"Glittering Spores cause something to happen when they are thrown on bugs or monsters. They can be collected from sparkly mushrooms."
Gossip Stone

Glittering Spores are a bottled item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are obtained by slashing large glittering mushrooms and scooping the spores which are produced into an empty bottle. Each bottle holds five uses, each of which will produce a large, sparkling cloud that persists for some time. Glittering Spores have varying effects when sprinkled on different objects. They will attract and stun most types of bugs, and can also stun many enemies including Remlits. When sprinkled on Rupees, they will change their value, or change them to Rupoors, and vice versa. Hearts will transform into Fairies when exposed to Glittering Spores. They will make Gossip Stones shrink away and disappear, only to be replaced by another identical stone shortly after.

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