Gohmas are mini-bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Two Gohmas appear as the mini-bosses of Catfish's Maw, the fifth dungeon. As is traditional for the species, Gohma's appearance is that of a large arachnid with one eye.


Link is outnumbered when he finds the Gohmas in the dungeon. Their eyes, their only vulnerable point, remain closed most of the time, leaving Link with only minute lapses of time in which he can damage them with projectile weapons. Immediately after they open their eyes, they fire projectiles at Link. The Hookshot is effective against the open eyes and can reduce the Gohmas' ability to attack. When a Gohma begins to shake, it will charge at Link.


Gohma Pair (Link's Awakening)

Gohma Pair (Link's Awakening)

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