Gongoron is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. A resident of Goron Island, he is the son of the island's chief, Biggoron.


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When Gongoron first meets Link, he is afraid of him. Because of this, when Biggoron informs Link that he needs to go to the Goron Temple and volunteers Gongoron to guide him, the Goron runs away.

Link eventually makes it to the Goron Temple and spots Gongoron entering the dungeon alone. Halfway through the dungeon, Link meets up with Gongoron and helps him escape from some enemies. The two then begin working together to reach the boss of the Goron Temple, Dongorongo, as well as throughout the first phase of the battle.

After his adventure with Link in the Goron Temple, Gongoron is returned to his house and says farewell to the hero. He can later be seen working on Dee Ess Island where can be used to play a mini-game.

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In addition to Link, the player can control Gongoron in the Goron Temple and during the fight with Dongorongo. Link shares his health meter with Gongoron here, so in the event all hearts run out for either Link or Gongoron, both will fall, resulting in a Game Over. He is the only other character in the game that can be controlled, excluding Link. Link has the opportunity to control him again when the game on Dee Ess Island opens.

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