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The Gorman Troupe is group of carnival entertainers who were scheduled to perform at the Carnival of Time in Majora's Mask.[1] However, since Lulu of The Indigo-Go's has lost her voice, Toto must cancel their performance at the carnival,[2] and as such, Madame Aroma is forced to cancel the Gorman Troupe's opening performance as well.[3] Gorman, the troupe leader,[4] does not tell the rest of the members about their acts being canceled, drowning his sorrows at the Milk Bar instead,[5] and so the group continues rehearsing for their routines. The members of the troupe are all staying at the Stock Pot Inn during their Clock Town visit.

They are led by the Circus Leader, Gorman. Other members include:

  • Judo and Marilla Rosa are twin sisters and dancers of the troupe.[6] During the day, they are both seen pacing the floors of the Stock Pot Inn, trying to come up with new dance moves for their unfinished choreography.[7] At night, they are practicing their routine in West Clock Town, and Link can help them learn Kamaro's dance by wearing Kamaro's Mask.
  • Guru-Guru is the musician of the group.[8] He is found practicing in his room of the Stock Pot Inn during the day or by the Laundry Pool at night. Guru-Guru wishes someone would teach the Rosa Sisters some new dance moves,[9] and he also rewards Link with the Bremen Mask for listening to his tale.[10]
  • Twin Jugglers are the jugglers of the troupe and bring comic relief to their acts.[11] They practice in East Clock Town and can be seen playing cards in their Stock Pot Inn room during the night. The Twin Jugglers are the only members of the troupe who do not have their own Bombers' Notebook entry.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEUTroupe Gorman (MM3D)[12]Gorman Troupe
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