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Golden Bugs are recurring Items and objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Golden Bugs glow and make a shimmering sound. They can be attracted with the Lantern. Some Golden Bugs are out of reach, so Link must use the Clawshot or Gale Boomerang to collect them. There are 12 types of Golden Bugs, including a male and female of each type, for a total of 24. Both male and female variations of a single Golden Bug can be found in the same general area.[2]

After giving Agitha the first Golden Bug, she will reward Link with the Big Wallet.[3] From then on, giving Agitha a Golden Bug will reward Link with a Purple Rupee (50). Giving her a pair of the same Golden Bug will reward him with an Orange Rupee (100).[4] Once Link gives a Golden Bug to Agitha, it will be marked on the collection screen with a butterfly. After giving all 24 Golden Bugs to Agitha, Link will be rewarded with the Giant Wallet.

In Twilight Princess HD, Agitha will also give Link a Miiverse Stamp of herself upon delivering half of the Golden Bugs.


Name Location
Ant Ant (M).png
Kakariko Village Graveyard
Ant (F).png
Kakariko Village
Mantis Mantis (M).png
Great Hylian Bridge
Mantis (F).png
Great Hylian Bridge
Butterfly TP Butterfly Male Icon.png
East of Hyrule Castle Town
TP Butterfly Female Icon.png
West of Hyrule Castle Town
Phasmid Phasmid (M).png
Bridge of Eldin
Phasmid (F).png
Bridge of Eldin
Dayfly Dayfly (M).png
Gerudo Desert
Dayfly (F).png
Gerudo Desert
Stag Beetle Stag Beetle (M).png
North of Hyrule Castle Town
Stag Beetle (F).png
North of Hyrule Castle Town
Ladybug Ladybug (M).png
South of Hyrule Castle Town
Ladybug (F).png
South of Hyrule Castle Town
Grasshopper Grasshopper (M).png
North of Kakariko Village
Grasshopper (F).png
North of Kakariko Village
Beetle Beetle (M).png
Hyrule Field (Faron Province)
Beetle (F).png
Hyrule Field (Faron Province)
Pill Bug Pill Bug (M).png
Kakariko Gorge
Pill Bug (F).png
Kakariko Gorge
Snail Snail (M).png
Sacred Grove
Snail (F).png
Temple of Time
Dragonfly Dragonfly (M).png
Zora's Domain
Dragonfly (F).png
Zora's River


After giving a Golden Bug to Agitha, she recites a verse about it.

  • Golden Ant: Li'l ant, li'l ant, I might mistake you for a grain and put you in my cereal...
  • Golden Mantis: Li'l mantis, li'l mantis, if I had sickles like that, I could slice onions better...
  • Golden Butterfly: Li'l butterfly, li'l butterfly, I want to be wrapped up in that powder, too...
  • Golden Phasmid: Li'l phasmid, li'l phasmid, I want to tie your long antennae into bows...
  • Golden Dayfly: Li'l dayfly, li'l dayfly, I want to take your colorful tail and make the loveliest braid ever...
  • Golden Stag Beetle: Li'l stag beetle, li'l stag beetle, your spiky pinchers are so sharp! They must feel so good...
  • Golden Ladybug: Li'l ladybug, li'l ladybug, if I was smaller, I would get on your back and we'd fly around...
  • Golden Grasshopper: Li'l grasshopper, li'l grasshopper, I'd love to tickle your belly all day long...
  • Golden Beetle: Li'l beetle, li'l beetle, I want to use that shiny shell as a pillow and fall asleep...
  • Golden Pill Bug: Li'l pill bug, li'l pill bug, I wish I was smaller so I could roll you around like a ball...
  • Golden Snail: Li'l snail, li'l snail, just once I'd like to take a bath in that slime...
  • Golden Dragonfly: Li'l dragonfly, li'l dragonfly, when you look at me with those great big eyes, I...

Non-Canon Appearancess

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Golden Bugs appear as part of Agitha's attacks. She can summon swarms of Golden Bugs as well as giant ones. She specifically uses female Golden Butterflies and male Golden Beetles for her insect related attacks.


  • After capturing a Golden Bug in Twilight Princess, it does not disappear; rather, another one takes its place even though Link can not bring back more than one, as it will be released after collecting it again. After Link releases a Golden Bug he already captured, it will release a Heart.
  • If Link has Golden Bugs in his possession that he has not given to Agitha and tries to leave her castle, she will angrily mutter to his back.[5]
  • The menu description for the male and female Golden Snails mention that possibility that they might actually be the opposite sex.[6] This is a reference to the fact that snails are actually hermaphrodites, so there are no male or female snails. In the French version of the game, the description refers to the snail as "A golden-bodied ♂♀ snail."


See here for the translations of each particular Golden Bug.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French-speaking countries French Insectes Dorés
Federal Republic of Germany German Goldinsekt
Italian Republic Italian Insetti dorati


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