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Gorman is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3]


Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Gorman is the middle brother of the Gorman Brothers and is the leader of the Gorman Troupe,[4] a traveling group of performers scheduled to perform at the Carnival of Time.[5] His brothers refer to him as Middle Bro.[6]

When he visits Madame Aroma, he is devastated to learn the Carnival will be canceled, due to the impending Moon disaster and the leader of The Indigo-Go's, Lulu, losing her voice.[7][8] He spends the rest of his time drowning his sorrows at the Milk Bar without informing the rest of the troupe that their acts have been called off.[9]

After finding out about their canceled performance, Gorman begins to regret his decision of abandoning farm life in order to enter the world of show business. He left his brothers and the ranch since he could not handle horses like his older brother, and could not take care of horses like his younger brother.[10] However, he now realizes he quit the ranch life for nothing.[11]

When Link gets up on stage and plays the "Ballad of the Wind Fish," Gorman is brought to tears, for it was that same song that he had heard at the Carnival of Time long ago and motivated him to enter the show business. By so doing, he had hoped to meet the singers of the song.[12] He apologizes to Link for booing and gives him the Troupe Leader's Mask. In Majora's Mask 3D, repeating this will result in Gorman giving him a Fishing Hole Pass.[13]

If Link performs the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" for Gorman the night before, on the night of the Second Day Gorman is seen playing cards with the Twin Jugglers, and informs Link that he and the troupe will leave town the next day since they cannot expect anyone to attend their show anyway.[14] He even offers Link a place to stay with his older brother, who he says is a nice guy, at the Gorman Track.[15]

In Majora's Mask 3D, starting at Dawn on the Second Day, if Link wears the Troupe Leader's Mask and talks to Gorman while he is sleeping in the Stock Pot Inn's bunk room, Gorman requests Link to bring Mystery Milk from his brothers at their ranch in Milk Road. Link can proceed to talk to the brothers in the afternoon while again wearing the mask to obtain the Mystery Milk from them. The Mystery Milk spoils after 2 minutes, but if Link successfully delivers it to Gorman, he will let Link keep the Bottle. Link cannot play the "Song of Soaring" while delivering the milk, as Tatl says it will spill in the process.[16] Delivering the milk to him again in a different cycle will yield a Fishing Hole Pass.[17]


Day Time Location Activity
1 6:00 AM Stock Pot Inn Lobby Waits
1 9:10 AM East Clock Town Leaves Stock Pot Inn for Mayor's Official Residence
1 10:00 AM Mayor's Official Residence Enters
1 10:10 AM Mayor's Official Residence Speaks with the Receptionist
1 10:30 AM Mayor's Official Residence Drawing Room Enters
1 10:55 AM Mayor's Official Residence Drawing Room Meets with Madame Aroma
1 11:45 AM Mayor's Official Residence Drawing Room Leaves
1 12:15 AM East Clock Town Leaves Mayor's Official Residence for Milk Bar
1 12:50 PM Milk Bar Enters
1 1:25 PM Milk Bar Thinks and speaks with Mr. Barten if Link speaks with him
1 10:00 PM Milk Bar Sulks while drinking and gives Link the Troupe Leader's Mask if he plays "Ballad of the Wind Fish"
2 6:00 AM Stock Pot Inn Bunk Room Sleeps and asks Link to retrieve the Mystery Milk if Link speaks to him wearing Troupe Leader's Mask (MM3D)
2 6:00 PM Stock Pot Inn Lobby Waits if Link did not receive the Troupe Leader's Mask the night before
2 6:00 PM Stock Pot Inn Bunk Room Plays cards if Link received the Troupe Leader's Mask the night before
2 9:10 PM East Clock Town Leaves Stock Pot Inn for Milk Bar if Link did not receive the Troupe Leader's Mask the night before
2 10:00 PM Milk Bar Sulks while drinking and gives Link the Troupe Leader's Mask if he plays "Ballad of the Wind Fish" and if he did not the night before

The Minish Cap

Gorman (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Gorman Figurine Sprite.png
He wants to rent out his house in town,
but he's too overbearing to attract
a tenant. He doesn't even seem to
realize what the problem is...

Gorman appears in The Minish Cap as an aspiring real estate investor in Hyrule Town and the author of Gorman's Guide to Good Grub.[18] When Link Fuses a Red Kinstone with Farore at the Happy Hearth Inn, Gorman gets the idea to rent his house in southeastern Hyrule Town for extra money.[19][20] He asks Link to broker for him, as he has strict criteria and cannot be bothered to search for a tenant himself.[21] Link can show the house to either Farore, Din, or Nayru.

After obtaining a tenant for his current house, Gorman plans to build a second house one on the west side of Town.[22] Mutoh and the Carpenters construct it for him after Link Fuses another Red Kinstone with the Carpenter Bremor.[19][23] Link can then have one of the remaining two Oracles rent that house. Afterwards, Gorman can be seen standing south of the Royal Hyrule Library, near an enclosure containing two Cats. He considers breeding pets with the money he made from his rental properties.[24] Gorman disappears when Vaati takes over Hyrule Castle.


  • In the European version of The Minish Cap, Gorman mentions he is considering building a third house over the cat enclosure in town,[25] though he never does. This comment was replaced in the American version, which was released two months after the original Japanese and European versions.
  • In Majora's Mask 3D, if Link does the Mystery Milk sidequest on the Second Day, then does the sound check at the Milk Bar that night, Gorman's remarks to the sound check will be different.[26] He will also be kinder when Link talks to him.[27]
  • Encyclopedia claims erroneously that Gorman is the eldest of the brothers.[28]


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