Gorko is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a Goron archaeologist who is studying The Surface and Skyloft. At numerous points throughout Link's adventure, Gorko will ask him for help investigating Goddess Cubes and Goddess Walls.


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Link first meets Gorko in the Faron Woods, where he is being attacked by many Bokoblins. After Link saves him, he explains that he is a researcher obsessed with Skyloft, which he refers to as the Isle of the Goddess. Gorko then appears in various places throughout The Surface researching objects and locations related to Skyloft.

Later, Gorko can be found near a Goddess Wall in Faron Woods, where he recites cryptic clues about various products of the wall. If Link procures the item that Gorko describes, Gorko will thank him for his help and reward him with a Piece of Heart. If Link continues to visit him, he will reward rare Treasures for each additional new drawing, and a Gold Rupee for the last new drawing. After this, Gorko will continue to reward Link with rare Treasures each time Link draws an item, regardless of how many times Link has already drawn the item.

Afterwards in Lanayru Desert, Gorko can be found at the Temple of Time searching for another way inside. He tells Link that the entrance exploded and collapsed after a girl clothed in black went through the arch.

Later yet, Gorko is found within the Volcano Summit, near to the Fire Sanctuary. He is trapped by a wall of fire; however, Link pours a bottle of water on a statue's tongue, allowing the two access to the next area. He proceeds to do this twice more before reaching the outside of the Fire Sanctuary, where more water is needed. Because of this, he takes the Water Dragon's Basin to the summit with the help of Scrapper, and uses it to open the Fire Sanctuary.

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