Majora's Mask Artwork
"I am one of the Gorons, the stone-eating people who live on Death Mountain."
— Goron

The Gorons are a recurring race in the Legend of Zelda series. The Gorons are a humanoid, rock-eating race that dwell in the mountains. Despite their hulking appearance, Gorons are a relatively peaceful species. They are usually considered, perhaps superficially, to be of low intelligence, although there is no particular indication of this in the games; in fact, there is evidence to the contrary, such as their ability to industrialize ahead of all the other races in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and some Gorons' roles as archaeologists in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Aside from Hylians and Sheikah, Gorons are the only race shown both in Skyward Sword and other games in the series. Since Skyward Sword is generally accepted as the first game in the series' continuity, this makes Gorons, Hylians, and Sheikah the oldest confirmed races.


Gorons are physically imposing, as the height and sheer size of the average Goron are almost double that of an average human in certain games. They are presumably silicon-based due to a strict diet of rocks and, possibly as a result, they develop rocky growths on their backs as they age. Their apparent immunity to drowning would also stem from this, as the silicate minerals and rocks are extremely common and contain oxygen (this does not, however, explain Goron Link's weakness to water; however, it may be because Gorons must activate it somehow, which Link may not know how to do or doesn't apply to Goron native to Termina). However, it is most likely due to their enormous density, which leaves them unable to float or swim. They possess enough physical strength to shatter large boulders and carve out tunnels using only their fists, without suffering any significant fatigue afterwards. Particularly large Gorons like Dangoro possess even more strength in addition to their size, to the point of managing to create quakes by stomping on the ground.

Some Gorons like the various incarnations of Biggoron and Medigoron are gigantic in size compared to normal Gorons. Besides Biggoron and Medigoron, their are other large though not gigantic Gorons such as Hot Rodder Goron, Dangoro, and Darbus.

Gorons are shown to be resistant towards fire, lava, and magma. Gorons can curl up into a fetal position and roll at very fast speeds; in addition, Gorons with magic can even sprout spikes if rolling fast enough. Gorons have immense weight which Mayor Bo attributes to their diet. This weight makes Sumo an ideal martial art and sport for Gorons, though Hylians and humans can compete against them by wearing Iron Boots to level the playing field allowing them to match a Goron's weight. Gorons often wield weapons single handedly that a Hylian would require two hands to lift and wield properly thus Goron single handed weapons often become two handed weapons when wielded by those races that lack Goron physical strength though Moblins and Lizalfos can wield or at least carry Goron weapons in one hand.

It is implied that the Goron lifespan is exceedingly long, as in The Wind Waker, Traveling Merchants briefly mistake Link for someone else before correcting themselves, hinting that they have met the Hero of Time and recognized him in the Hero of Winds. If this is true, it means the merchants have been alive for centuries, though they may recognize him from old legends of the Hero of Time who defeated both King Dodongo and Volvagia as well as being the sworn brother of Darunia. Due to the appearance of five different generations of Graceful Gorons over the course of 400 years in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, it can be estimated that the average reproductive age of Gorons is around 80 years. Additionally no Gorons from a century prior are confirmed to be alive during the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild thus all the living Gorons that Link encounters were apparently born after the Great Calamity and as no Gorons are indicated as living a century later presumably Goron have natural lifespans similar to Hylians, Gerudo, and Rito as Sheikah and Zora have longer lifespans with Zora living the longest due to aging at a different rate as living a century is nothing to a Zora as most Zora from a century prior are still alive. Gorons however tend to remain active in old age though some may suffer age related health problems or reduced mobility due to age. However like Sheikah they are able to father offspring even in old age as many elderly Gorons are depicted as having young children even infant children.


All Gorons that are seen are male and are referred to as such. They call each other "brother" (calling Link "Brudda" in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) and never once has a Goron referred to another as "she" or "her". Also, many young Gorons are shown as having a father, but no second parent has ever been mentioned. In the Ocarina of Time manga, there are some feminine looking Gorons; however, the manga is non-canonical and is not accepted as fact.

This detail is further elaborated on in Breath of the Wild as a Goron was allowed into the Gerudo Town despite not being female. This could imply that the Gerudo may see Gorons as a single gender nature race, or this may be because Gorons are a non-humanoid race. However it is implied the Goron Lyndae was let in by mistake due to his feminine sounding name and the guards assuming he was female due to a lack of understanding about Goron gender and biology. It should be noted that the Gerudo Guards can be fooled into allowing entry to Hylian men disguised as women by dressing in Gerudo women's clothing thus they are not infallible and can make mistakes concerning the gender of races they are far more familiar with as Gerudo primarily reproduce with Hylian men and the Gerudo Guards are constantly keeping Hylian men out of Gerudo Town. Lyndae himself even questions why he was let in when talking to Link in Gerudo Town despite noting men are not allowed. However despite this the Goron Strade wishes to go to Gerudo Town though it is not uncommon for Hylian men to be ignorant of Gerudo Town law and potential cases of mistaken identity like Lyndae's might have lead Gorons to assume they were welcome in Gerudo Town.


Gorons appear to have a friendly, brotherly culture. They have never been seen fighting each other unless for entertainment, like in sumo and boxing. The only scenario in which they appear less than peaceful is in Twilight Princess, in which the Gorons disallowed other races from entering the mountains, because of their pride. This pride of being a solid race with no obstacles was considerably shaken when, upon setting out upon an expedition and finding one of the Fused Shadows, their patriarch, Darbus, was turned into the Twilit Igniter Fyrus. Unable to reverse the effects of the Fused Shadow, they sealed Fyrus in a chamber deep within the Goron Mines, and prevented others from entering the mountains in order to hide this fact.

Gorons however can work with other races despite their pride especially when dealing with common threats and respect people of other races that demonstrate Goron-like strength or demonstrate great courage.

Their culture is 'explosive' despite their affability. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one Goron says that manhood can only be reached by "rolling with a bomb flower", as if to roll through the explosion. Much of their architecture and many of their habits revolve around explosions and are almost always closely tied with bombs in all games in which they appear; in Twilight Princess, they supply the materials for the Bomb Shop, while in Majora's Mask they are expert pyrotechnists, re-engineering the bomb into the Powder Keg - a powerful barrel of dynamite which can take out even the greatest of boulders.

In Goron culture, people outside of one's bloodline can apparently be considered family, as they have been known to consider Hylian individuals to be their "brothers" and consider them Gorons. As a result Hylians and Gorons have a history of becoming sworn brothers such as Darunia being sworn brother to the King of Hyrule and Hero of Time, while Daruk was sworn brother to the Hylian Champion. Daruk explains in his journal Gorons prefer a simple life with Daruk writing about his simple day-to-day activities such as meals. This is shown by Gorons leading simple lives focused around day-to-day activities such as work and leisure activities like eating, bathing in Hot Springs, and sports. Gorons are also depicted a simple-minded though they are not stupid as some might assume as Gorons are often depicted as skilled businessman often working as merchants or providing services. The Goron Elders are wise and in Twilight Princess work with Malo to expand Malo Mart using donations and even though improving commerce in order to purchase Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium to put an end to its high prices. Gorons often make clothing for Hylians to help them handle high temperatures and their blacksmithing skills are legendary as even Medigoron could produce Giant's Knife with the same attack strength as the Biggoron's Sword despite lacking in durability though even Biggoron's Swords can break if they reach a certain age as implied by the Broken Goron's Sword in Ocarina of Time and the Biggoron's Sword in Breath of the Wild. Some are known to study archeology or engage in archaeological digs using their knowledge of excavation and mining. They are also extremely capable miners, bomb makers, and blacksmiths with Gorons often possess industrial level technology, though they have trouble with more advanced technology as Daruk had difficulty controlling Vah Rudania though thanks to adjustments made by Zelda and instruction from Robbie and Purah he eventually learned to control it. However Gorons can be duped or tricked as shown by Mayor Bo and the Hero of Twilight using Iron Boots to compete with Goron in Sumo. Additionally some fail to understand Hylians have a different diet as Daruk and some Gorons assume Hylians that eat things other than rocks have strange tastes when in reality it is normal for them as eating rocks would be strange for Hylians. However others are better informed. Additionally Goron make Goron Spice and acquire Rock Salt through mining both of which are used by non-Goron in cooking. Goron even sell food and cooking ingredients to Hylian and Gerudo tourists showing that some Gorons have even learned enough about the eating habits of other races to even cater specifically to them.

Though Gorons are primarily peaceful they are formidable warriors and can usually be counted on it times of strife or crisis provided they aren't too busy dealing with their own problems as they tend to perfer to solve their own problems out of pride though will occasionally accept assistance from non-Gorons. Even a normally timid Goron like Yunobo is able to rise to the occasion when necessary and Link the Goron proudly stated who he was when the Hero of Time cornered him despite being visibly scared when he assumed he was one of Ganondorf's henchmen. Gorons in both Hyrule and Termina often admire those who accomplish great feats and heroes are often remembered long after their death as shown by Daruk, Darmani, and the Hero of the Gorons. Even non-Goron heroes are remembered as the Hero of Time is remembered by the Gorons in Twilight Princess despite him having been largely forgotten by the Hylian population, though this may be due to the Hero of Time being sworn brothers with Darunia and entrusting them with the Hero's Bow.

There seems to be a tradition in many Goron cultures that the Goron with the largest physical stature within the society is named Biggoron, and, less frequently, the name Medigoron is given to the second largest Goron.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Goron (Ocarina of Time)

Gorons reside in Goron City, located within Death Mountain. Their primary source of food is rocks from Dodongo's Cavern; however, when Ganondorf seals the cave after their patriarch Darunia refuses to give him the Goron's Ruby, they face the threat of starvation and extinction as a result of being separated from the nutritious rocks of Dodongo's Cavern. Link manages to open the cave and defeat King Dodongo therein, ensuring that the Dodongo's Cavern may be safely accessed by Gorons. As a reward, he is granted the title of "brother", as well as the Goron's Ruby.

Link returns at a later point to find that nearly the whole Goron race has been captured by Ganondorf, who plans to feed them to the dragon Volvagia as an example to other races that may defy him. A few Gorons have eluded capture, such as Darunia's son; Darunia himself enters the Fire Temple, Volvagia's lair, in the hopes of stopping Volvagia. Link rescues the Gorons from their imprisonment within the temple, and eventually recovers the fabled Megaton Hammer; with it, he crushes Volvagia, restoring peace to the mountains. Darunia is revealed to be the Sage of Fire, and provides Link with the Fire Medallion needed to access Ganon's Castle.

Certain members of the Goron race are noticeably larger than the average Goron: Medigoron and Biggoron are swordsmiths who can provide Link with powerful double-handed swords. The Hot Rodder Goron can be found rolling around Goron City and provides Link with an upgraded Bomb Bag if his rolling is halted in a certain location. It is important to note that the Gorons in Ocarina of Time are officially allied with the King of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Goron (Majora's Mask)

Gorons live in Goron Village atop the mountain of Snowhead in Termina. During the events of the game, Link is able to acquire the Goron Mask, enabling him to transform into a Goron while worn, sharing all the abilities and traits of the Goron race. Their most valuable possession is Gold Dust, which may be won as a prize for participating in, and winning, the race competitions held during spring.

Gorons are identical in shape and size to their counterparts from Ocarina of Time, but possess minor differences: Their hair is more noticeable and is given a pale blond sheen. Their eyebrows and facial hair are also set further away from where they were located in Ocarina of Time; indeed, their goatees are now a separate part of the model rather than simply part of the texture used for the mouth.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Gorons (Oracle of Ages)

Gorons reside on Rolling Ridge, and their leader is the Goron Elder. These Gorons' main produce is their famous Bomb Flowers. However, when Link arrives in the present time, the Great Moblin has halted the production of Bomb Flowers, and have instead started manufacturing handmade Bombs. In the past, Link finds the Goron Elder trapped by a rock slide, which he can clear with a Bomb Flower obtained from the present. In the eastern part of Rolling Ridge, many mini-games operated by Gorons can be found, including dancing, a Shooting Gallery, Big Bang, and the Restoration Ceremony. The line of Graceful Gorons who operate the Goron Dance Hall keep the Mermaid Key needed to enter the Mermaid's Cave. Most of the Gorons were present in all releases of the game, except for one: In the releases outside Japan, Nintendo of America, presumably to make the hunting down of the Mermaid Keys easier for players, inserted a green Goron who would provide hints as to how to procure the two Mermaid Keys.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Gorons reside on Goron Mountain, which is subject to perpetual winter due to General Onox's interference with the passing of the seasons. The Gorons in this game have little to no effect on the game's story. Most Gorons are not affected by the continuous winter, but Biggoron, who has no choice but to live outside due to his size, has contracted a cold. As part of the trading quest for the Noble Sword, Link acquires Lava Soup, which is exactly what Biggoron needs to cure his cold. In return, he gives Link the Goron Vase.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Main article: Traveling Merchants
Traveling Merchant

Gorons, disguised as Traveling Merchants, are seldom seen, and they have no apparent societal structure or civilization. Traveling Merchants may be found on Bomb Island, Greatfish Isle, and the Mother & Child Isles, where they can trade decorative items with Link. Although their clothing for the most part hides their identity, their traditional symbol is found on their backpacks, and they can be fully seen if a gust of wind is blown at them with the Deku Leaf. If Link takes a Pictograph of one of them and bring it to Carlov in the Nintendo Gallery, he makes a Figurine depicting all three different Traveling Merchants. If Link reads the description, it says their favorite snack is rocks.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Gorons reside on Death Mountain, much as they do in Ocarina of Time. Their leader, if any, is not mentioned.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Goron (The Minish Cap)

Only a few Gorons are ever seen, and no societal structure is ever spoken of. Initially, one Goron can be found attempting to breach a rock wall in a cave near Lon Lon Ranch. By completing several Kinstone Fusions with Mysterious Walls found in caves, more Gorons arrive to aid in breaking the series of rock walls, eventually earning Link a bottle. When enough Gorons have been gathered, Link can obtain the Mirror Shield from Biggoron, who lives on top of Veil Falls, if he fuses with a particular Goron. A Goron Merchant who sells Kinstone Pieces can be found in Hyrule Town.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Goron (Twilight Princess)

The Gorons reside on Death Mountain in northeastern Hyrule, and are ruled by a patriarch, as well as a group of elders. They are generally taller than Gorons in most earlier installments, but retain most of the same physical features. Their complexion is decidedly more rough and rock-like, featuring a rocky "crust" that can be seen on their head and back areas, and they also have tribal markings on their skin. They now also wear fundoshi, which is almost certainly a parallel to real world sumo, in which a mawashi, a protective belt similar in appearance to the fundoshi is worn.

Prior to the events of the game, the Gorons happened upon a part of the Fused Shadow in the Goron Mines; upon touching it, their patriarch Darbus was corrupted by its power and was transformed into Fyrus, the Twilit Igniter. The Gorons saw no option but to imprison their transformed patriarch inside a chamber in the mines. Too proud to accept help from outsiders, the Gorons began deterring whomever sought to scale Death Mountain. This led to the people of Kakariko Village being confused, since they were accustomed to the Gorons being friendly and peaceful. With the aid of the Iron Boots, Link is able to withstand the powerful guards on the path to Death Mountain—and even use them to climb the mountain itself—and enters the Gorons' mountain home.

After besting Gor Coron in a sumo wrestling contest, they give him a chance. Link enters the mine, wherein he battles a powerful Goron warrior named Dangoro, tasked with protecting the Hero's Bow. With the bow, Link is able to advance through the dungeon, break the spell on Darbus, and retrieve the Fused Shadow. Later, though he does not know about the events surrounding Link's ventures inside the mines, Darbus aids Link in opening the entrance to the Hidden Village.

When battling a Goron, it is possible to knock them off balance by blocking their attacks with a shield; if they are not struck by a sword, they curl into balls on the ground. If Link stands atop one while it prepares to unfold again, he is launched high up in the air, allowing him to reach high platforms. After Link completes the Goron Mines, the Gorons will instead ask Link whether he requires their aid in launching him up in the air; they can no longer be attacked, as they are now allies to Link. Subsequent to the restoration of peace to the Goron race, some Gorons depart from the mountain to provide merchant services elsewhere, such as Kakariko Village and Hyrule Castle Town.

A beta enemy found in the game's code, known as the Goron Golem, is a giant entity formed from a large number of Gorons curled together, making it resemble a humanoid figure. Whether or not Gorons have this ability is unknown, as the enemy was never placed in the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Goron (Phantom Hourglass)
"A proud and ancient race of noble beings, the Gorons make their home on a giant island at the south end of the Great Sea. These large, rotund creatures are exceptionally strong and naturally resistant to harsh climates. They're so tough that they're perfectly comfortable living amongst the cliffs of their rocky island home! Link must prove himself to this quiet tribe in order to gain their trust, for only with their aid can he banish evil form the land."
The Phantom Hourglass guide

Gorons reside on Goron Island; their leader is known as Biggoron, whose son, Gongoron runs the mini-game on Dee Ess Island They are protectors of the Goron Temple. This iteration of Gorons apparently use "Goron" or the prefix "Goro" as a form of respect within their culture. This can be observed from the behaviors of Biggoron, who on the final question on the Goron Quiz, calls him "almost-Goron", and Gongoron's mocking "never-Goron" and "not-Goron". After Link has cleansed their temple, all the Gorons refer to Link as "Goro-Link" (or, potentially, another name chosen on the Name Registration screen).

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

The Gorons reside in Goron Village in the Fire Realm. When Link arrives at the village, he learns from Kagoron that the village is blocked by a lava spew, and must be doused with something cold. Kagoron gives Link a freight car so he can transport the cold substance. Link then travels to the Snow Realm and eventually obtains Mega Ice from an Anouki and transports it back to the village. Link is then able to proceed into the village and head to the Fire Sanctuary.

There are also side quests that involve Gorons. More Mega Ice can be brought to douse a second lava spew so a Goron can return to his house. Link is rewarded with a Force Gem. Another Goron wants to go somewhere cold with a lot of snow, so Link can take him to Anouki Village. The Goron Elder's Grandson wants to see a town, so Link transports him to Castle Town. A Goron also runs the Goron Target Range in the Fire Realm.

The Gorons give Link valuable information on how to defeat the three Snurglars that possess the keys that are needed to enter the Fire Temple.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Gorons reside on The Surface. Only three Gorons are ever seen, and they are not shown to have any kind of home or civilization. Gorko is a Goron archeologist who, after being saved from an enemy attack by Link, aids him by providing him with advice. Gorko's assistant, Golo, later helps Link by creating a passageway leading to the abode of Lanayru. Gortram is the proprietor of the Rickety Coaster mini-game in the Shipyard. Despite the apparent rarity of Gorons during this time, it is implied that they were sufficiently numerous and connected during the war against Demise to have constituted a significant force. In addition to this, the presence of tribal tatoos indicates that a Goron societal structure exists during this time, or at least existed prior to the game's events.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

While Gorons themselves do not appear physically, they are referenced by two items: Goron Ore and the Goron Garb. Goron Ore is a Material with similar sturdiness and musky smell as Gorons. The Goron Garb is an Outfit that resembles Darunia from Ocarina of Time and it grants Link the Goron's resistance to fire and Lava.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Daruk Artwork (Breath of the Wild)

The Gorons appear in Breath of the Wild. They mostly live at Goron City in the Eldin Canyon region of Hyrule. Before the Great Calamity, Daruk was a Goron warrior who lived in Goron City, before being selected by Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule and Princess Zelda to become the Goron Champion and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Together with the other Champions lead by Princess Zelda, Daruk was an ally of the Hylian Champion Link who was the Hero chosen by the Master Sword.

Princess Zelda and King Rhoam intended for Daruk to pilot the Vah Rudania as a previous unnamed Goron had during the previous battle against Calamity Ganon that had taken place 10,000 years before the events of Breath of the Wild, according to legend. Daruk himself possessed a special power called Daruk's Protection which allowed him to summon an impenetrable barrier to protect himself and his allies. In addition to this ability, Daruk wielded a powerful Goron sword called the Boulder Breaker which is the strongest out of the three Goron made swords. According to Daruk's Training Journal, he first met Link when he noticed the Hylian fighting monsters while out looking for rocks to eat and attempted to come to his aid. However Daruk became distracted by the Hylian's Goron-like strength leading Link to save the distracted Daruk from an attacking monster, with Daruk hoping Link hadn't noticed the dopey look on his face. Afterwards Daruk and Link became friends and Daruk unaware of Hylian dietary needs differ from Gorons attempted to improve Link's palette by giving him top grade Rock Roast which Link managed consume and Daruk took Link's silence afterwards as a sign he enjoyed it so much that he was speechless though it is implied Link did not enjoy it as Daruk believed he did. Regardless afterwards Daruk and Link became sworn brothers much like the legendary Goron Sage Darunia and the Hero of Time before them. During a test of one of the Guardians at Hyrule Castle, the Guardian went out of control firing deadly beams endangering everyone. Daruk observed Link grab a nearby Pot Lid and used a Perfect Guard to deflect a beam which hit the Guardian's weak point destroying it. Daruk noted afterwards King Rhoam was so impressed by Link's courage and quick thinking during such a crisis that Link was promoted to Captain of Zelda's Royal Guard detail and assigned as the Princess' personal knight and bodyguard. Daruk also attempted to foster a sense of comradeship among the Champions even suggesting Zelda and Link perform an ancient ceremony during their inauguration but Zelda's resentment towards Link was apparent. However Daruk did his best to advise and support Link in his new role. Daruk respected the Princess and was friendly towards her even offering her Rock Roast as he had with Link which she politely refused with a grimace on her face though Daruk assumed she had something foul on her mind and simply wasn't hungry. Zelda aided Daruk master piloting his Divine Beasts, making adjustments to Vah Rudania and enlisting Sheikah researchers Purah and Robbie to aid Daruk and the other pilots master their Divine Beasts. As he was close to Link, Daruk got along well with Link's childhood friend and the Zora Champion Mipha as they both strove to support Link to defend their people and Hyrule from the threat posed by Calamity Ganon who had caused both the Goron and Zora to suffer in the distant past. Daruk noted to Link he would protect his homeland and people to the death. When Ganon finally returned on Zelda's seventeenth birthday after her training at Mount Lanayru, Daruk rallied his fellow champions with a rousing speech and told Link he'd have their support and should focus on defeating Ganon.

However the Champions underestimated Ganon who having learned from his previous defeat, created a phantom scourge of himself called Fireblight Ganon which he sent to corrupt Vah Rudania and kill Daruk. As a result, Daruk and the other champions (excluding Link) were killed. This caused the Great Calamity, which lead to the death of King Rhoam and the fall of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Link was injured fighting corrupted Guardians, forcing Zelda to have her Sheikah allies place Link in the Shrine of Resurrection to heal, while she used her newly awakened sealing powers to seal Ganon and herself in Hyrule Castle, causing Vah Rudania to become dormant while Link slept for the next 100 years. Despite his death, Daruk was remembered as a legendary hero among the Gorons and had at least one child before his death as Yunobo is his descendant who inherited the ability to use Daruk's Protection as well as being the only person capable of aiding Link in calming Vah Rudania. A large statue of Daruk was carved from the mountains overlooking Goron City. Additionally his sword the Boulder Breaker became a treasured weapon of the Goron people much like the Hero of the Goron's Megaton Hammer, and was kept in the possession of the Goron Patriarch.

Daruk is the only Champion besides Mipha to have confirmed blood relatives still living a century after the Great Calamity and the only Champion with a direct descendant as Mipha's relatives are her father and younger brother both of whom survived the Great Calamity and Age of Burning Fields due to Zora having longer lifespans than other races. Interestingly no Gorons that lived a century prior are still alive indicating Goron lifespans are similar to Hylians, Gerudo, and Rito as Sheikah and Zora are both shown to naturally outlive all of them. However like most other races Gorons tend to suffer from the effects of aging, as Bludo suffers back pains which flare up forcing him to avoid strenuous activity. As a result Hot Springs, the art of Goron massage, and painkillers are used to help elderly alleviate aches and pains that come with aging. However even these don't always work especially if elderly Goron engage in strenuous activity for a Goron of their age. However many elderly Goron continue work in old age such as the blacksmith Rohan, the Innkeeper Tray, the Inn's Goron masseuse Volcon, and Goron Group nightshift miner Bohrin. However Rohan and Bohrin tend to rest their bodies as Rohan sleeps till 10 AM and goes to bed around 7 PM, while Bohrin sleeps during the day as he works the nightshift. Tray and Volcon work jobs that are not as labor intensive. However Bludo and Volcon will defend themselves unarmed if attacked by Link and are still strong enough to knock Link off his feet using Sumo slaps showing they retain Goron strength even in old age.

100 years after the Great Calamity, the Gorons are lead by the Goron Elder and Patriarch Bludo. Due to Link awakening from the Slumber of Restoration, Vah Rudania also awakens after a long period of dormancy and starts rampaging on Death Mountain, forcing the Gorons to abandon their mines on the mountain. Bludo and Yunobo manage to keep Rudania at bay using cannons and Yunabo's Daruk's Protection as regular cannonballs had no effect, though they where unable to calm the Divine Beast which was under Fireblight Ganon's control. When Link arrives in Goron City, he learns that Yunobo had gone to the Abandoned North Mine to get painkillers for Bludo as fighting at his age caused him to suffer from terrible back pain. Link manages to find Yunobo who is trapped by a Weak Wall of boulders in the storage room. Using a cannon, Link frees Yunobo, who takes the painkillers back to Bludo. After returning to Bludo and learning that Yunobo had already left, Bludo mentions Yunobo's ancestor Daruk and points out the giant stone statue of Daruk in Goron City to Link, which causes him to remember his sworn brother and comrade. During the memory, Daruk notes that Death Mountain's sudden activity to be strange as the volcanic mountain has been quiet for a long time and apparently suspects it is another sign of Ganon's imminent return as Death Mountain's geology is known to be sensitive to evil. In the present, Bludo's back gives out despite the painkillers forcing him to ask Link to inform Yunabo that he'll have to cancel their planned attack.

Link late finds Yunobo at the Bridge of Eldin and enlists his aid in helping in free Vah Rudania. Working together, Link manages to make it inside the Divine Beast where he confronts and defeats Fireblight Ganon, freeing the beast from Ganon's control. This also frees Daruk's spirit who grants Link the power of Daruk's Protection. For freeing Vah Rudania, Link is rewarded by the Gorons with Daruk`s Boulder Breaker sword by Bludo.

In addition to the Boulder Breaker, Link can find other Goron made weapons such as the Cobble Crusher and Stone Smasher swords. Unlike swords wielded by other races, Goron swords are blunt and lack any cutting power, as they rely entirely on their weight and blunt force, thus Gorons swords function more akin to a Hammer than a sword. As they are designed to be wielded primarily by Gorons, all Goron swords are heavy requiring Link to wield them as two-handed weapons. In addition to the Goron swords, there is also a Goron made polearm called the Drillshaft, which is a Spear made from an old excavation bore, allowing it to pierce through Ore Deposits. Interestingly, there are no Goron made bows or shields in Breath of the Wild, though this is presumably due to the race`s relience on their natural strength and resilience, as well as the fact that they have access to more powerful Cannon technology. However, the Goron Gusto Shop sells Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows. Additionally, the description for the Great Flameblade reveals that the fire elemental Greatswords were forged by Goron smiths long ago. It is also stated that Flameblades were forged in the lava of Death Mountain, though it does not clarified if they were forged by Gorons smiths though it is likely given the dangers involved as Hylians would require special armor to do so safely. Through the Amiibo Rune and Ocarina of Time Link amiibo, Link can acquire the Biggoron's Sword though like most weapons it is no longer unbreakable though the amiibo rune can provide Link with replacements. However he must free one Divine Beast for the weapon to randomly drop.

Due to the volcanic heat of areas around Death Mountain, the Gorons sell Fireproof Elixirs and make "Flamebreaker" Armor to protect non-Goron travelers from the intense heat. Though Gorons themselves eat rocks, the Protein Palace BBQ sells roasted food for the few tourists that brave the dangers and heat to reach Goron City.

Like Gorons in past games, Gorons work primarily as miners, blacksmiths, and merchants. Most live in Goron City and near areas near Death Mountain, though some choose to travel the land of Hyrule to trade goods, see the world, or promote relations between them and other races. Their economy is based mainly around mining Ore Deposits for minerals such as Flint and Rock Salt or gemstones such as Amber, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamonds, and Luminous Stone. During a Shrine quest, Link is requested to retrieve a Rock Roast from Gortram Cliff so it can be cooked to create Grilled Rock Roast for Gonguron to give him the energy he needs to finish digging Gorko Tunnel.

In addition to Rock Roasts, "Grade A" Rock Roast, Prime Roast Roasts, Gourmet Sirloin Rock, Grilled Rock Roasts, Gorons can also consume gemstones, though most the species consider them unsavory and little more than gross snacks. Thus, the Goron are shown to be more than happy to sell these gemstones to other races, despite some of them failing to understand why they are so highly valued due to some Gorons failing to understand the dietary needs of other race's differ from Gorons though some are more informed than others. In addition to Rock Salt and Cane Sugar, the Goron Gusto Shop sells Goron Spice, which is a special Goron made seasoning created from many spices, a secret recipe that has been handed down among the Gorons for generations. The spice is quite rare outside Goron City to the point merchant such as Stamm and Yammo only sell it as rainy day specials which is when they sell their rare and best merchandise during bad weather usually rain or thunderstorms, presumably due to the difficulty of acquiring it from Goron City.


In addition to Goron-made swords such as Biggoron's Sword, Boulder Breaker, Cobble Crusher, Great Flameblade, and Stone Smasher, Goron smiths also make mining tools such as Iron Sledgehammers and even pickaxes which feature the Goron symbol. Though Link cannot wield pickaxes, the Hylian Hudson and members of the Goron Group Mining Company do using them to dig, clear stone, or in mining. Iron Sledgehammers are used in ore mining by Hylians, Gerudo, Zora, and Gorons. Additionally Bolson Construction uses Sledgehammers in housing demolition as shown in "Hylian Homeowner". Iron Sledgehammers are quite common throughout Hyrule indicating Gorons supply them to Hylians and other races as very few smiths exist in Hyrule since the Great Calamity. Drillshafts are created from recycled mining equipment as their tips are actually an old excavation bore. Gorons also craft Flamebreaker Armor set which grants protection from volcanic heat. Goron soldiers and guards tend to wield Cobble Crushers as Stone Smashers are apparently rarer since the Great Calamity as two can be found in Hyrule Castle indicating they were more common in the past. A Fire-Breath Lizalfos in Eldin Mountains wields one as does a Moblin in the Dining Hall of Hyrule Castle. The Boulder Breaker is in Bludo's possession though he later gives it to Link after freeing Vah Rudania. Like the other Champion equipment, the Boulder Breaker can be reforged by the elderly Goron blacksmith in Goron City when it breaks. Unlike Goron Hammer Swords, Biggoron's Sword and Great Flameblade are conventional greatswords capable of cutting. Additionally Great Flameblades are imbued with the element of fire allowing it to light enemies and objects on fire though it occasional must recharge its elemental power like all elemental melee weapons. While Biggoron's Sword is no longer unbreakable this is either due to it being an ancient weapon by the events of Breath of the Wild or simply due to game mechanics.

The Flamebreaker Armor Set like the Goron Tunic grants Link protection from volcanic heat however once the entire set is upgraded to two stars or higher, it grants the Fireproof set bonus which makes Link immune to fire damage and allows him to climb hot surfaces such as hot volcanic rocks and he can also pickup Igneo Pebblits and climb Igneo Talus without cooling them down. As a result it is essential gear for exploring Death Mountain and volcanic areas of the province of Eldin. Additionally it provides protection from open flames such as Campfires thus useful when constructing campfires in areas where Link might start wildfires or dealing with fire elemental enemies such as Fire Keese, Fire Wizzrobe, Meteo Wizzrobe, and Red ChuChu or dealing with the flames involuntarily produced by the Dragon Spirit Dinraal.

Flamebreaker Armor Set
Goron Greatswords
Hammer, Hammer Swords, and Spear

Other appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Gorons from Twilight Princess appear in the Goron Target Practice stage where they hold various targets for Link to shoot.

Hyrule Warriors

Main article: Goron Forces
Hyrule Warriors Goron Forces Goron (Dialog Box Portrait)

Gorons appear in Hyrule Warriors as basic units; in addition, Darunia, from Ocarina of Time, appears as a playable character. Goron units consist of Gorons, Goron Bombardiers (who carry rocks or bombs which they throw as weapons), and Goron Captains (who wear armor similar to Dangoro's). There is also a special type of Goron Captain known as Bombchu Operators, which command enemy Bombchu. If the Bombchu Operator is defeated by the player, they can take control of the enemy Bombchu and use it to attack enemy keeps.

In the game's story, Gorons are part of the Hyrulean Forces. In the Armies of Ruin stage, Link is given Bombs as a reward for assisting a Goron Captain by defeating a Lizalfos. Several Gorons also assist the Hyrulean Forces in the Eldin Caves by providing Bombchu to clear spires blocking the army's path.

Hyrule Warriors Captains Goron Captain (Dialog Box Portrait)

After Cia uses the Triforce to open portals to various Eras, Sheik and Impa travel to the Era of the Hero of Time and learn from Navi that Darunia's personality has changed ever since he encountered a woman called Zelda and has kidnapped Princess Ruto. As a result, the Gorons of that Era have become hostile and attack the Hyrulean Forces lead by Sheik and Impa. Eventually, Sheik and Impa discover that the Gorons were being manipulated by the Dark Forces using Big Poes. After the Poes and Darunia are defeated, the latter returns to his senses and releases Ruto. He and his fellow Gorons join the Hyrulean Forces in hunting down the fake Zelda who had commanded the Big Poes to manipulate the Gorons. After the Fake Zelda is defeated and Sheik reveals she is the real Zelda, Darunia and Ruto join Impa and Zelda and the rest of the Hyrulean Forces and their allies in the battle against Cia and her Dark Forces.

A Goron also runs the game's Bazaar. Impa's swords in her Giant Blade moveset are described as having been constructed by the finest Goron smithy who ever lived (which is implied to be Biggoron). Darunia himself wields various Hammers, which is likely a reference to his ancestor, the Hero of the Gorons (his Level 3 is the Hero's mighty Megaton Hammer).

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Goron units from Hyrule Warriors appear and serve the same role they did in Hyrule Warriors acting as either allied and enemy units. Darunia returns as a playable character and has new Recolor of his standard outfit based on Biggoron from Phantom Hourglass. Darunia and the Goron Forces also appear in Linkle's Tale: Powers Collide. In this new story scenario, the Goron Forces in the Era of the Hero of Time lead by Darunia and Ruto, defend Lake Hylia from Volga and the Dark Forces, aided by their new ally, Linkle.

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Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee Trophies Goron (Render)
"Most Gorons inhabit the stony slopes of Death Mountain. They can achieve incredible land speeds by curling up into balls and rolling: they also curl up into small balls to sleep. They're a gentle and calm people, but their leader, Darunia, is impassioned and brave. Gorons use strong and dexterous fingers to make blades and bombs."
— Trophy Description

Goron from Ocarina of Time appear as a trophy.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"A proud guardian of Death Mountain. Entering without gaining the trust of the Gorons will earn you a rolling-rock attack. They like sumo wrestling, as seen in Twilight Princess, when you need to wrestle Gor Coron. The complete shift to a friendly attitude by the tribal chief after being rescued suggests a prudent side to the Gorons."
— Trophy Description

Goron from Twilight Princess appear as a trophy and as well as a sticker. Their sticker depicts their artwork from Ocarina of Time, and grants a +21 bonus to arm attacks. This sticker can be applied to any character.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

"Led by Darunia, the Gorons are a race of rocklike people who live a peaceful life in Goron City, inside Death Mountain. They enjoy a good roll around, and their diet consists mainly of the gourmet rocks that they mine from Dodongo's Cavern. They also enjoy the music of a certain Kokiri girl."
— Trophy Description

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the Goron from Ocarina of Time 3D appears as a Trophy.

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