"The legendary Golden Rope. It's much more aggressive than the normal ones: it will attack you on sight."

Golden Ropes are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. They are more powerful, durable, and quicker than regular versions of Ropes, and they are recognized by their golden tint. When Link completes certain Kinstone fusions, Golden Ropes appear in specific areas in Hyrule. Like the other golden monsters they will actively seek out Link when he enters its territory, but unlike common Ropes it does not simply charge straight at him when it sees him; rather, it will go berserk and slither very quickly in random directions, generally moving towards Link like the Golden Tektite but sometimes overshooting him. The easiest way to defeat a Golden Rope is to simply hide behind a thin barrier, such as a rock or hedge, and use its tracking against it to keep it in one place so Link can strike it with his sword. Another method is for Link to stun it with the boomerang and alternate between his sword and the boomerang, as golden monsters recover from being stunned very quickly. Upon a Golden Rope's defeat, Link often obtains a large amount of Rupees.

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