"A wondrous stone said to have been dropped by the goddess herself. Finding one of these items is an extremely rare occurrence."
— In-game description

Goddess Plumes are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Rare, colorful stones said to originate with the goddess herself, Link can bring them to the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar in order to upgrade his equipment: the Quick Beetle into the Tough Beetle, the Iron Bow into the Sacred Bow, and a Medium Quiver into a Large Quiver. They may also be sold to Rupin on certain nights for 100 Rupees per Goddess Plume.

Goddess Plumes are described as being rare, yet have a multitude of sources. They show up sometimes in places that can otherwise contain an Amber Relic or Dusk Relic, but it is extremely rare for this to happen. They have a higher probability of appearing in Dungeons (replacing an Amber Relic) than in other areas. Others can be found in various chests throughout the game. Link can also obtain Goddess Plumes by purchasing them from the Moonlight Merchant for 200 Rupees, as a random prize in the Clean Cut mini-game by performing 28 or more slices, as a prize for either winning the Expert mode or getting all the Rupees on any difficulty in the Thrill Digger mini-game, or as a rare treasure obtained for defeating 6 or 10 bosses in Boss Rush in the Lightning Round offered by Lanayru after saving his life at Lanayru Gorge. In extremely rare cases, Keese may also drop this item.

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After Link learns Faron's part of the "Song of the Hero" and the Faron Woods is restored to normal, he can seek out the Kikwi Erla, who has camouflaged himself. If he finds Erla, he will provide him with one Goddess Plume while stating "It's a secret to everbody"; this process can be repeated indefinitely.

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