"The mines beyond here are sacred to my tribe. Outsiders are not allowed. Unless... I could make an exception... but you would have to beat me in a contest of power. Are you willing to try, little human?"
— Gor Coron

Gor Coron is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


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In his youth, this Goron Elder was the Goron Patriarch. He was also a champion sumo wrestler, only ever being defeated by Bo, the mayor of Ordon Village. When the Goron's current patriarch, Darbus, is possessed by the Fused Shadow in the Goron Mines, Gor Coron gains temporary command of the Gorons. Upon being trained by Bo and receiving the Iron Boots, Link fights his way up Death Mountain, and, at the top, fights Gor Coron in a sumo match. After his loss, Gor Coron let Link pass, and he frees Darbus, who regains his leadership. Following this, Gor Coron spends much time in Kakariko Village's sanctuary. When Link is trying to get Ilia's memory back, Gor Coron reveals the location of the Hidden Village, allowing Darbus to find it and break open an entrance to the village for Link.

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Gor Coron could be a pun on the word Goron, the race to which he belongs.

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