Golo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a Goron archaeologist, assistant to Gorko, who is found at the entrance to Lanayru Gorge.


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Link first meets Golo in the center cave of Lanayru Caves during his quest for Nayru's Flame, where the Goron is excavating the entrance to Lanayru Gorge. When Golo learns Link is searching for the flame, Golo suggests he go to the Lanayru Sand Sea and gives Link a Small Key to unlock the door that leads to the Sand Sea's Ancient Harbor.

If Link sits on the stool near Golo, he will ask Link for 10 Rupees to fund his excavation. Doing so will result in a return of 100 Rupees when the entrance is excavated later in the game. When Link encounters him, he learns from Golo that he is researching the legend of the Three Dragons, one of which according to legend is said to live somewhere in the desert.

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