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Glutko (pronounced /ˈɡlʌtkoʊ/ GLUT-koh)[1] is a location in The Faces of Evil. It is unlocked after completing Militron.

Features and Overview

Glutko is the name of the area that surrounds Glutko's Face of Evil. It is located in the southwest of Koridai, represented by a mountain peak carved in the resemblance of Glutko's likeness. The mountain is a dormant volcano, and features a waterfall that flows from the summit to the entrance of Goronu below. It has the likeness of a single eye in resemblance to Glutko's, and is referred to as the "Eye of Glutko".[1] The mountain side is likewise referred to as the "Side of Glutko".[2] It is through the Eye of Glutko that the Shrine of Koridai is found on the summit, which shrines the Book of Koridai.

Link enters the area from the top of a tower guarded by Fire Stalfos and Ghinis. At the bottom of this tower is a broken grate, leading to the mountain pass with a rickety bridge crossing the gap. Beneath the bridge are a group of Dodongos and a single Moblin Spearthrower guarding a Key. A Bomb-able wall at the end of the bridge barricades the mountain base ahead. Beside the mountain's teeth is a locked door that leads to a cavern where Droolik is living. He gives Link a hint of how to defeat Glutko. An entrance to the left leads further inside the Face of Glutko.

Inside the volcanic cavern, Link meets Gwonam, who informs him that the Shrine of Koridai lies through the mountain's Eye. He also reveals that Glutko has been eating the islanders alive. Link enters an opening above them, and confronts Glutko in the next room. He is defeated after Link throws a Bomb down his gullet. A tunnel leads to the mountain's Eye, which is blocked by a boulder that is destroyed with either 10 Bombs or the Power Glove. The eye exits outside to the mountain's waterfall. Spearfish continuously jump from the falls to attack Link. Beyond the waterfall is the summit where the Shrine of Koridai lies, as well as a bottle of Water of Life. Link can repeatedly use the Water of Life to recover his health and to refill his Canteen if he owns one.

At the end of the stage is the Shrine of Koridai. There Link encounters Glutko again, who is guarding the Shrine's Book of Koridai. After Link defeats him again, the Book is dropped. A Triforce Map exiting the stage then appears.

Minor Enemies and Traps



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