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Golden Bugs are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Golden Bugs may be given to Princess Agitha, who resides in her "castle" in Hyrule Castle Town, in exchange for rewards such as Rupees and wallet upgrades.

There is one type of bug for each of the 12 major regions of Hyrule, and there are two versions of each bug (male and female), making for a total of 24. For the first bug of any sex given to Agitha, she will give Link a purple Rupee; when both sexes of a bug have been given to Agitha, she will give Link an orange Rupee. Although this system of payment ought to yield a total of 1,800 Rupees, only 1,650 Rupees may be earned because the final bug is rewarded with the Giant's Wallet instead of an orange Rupee. The Big Wallet is awarded for the first bug Link brings.

To retrieve Golden Bugs, patience and a sharp eye are needed. When Link is in the vicinity of a bug, a tell-tale sound reminiscent of a light bell is heard. Bugs are more easily seen at night, since their distinctive golden sheen renders them easily visible in darkness. Additionally, the senses of Wolf Link may be used to see them more clearly, as this mode of vision is similar to how an area appears at night. The Clawshot and Gale Boomerang may be used to bring a distant bug close to Link; indeed, some can only be retrieved in this fashion. Often, bugs of the same type share the same "habitat." Once the first bug in a set has been recovered, one can note the surroundings of where it was caught, as its mate is often found in an area with similar attributes.


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Name Location Agitha's quote
Ant Kakariko Graveyard (Male)
Kakariko Village (Female)
"Li'l ant, li'l ant, I might mistake you for a grain and put you in my cereal..."
Beetle Hyrule Field (Faron Province) "Li'l beetle, li'l beetle, I want to use that shiny shell as a pillow and fall asleep..."
Butterfly West of Castle Town "Li'l butterfly, li'l butterfly, I want to be wrapped up in that powder, too..."
Dayfly Gerudo Desert "Li'l dayfly, li'l dayfly, I want to take your colorful tail and make the loveliest braid ever..."
Dragonfly Zora's Domain (Male)
Zora's River (Female)
"Li'l dragonfly, li'l dragonfly, when you look at me with those great big eyes, I..."
Grasshopper North of Kakariko Village "Li'l grasshopper, li'l grasshopper, I'd love to tickle your belly all day long..."
Ladybug South of Castle Town "Li'l ladybug, li'l ladybug, if I was smaller, I would get on your back and we'd fly around..."
Mantis Great Bridge of Hylia "Li'l mantis, li'l mantis, if I had sickles like that, I could slice onions better..."
Phasmid Bridge of Eldin "Li'l phasmid, li'l phasmid, I want to tie your long antennae into bows..."
Pill Bug Kakariko Gorge "Li'l pill bug, li'l pill bug, I wish I was smaller so I could roll you around like a ball..."
Snail Sacred Grove (Male)
Temple of Time (Female)
"Li'l snail, li'l snail, just once I'd like to take a bath in that slime..."
Stag Beetle North of Castle Town "Li'l stag beetle, li'l stag beetle, your spiky pinchers are so sharp! They must feel so good..."

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Hyrule Warriors

Agitha summons Golden Bugs to attack enemies as part of her Parasol moveset. Unlike the Golden Bugs in Twilight Princess some of them are gigantic in size. The Golden Bugs Agitha summons include Golden Butterflies (both small and giant sized) and a Giant Golden Beetles.

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