"A particularly rare skull ornament. It's rumored to be made of something other than gold, despite its color."
— In-game description

Golden Skulls are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are a rarer drop, usually found on stronger Bokoblin varieties. Due to the infrequency of their drop, Link should equip a Treasure Medal or the Cursed Medal if he finds himself in need of these elusive materials. He can bring them to the Bazaar in order to upgrade his equipment. Additionally, if Link gets a score of 28 or higher at the Clean Cut minigame, Peater may reward him with a Golden Skull, among other treasures.

Golden Skulls are used for various item enhancements. They are needed to upgrade the Hook Beetle to the Quick Beetle, as well as the Medium Seed Satchel, Medium Bomb Bag, and the Medium Quiver into their respective Large capacities. They can be sold to Rupin at night for 100 Rupees each.

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