"Sorry to ask, bud, but how's about you an' Epona herd 'em into the barn real quick?"

Goat Herding is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It can be participated in at Ordon Ranch to help Fado.

While riding Epona, Link must chase after the many Ordon Goats scattered around the ranch and run them to the barn. To do this, he must gallop behind them and direct them to the barn's entrance. He can also whoop to them to make them run faster. If Link whoops to the goats more than four times, the goat will chase him and Epona and knock Link off. When a goat gets close, it will automatically enter the barn. If Link can herd all of the goats before time expires, he will pass the mini-game.

Goat Herding must be completed twice in Link's adventure. After this, however, it is open as an optional mini-game. At this point, Link can participate to win a Piece of Heart. Once this prize is won, he can return to participate in the mini-game once a day, though he will not get anything but a thank-you from Fado.

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