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Goddess Cube
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Goddess Cubes are ornate metallic cubes scattered across the Surface in Skyward Sword.[1] Each cube, bearing the Goddess Crest, is the key to a specific one of the chests that the goddess Hylia left throughout The Sky.[1]


In the Deep Woods, a Goron traveler named Gorko tells Link that he is researching about mysterious metallic cubes, which ancient texts say was left for the Goddess's Hero in order to aid him in his quest, able to be unlocked using a Skyward Strike.[2][3] When Link uses the Skyward Strike on a Goddess Cube, it will transform into light and shoot into the sky.[4]

These beams unlock Goddess Cube Chests scattered throughout the sky, which often contain treasures more valuable than those in regular chests, such as Pieces of Heart, Gold Rupees and Medals. Activated chests appear light purple in color; however, chests that are not activated appear dark gray in color and cannot be opened. Once Link returns to The Sky after activating a Goddess Cube, Fi will inform Link that she can detect an energy reaction given off by chests in the sky and will mark the locations of activated chests on his map.[5]


Below is a list of Goddess Cube locations, as well as their corresponding Goddess's Treasure Chests. The order is based on order of availability of the Goddess Cubes rather than chronological place appearance. However, some Goddess's Treasure Chests are unobtainable until venturing further in the game, despite the availability of the Goddess Cubes.

Goddess Cube Locations
Number Region Location Chest Activated Reward
#1 Deep Woods Near the entrance to the Skyview Temple Pumpkin Landing Adventure Pouch
#2 Deep Woods Near the entrance to the Skyview Temple Minor island south of Skyloft Piece of Heart
#3 Skyview Spring Behind the statue Pumpkin Landing (on top of the verandah) Gold Rupee
#4 Eldin Volcano Near the Bird Statue at the Volcano Entry Minor island northwest of Fun Fun Island Small Seed Satchel
#5 Eldin Volcano Near the Bird Statue at Volcano East Minor island northwest of Beedle's Island Silver Rupee
#6 Eldin Volcano On one of the spires at the entrance to
the underground Bokoblin settlement
Isle of Songs Gold Rupee
#7 Eldin Volcano Near the entrance to the Earth Temple Bamboo Island Gold Rupee
#8 Eldin Volcano Near the Bokoblin settlement next to
the Earth Temple
Minor island southeast of Beedle's Island Treasure Medal
#9 Eldin Volcano On the downward slope near the
entrance to the Volcano Summit
In a small shed west of Kukiel's house in Skyloft Piece of Heart
#10 Lanayru Mine Starting point of the mine Minor island southeast of Beedle's Island,
behind a bombable wall
Silver Rupee
#11 Lanayru Desert Southwest region of Lanayru Desert Minor island south of Skyloft, on the outside ledge Heart Medal
#12 Lanayru Desert Outside the Temple of Time Beedle's Island Piece of Heart
#13 Faron Woods West side of the Great Tree Skyloft, south of Knight Academy Silver Rupee
#14 Faron Woods Southeast side of the Great Tree Minor island south of Skyloft, inside the crater Piece of Heart
#15 Faron Woods East side of the Great Tree Minor island northeast of the Isle of Songs Rupee Medal
#16 Lake Floria Near the bird statue Skyloft, island in northeast Gold Rupee
#17 Lanayru Desert Northeast section of Lanayru Desert Minor island west of Beedle's Island, underwater Heart Medal
#18 Lanayru Desert Southwest of Lanayru Mining Facility Minor island northwest of Fun Fun Island Life Medal
#19 Lanayru Sand Sea North portion of entrance port Skyloft, behind Gondo's Scrap Shop Gold Rupee
#20 Lanayru Sand Sea Skipper's Retreat, pillar on left Minor island northwest of Fun Fun Island Potion Medal
#21 Lanayru Sand Sea Pirate Stronghold, above door Skyloft, Waterfall Island Piece of Heart
#22 Deep Woods Above Skyview Temple Beedle's Island (preferably night) Rupee Medal
#23 Lake Floria Outside the entrance to the Ancient Cistern Fun Fun Island, underneath Gold Rupee
#24 Volcano Summit Waterfall area of Volcano Summit Southwest section of Bug Island Piece of Heart
#25 Volcano Summit Outside the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary Isle of Songs (on top) Small Bomb Bag
#26 Volcano Summit Southeast platform, close to Eldin's lair Minor island southwest of the Isle of Songs Empty Bottle
#27 Lanayru Gorge Near the Life Tree Minor island southwest of the Isle of Songs Small Quiver


  • According to Gorko, both the Goddess Cubes and the Goddess Cube Chests are made out of an unknown metal.[6]
  • These Goddess Cubes are similar to the Time Blocks found in Ocarina of Time, considering that they are helpful to Link throughout his journey.
  • The Goddess Cubes are some of the only bump-mapped objects in The Legend of Zelda series, along with Medli's Harp and the Mirror Shield from The Wind Waker.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 女神キューブ Goddess Cube
Canada FrenchCA Cubes de la Déesse Cubes of the Goddess
Federal Republic of Germany German Artefakt der Göttin Artifact of the Goddess
Italian Republic Italian Esaedro della Dea
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Cubos divinos Divine Cubes


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