions, and reforging Weapons for a Rupee fee and required Materials.

The Goron leader, Darunia, is also a playable Warrior.

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[]

Gorons appear as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

# Trophy First Game / Move Description How to unlock
219 SSBM Goron Trophy Model
Ocarina of Time
Most Gorons inhabit the stony slopes of Death Mountain. They can achieve incredible land speeds by curling up into balls and rolling: they also curl up into small balls to sleep. They're a gentle and calm people, but their leader, Darunia, is impassioned and brave. Gorons use strong and dexterous fingers to make blades and bombs. Random

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

Gorons appear as a Trophy and a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

# Trophy Significant Games Description How to unlock
210 SSBB Goron Trophy Model
Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask
A proud guardian of Death Mountain. Entering without gaining the trust of the Gorons will earn you a rolling-rock attack. They like sumo wrestling, as seen in Twilight Princess, when you need to wrestle Gor Coron. The complete shift to a friendly attitude by the tribal chief after being rescued suggests a prudent side to the Gorons. Random
Sticker Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
SSBB Goron Sticker Icon
Ocarina of Time [Arm] - Attack +21 All

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[]

Gorons appear as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
3DS Logo WiiU
224 SSBfN3DS Gorons Trophy Model N/A Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time 3D
Led by Darunia, the Gorons are a race of rocklike people who live a peaceful life in Goron City, inside Death Mountain. They often enjoy a good roll around, and their diet consists mainly of the gourmet rocks that they mine from Dodongo's Cavern. They also enjoy the music of a certain Kokiri girl. Random

Scribblenauts Unlimited[]

Gorons can be created in Scribblenauts Unlimited, but cannot be edited in the Object Editor.

Sonic Lost World[]

Gorons appear as enemies in the dungeon area of Sonic Lost World's Zelda-themed DLC, The Legend of Zelda Zone.

My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess[]

MNPTP Goron Sprite

The thirty-second puzzle in the Picross series and the twenty-second puzzle in the Mega Picross series depict a Goron.



The name Goron may have originated from ゴロゴロ "goro goro," Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a rolling rock, or more specifically, a boulder. The name Goron could also be related to the word "gora" (mountain) found in various Slavic languages.[77] This would be appropriate as the Gorons' homeland is up in the mountains.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
FranceFrenchEUGoron (SS)[78]
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