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"Even though they say the bridge has been repaired, my young one in Castle Town fails to return... I am sure he is hanging his head somewhere around the west gate right at this moment."
Gor Liggs

Gor Liggs' Son is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As his name implies, he is the son of the Goron Elder, Gor Liggs. He is also a vendor of Hot Spring Water in Hyrule Castle Town. After Link donates enough money to Kakariko Village's Malo Mart, the East Bridge of Hyrule Castle Town is fixed, and Gor Liggs' Son hopes to travel back to Death Mountain to stock up on supplies. He lacks energy however, and wishes he could shower himself in "piping hot springwater" to gain back his energy. At this time, Gor Liggs will give Link a barrel of Hot Spring Water to bring to his son. If Link runs through Hyrule Field before the water cools and throws the barrel on Gor Liggs' Son, the Goron will roll back to Death Mountain and obtain more Hot Spring Water to sell.

Gor Liggs' Son2

Gor Liggs' Son

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