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TOTK Phantom Ganon

Gloom Spawn (commonly known as Gloom Hands) are a type of enemy in Tears of the Kingdom.


Gloom Spawn seem to be monsters composed entirely of Gloom. They resemble large, corpse-like clawed hands, each one with a malice-looking eye on the palm. If Link is within a certain radius, they suddenly spawn out of pools of concentrated Gloom, and will target Link on sight, relentlessly chasing him out of their territory if they do not catch him first. They will attack Link even if he's wearing the Majora's Mask.

Gloom Spawn are fast, dangerous and can swarm the player very easily. If Link is on the surface when they appear, the sky will turn dark red similar to during a Blood Moon. They cannot be outrun on foot; however, they can be avoided by climbing a vertical wall or pillar as they cannot climb. If they are avoided for long enough, they will leave behind two to three Dark Clumps. When a group of Gloom Spawn is defeated, a Phantom Ganon will appear on the spot where the last Gloom spawn died.

Gloom Spawn move very quickly towards the player and will attack by picking Link up and squeezing him. This deals Gloom Damage, meaning it cannot be healed normally. Gloom Spawn also expand the Gloom they appeared from, with an area of Gloom following the Spawn around so that they always are sprouting from it.

Gloom Spawn can regenerate if there are any remaining in the group. They can also teleport (similarity to Lynels when out of bounds).

One group of Gloom Spawn is responsible for corrupting the Great Deku Tree and the Korok Forest around him. Many others appear from various masses of Gloom throughout the Surface and the Depths.




  • Davdi Island
  • Eldin Dark Skeleton
  • Gerudo Dark Skeleton
  • Gloom’s Approach
  • Hebra Dark Skeleton
  • Korok Grove


  • Gloom Spawn and Phantom Ganon are unable to hear sounds. If Link remains out of sight and they lose track of him, sprinting and whistling will not catch their attention.
  • Gloom Spawn bear a significant resemblance to Floormasters from The Wind Waker. However, Floormasters do not possess eyes on their palms.
  • Gloom Spawn cannot be added to the Hyrule Compendium. However, if the Sheikah Sensor is set to track Phantom Ganon, it will react to Gloom Spawn.
  • Gloom Spawn can be flurry rushed. However, they cannot be parried.



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