"You have done well to find your way to this place. Oh chosen one... Accept this final challenge."
— Gohdan

Gohdan, the Great Arbiter, is the boss of the Tower of the Gods, the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a giant stone statue created by the gods of Hyrule for the purpose of guarding the Master Sword and is the final challenge of the Tower of the Gods. It is the only boss in The Wind Waker that is not evil or Link's enemy.

Gohdan consists of a floating stone head and two disembodied hands which hover around it. The head has a gold-colored crest and two piercing red eyes, in addition to a large nose and mouth. The hands each have one glowing green eye in the center of their palms. The entire head and hands are engulfed in pulsating blue energy. Gohdan is similar in appearance and fighting style to Mazaal and Bongo Bongo. Interestingly, it also bears resemblance to Andross and his robotic form from the Star Fox series. Its hands also strongly resembles Eyerok from the Mario series.

It is possible to obtain Gohdan's photo for the Nintendo Gallery sidequest after the boss has been defeated if Link takes a photo of his face that is embedded in the wall from which he appeared when Link fought him.


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The Tower of the Gods was created by the gods in order to test the courage of one who would seek the Master Sword. After Link triumphs over the trials of the tower and climbed to the top, the gods speak to him and ask him to accept one final ordeal, namely battling Gohdan. Because of this sacred role of the statue, it is given the title of "The Great Arbiter". Anyone who defeats Gohdan will be deemed worthy of wielding the powerful Master Sword. Although it cannot be confirmed, it seems likely that Link is Gohdan's first and only challenger. When Gohdan was made, it was created to challenge, not defeat, its opponent; it will actually sneeze more arrows or bombs onto the battlefield to aid its challenger, should its challenger run out of them.

Similarly, the boss itself is not meant to be destroyed, and when beaten it will simply retreat to its original position embedded in the chamber wall and become inanimate once again, possibly to wait for another challenger (of course this is only a conjecture; he may just stay inanimate). Once Link had reached this stage, the gods congratulate him and allow him access to the rooftop from whence he could travel to Old Hyrule and claim the Blade of Evil's Bane. Suspended on the wall, Gohdan sneezes out a final gift: a Heart Container (as is the custom of vanquished bosses in the series).

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Whether the boss has been imbued with artificial intelligence or whether it is controlled directly by the gods is unclear, but it attacks with surprising dexterity and agility despite its solid and unwieldy appearance. The floor beneath the platform on which the fight is happening is filled with electricity, which will damage Link. Gohdan attacks firstly with its hands, trying to sweep the challenger into the electrified gutter surrounding the arena. If Link falls into this trench he is shocked repeatedly and can struggle to clamber back onto the ledge of the combat zone. The Great Arbiter's hands also possess potent crushing attacks, attempting to either squash Link between them or smash him into the ground.

Link retaliates by firing two arrows into each hand's gleaming eye, briefly paralyzing them. This follows the trend of using the item obtained in a certain dungeon to defeat that dungeon's boss. After doing this, Link faces the head itself (although failing to attack it quickly can result in a revival of the hands). Link has to shoot two arrows into each eye of the statue to cause it to fall, briefly lifeless, to the ground. Link must then throw a bomb into its gaping mouth to remove a third of its health. This is repeated twice more before the statue is finally defeated.

Gohdan also has a rapid-fire, exploding fireball attack. When utilizing this skill, it will close its eyes, making it invulnerable, then tilt forwards, open its mouth, and launch a fearsome volley of blasts at Link, turning to follow him around the room if necessary. It is possible to fight from the doorway where Link enters, which makes him unable to be harmed, except by the fireball attack. Link will have to leave to throw a bomb.

Another ability Gohdan has is when it sneezes bombs or arrows. Not only is Gohdan helping Link, it is helping itself as well. When the statue drops bombs or arrows, it can revive its hands and its eyes that Link shot with arrows. Or Gohdan can revive its hands if Link does not attack quick enough.



Gohdan's name may be a shortening of the phrase "god hand".

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