"Ah! Bonjour! Link, for the love of justice, and my own sake, you must find all the leaves!"

Golden Leaves are quest items in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. These valuable leaves of solid gold were once owned by Richard before his soldiers turned rogue and threw him out of Kanalet Castle. All five leaves must be retrieved by Link in order for Richard to grant Link access to the hiding place of the Slime Key. They can be retrieved in any order.


  1. Guarded by the Mad Bomber on the east side of Kanalet Castle.
  2. Guarded by the Crow sitting in a tree on the west side of Kanalet Castle. A rock must be thrown at the tree or a bomb may be used on/near the crow to make it move, and it must be defeated quickly before it flies away.
  3. Guarded by the Darknut in the second room of Kanalet Castle's first floor.
  4. Guarded by the Ball & Chain Trooper on the second floor.
  5. Found behind the left stone carving of a guard on the second floor. When the carving is destroyed with a bomb, a Darknut carrying the leaf will be revealed, and will drop the leaf when defeated.
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