"I am of the Gorman Troupe. I have an appointment to meet with Madame today..."

The Gorman Troupe is a group from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are a small group of circus entertainers who were brought to Clock Town to perform during the Carnival of Time. The Gorman Troupe are staying at the Stock Pot Inn in preparation for their performance. However, due to the lead singer of The Indigo-Go's, Lulu, losing her voice, all opening performances have been canceled by Madame Aroma.


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  • Gorman is the leader of the Gorman Troupe. After finding out that the performance has been canceled, he spends his time sulking at the Milk Bar, and is not able to bring himself to tell the other members of the troupe. Link aids Toto in testing the sound equipment of the stage in the Milk Bar by performing parts of a song on the instruments used in his Deku, Goron, and Zora forms, along with his normal form. Upon Link's successful performance of all four instrumental parts, thus playing the "Ballad of the Wind Fish", Gorman is moved to tears, and rewards Link with the Circus Leader's Mask. Subsequently, he may be found playing cards with the Juggling Twins, and is planning to travel with the troupe to the Gorman Track to take refuge from the Moon.
  • The Rosa Sisters, Judo and Marilla, spend their time trying to improve their dance routine before the Carnival; during the day, they are found pacing the hallways of the Inn, and at night, they practice together in West Clock Town. Link aids them in learning a satisfying dance routine by wearing Kamaro's Mask, and teaching them Kamaro's dance. They perform this dance during the end credits sequence.
  • Guru-Guru stays in the Gorman Troupe's hotel room by day, practicing his instrument. At night, he is thrown out for practicing too loudly, and goes to the Laundry Pool instead. After confessing to Link about how he stole the Bremen Mask from the leader of an Animal Troupe, Guru-Guru presents him with the mask.
  • The Juggling Twins have a smaller role than the others, and are the only members of the Gorman Troupe not listed in the Bombers' Notebook. They perform juggling acts in East Clock Town during the day, telling jokes to passers-by; at night, they play cards in their room in the Stock Pot Inn.

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