"Tell me, small fry, do you have any of them Golden Feathers? I hear those things are all the rage with Rito ladies on Dragon Roost Island these days. They just go ga-ga over them! But the thing is, the only way to get a Golden Feather is to defeat one of those bird-monsters...or so they say. Yup! Rito men who have girlfriends sure have tough lots in life, I tell you!"

Golden Feathers are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are shiny, golden-orange feathers with metal tips, resembling quills. The feathers are dropped by Kargarocs, Mothulas, and Peahats (either by slaying them or stealing one with the Grappling Hook) and stored in the Spoils Bag. Hoskit, one of the Rito guards on Dragon Roost Island, wants to give to his girlfriend twenty Golden Feathers which, due to his working hours, he does not have the time to collect. Link receives an Orange Rupee and, later, a Piece of Heart by mail if he collects them for Hoskit. Golden Feathers can also be sold to Beedle for five Rupees apiece.

Medli expresses interest in receiving Golden Feathers, but is too focused on her duties to accept them during the course of the game's story.

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