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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in The Wind Waker. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Sailing Music on Windfall Island

  • Effect: The Sailing theme will play in Windfall Island
  • Prerequisites: Ability to play Song of Passing, access to Zunari's Shop after expansion
  • How To: In Zunari's Shop on Windfall Island, there are rugs where the shop is (once it has been expanded at least once). Play the Song of Passing on one of the rugs and the music will then change to the Sailing theme when it becomes morning. It must be night time first, and then switched to daytime in order for it to work.

No Music on Windfall Island

  • Effect: Wander around the island with no music.
  • How to: Just as the time is about to become day, warp from Dragon Roost Island to Windfall Island, and hop off the King of Red Lions and swim to the island. If done correctly, you will not hear any music (but will still hear waves), however, you can still wander around the island. This glitch can be fixed by jumping off the end of the island with the tombstone on it.

Unlimited Elixir Soup

  • Effect: Never run out of Elixir Soup
  • Prerequisites: A bottle of Elixir Soup, empty bottle (optional)
  • How To: Equip some Elixir Soup, then press the button you assigned it to and the start button at the same time. Then, on the items screen, swap the bottle of Elixir Soup with an empty bottle or another item. Link will drink the Elixir Soup. If you press start, the original Elixir Soup will still be there. If you switched it out with an empty bottle, it will become a half of Elixir Soup. This can be repeated with the other bottles.

Shooting The King of Red Lions for Rupees

  • Prerequisites: Access to the Cannon mini-game on Spectacle Island
  • How To: In this glitch you will need to go to Spectacle Island, and dock your boat where you would fire in the Cannon mini-game. Start the barrel minigame and aim for the King of Red Lions. When hit, the King of Red Lions won't blow up, but the shot still counts as a point, thus making it easier to acquire prizes.

Sail Faster than Normal

  • Effect: Sail much faster than normal.
  • Prerequisites: The Sail.
  • How to: Quickly pull out the sail and put it away repeatedly. You will get a speed boost every time your sail is pulled out, meaning you can potentially sail faster than normal.
  • Note: If you throw your Boomerang and perform this glitch, you can outrun it, something normally not possible by any other means.

Seahat Glitch

  • Effect: Freeze a Seahat, and make it move in the direction you are.
  • Prerequisites: Boomerang, access to an island with Seahats
  • How To: Go to an island where Seahats live, like Horseshoe Island. Lure one to hover above the ground, then throw the Boomerang at it. If done correctly, when its propeller drops off, and lands on ground, it will become frozen. If Link walks near it, it will move in the direction he is walking.

Make the Killer Bees Disappear

  • Effect: Make the Killer Bees vanish
  • How to: Go to where the Killer Bees are and when they start circling you, lure them over the staircase beside Linda. Pick one out and walk into him to push him down the walkway toward town, but make sure he's slammed against the staircase wall. Get him about one third of the way down, at least past the leaves hanging over the wall from under the staircase. Talking to them occasionally can help, as they usually pause a few seconds after you talk to them. If done correctly, once you run back up the path, the Killer Bee member should start running into the wall toward the direction of the rest of the Bees, and disappear into the wall! You can repeat this process for all of the Bees.

Windmill Clip

  • Effect: Get crushed by a cart
  • Prerequisites: Song of Passing, access to the Windmill on Windfall Island after it has activated
  • How To: Once you have learned the Song of Passing and activated the Windmill on Windfall Island, jump into one of the Windmill carts. Wait until you're at the bottom of the rotation, then stand on the very edge of the cart, either the left or right side. Now play the Song of Passing, you should see Link fall inside a cart and get crushed if done correctly.

Pigs Swim on Land

  • Effect: Pig on Windfall Island will have ripples around it, as if swimming, on land
  • Prerequisites: Three Skull necklaces (to play the Pig-Sitting game), access to Windfall Island
  • How To: On Windfall Island, find all three pigs and throw them into the ocean. Then, hand three skull necklaces to the guy by the bomb shop, and he'll ask if you want to play the Pig-Sitting game. Choose yes, and when you go to the pig on the upper level (by Tott and the gravestone) it will have ripples around it as if it's swimming, but on land. The other pigs will not run away from you, but glide over the ground slowly.

Pig Floating Away Upon Expiry of Forest Water

  • Effect: Causes the giant pig to slowly float away upon the expiry of Bottled Forest Water.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Forest Water.
  • How to: Get Forest Water from Forest Haven and warp back to Outset Island and pick up the giant pig. Carry it anywhere (preferably the wooden bridge connecting both beaches) and wait for your Forest Water to expire. You will then get the message that your Forest Water has expired. Not only that; the giant pig will begin slowly floating away from you and eventually disappear. To fix this, close the message to make the pig reappear on top of you.

Molgera Quick Kill

  • Effect: Skip the 3rd and 4th phase of Molgera's battle
  • How To: During Molgera's battle when he starts to fly around the room, ready the Hookshot and fire it into his open maw when he gets close. When Molgera loses his tail and becomes stuck with his weak point exposed, attack. He will disappear a few seconds later only to restart his flying attack. Do this twice to finish him off without ever going through his 3rd or 4th phase.

Sliding Skulls

  • Effect: Skulls sliding along the floor on their own
  • Prerequisites: Deku Leaf, be in the Earth Temple boss room
  • How To: Go inside the boss room and blow the skulls on the floor with the deku leaf, when they stop bouncing some of them may slide across the floor in the direction you blew them.

Fly a Seagull Inside Outset Island

  • Effect: Fly a seagull inside of Outset Island
  • Prerequisites: Hyoi Pear, Stone head covering the Savage Labyrinth removed
  • How To: Use the Hyoi Pear in any location where a seagull will take it. Once you have control of the seagull, fly up to where the entrance to the Savage Labyrinth is located. Aim the seagull straight for the hole. If the seagull goes in and gets stuck keep flying down and eventually the seagull will go through.

In order to get into the second half of the island, fly the seagull towards the section of wall below where the bridge used to be and look for a spot where two surfaces meet at a slight angle. Fly the seagull against this spot and be persistent, and eventually the seagull will slip through.

Pig Clipping Inside Outset Island

  • Effect: Make the large pig fall inside of Outset Island
  • Prerequisites: Large Pig, Iron Boots, Power Bracelets
  • How To: Pick up the giant pig and carry him all the way to where the rope bridge used to be. Once you arrive at the spot, equip the Iron Boots and walk off of the ledge where the bridge used to be, still carrying the pig. If done correctly, the pig should fall through the ground and you should be able to hear the pig swimming in the water. If you perform the seagull inside of the island glitch listed above, you can see the pig trapped inside of the island.

Clipping Through Rock

  • Effect: Go through a rock
  • Prerequisites: Power Bracelets, Song of Passing
  • How To: Go to any island with a big rock, such as Star Island. Pick up the big rock then throw it. Stand where the rock was and play the Song of Passing. There should be a rock where Link was. Move Link and he should go right out of the rock.

Clip through Windfall Island

  • How to: Go to the entrance stairs of the Game Room and stand on the bottom stair, face the part where the stairs end, and press B to slash. Then move slowly back to the bottom stair and face the same way that you were facing before and slowly walk away (slash if you need to). If done right, you will fall through the island. You can get out by swimming toward the shore of the island.

Walk in Hyrule Field

Go to the path to Ganon's Tower and then to the place where you have to Hookshot to get across the pit. Stand under the first archway, then aim at the middle of it and shoot. If done right, you will clip on top of the target. Now jump off and use your Deku Leaf to fly around the wall.

Easier Way To Gain Access To Hyrule Field

  • Effect: Access to Hyrule Field.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to the path to Ganon's Tower
  • How To: Get to the path to Ganon's Tower and kill all the enemies because they can get in the way later. Then lure a Moblin over to you. Shoot him with an Ice Arrow and freeze him. Stand behind him and get ready to lift him. Wait until he thaws. Now, wait two seconds, lunge into him right as he is picking up his spear and lift him. You'll begin sliding quickly. Get near a small ledge, walk up the Hyrule Castle steps and back really fast so when you leave them at a good speed, you will automatically jump over the wall.

Use Bombs Anywhere

  • Effect: Be able to use Bombs anywhere that you can use your Tingle Tuner.
  • How To: Equip your Tingle Tuner to any button and then activate it and press 'start' at the same exact time. Now equip your Bombs to the same button as your Tingle Tuner and exit the start menu. You will get the message that you can't call Tingle right now but you will be holding a bomb. Skip the text and now you can throw/drop the bomb.

Secret Pigs

Finding the hidden pigs
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Use Bombs Anywhere Glitch and access to the Windfall Island Bomb Shop.
  • How To: Go into the Windfall Island Bomb Shop and use the glitch. Then throw the Bomb so it goes over the store shelf and goes to the barrels in the back of the store. If done right, the Bomb will explode and break the barrels in the back and pigs will come out.
  • Note: You have to throw the bomb over the shelf or else the bomb will bounce back at you.
  • Note: If you return to the Bomb Shop directly after obtaining the Bombs from Tetra's Ship, the owner will still be bound and gagged in the corner. This allows you move behind the counter and bomb the barrels directly.

Stuck in a Hole

  • Effect: Get stuck in the hole you enter to get the Picto Box on Windfall Island.
  • How To: Go into the cell where Tingle was imprisoned in and move the box in the back so that you can get into the hole in the back of the room. When you move it though, don't move it all of the way (make sure that some of the box is still covering the hole). Now go into the hole and then try and go out the same way you came in. If done correctly, you won't be able to exit through that way.
  • Note: To get out of the hole, go to a turn where a Rat is and it will put you at the entrance of Windfall Island.

Stuck on Ice Ring Isle's Slide

  • Effect: Link will get stuck on the slide and will constantly spin around.
  • How To: Go to the Ice Ring Isle and slay all the Keese, (to prevent them from messing up the glitch) and climb up to the giant ice slide. Stand at the very edge and equip the Iron Boots, then jump onto the slide (aim for the center). If done right Link will start spinning around on the slide and not be able to move or take off the boots. To end the glitch access the item page and equip another item to where the Iron Boots are.

Makar Clips Through Block

  • Effect: Squishes Makar into a wall.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Wind Temple
  • How to: In the room with spikes on the floor below, bring Makar into the room below. push the blocks in the room together until they are half a block away. Put Makar in between the two. Push the blocks together, Makar will be squished in between them. (If you choose to play as Makar with the Command Melody, you can walk out of the blocks.)

Dry Storage

  • Effect: The next cutscene played will be stored in memory.
  • Prerequisites: The Wind Waker, A ledge or other spot that the glitch can be performed on.
  • How To: The rock near the dock, next to the Postbox on Windfall Island is being used as an example. To start: Take out the Wind Waker, then cancel it, to get it in Link's hands. Climb up the rock, towards where the three edges meet. As you finish the climb, then press the button with the Wind Waker. If done right you will fall down while still conducting. You will then need to cancel the conducting exactly 3 frames (1/10th of a second) before Link hits the ground. The camera should then be free, with Link holding the Wind Waker out. Cancel it again to activate Storage.


  • Effect: Link will be able to swim at ludicrous speeds.
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of Storage, A body of water.
  • How To: Achieve Storage, using the method shown above. Take out the Wind Waker near a body of water. The camera will lock in the position it should, but you should still have full control of Link. Walk into a body of water, then hold the Control Stick Up. Link should start spinning rapidly. Do this for as long as you please, then release the control stick. Link should shoot backwards, with how far he travels dependent on how long the swim was charged. This can be used to do anything from getting Bombs early, to traveling from island to island in mere seconds.

Enter Zunari's Stall During the Day

  • Effect: Link will appear in Zunari's stall alongside Zunari.
  • Prerequisites: Deku Leaf, Song of Passing
  • How To: After nightfall, use the Deku Leaf to reach the canopy above Zunari's stall, then conduct the Song of Passing. Once morning comes, Link will drop through the canopy and into the stall below.
  • Note: In order to keep Zunari from shooing Link out of the stall, the song must be conducted whilst standing above either of the two counters lining the aisle where he stands. When Link falls through, he will phase through the counter and will be able to move past Zunari in the direction of his safe, placing the shopkeeper in between Link and the stall's entryway. If spoken to, Zunari will tell Link to move away from the stall and walk in the direction of the entrance, as though he were pushing Link in that direction. Link will remain in the stall when this happens so long as he is on Zunari's opposite side.

Ghost Ship Freeze

Roll Clipping

  • Effect: Prerequisite to many glitches, clips Link into a wall.
  • Prerequisites: Requires a ledge and the ability to roll into it.
  • How To: Grab a ledge adjacent to the wall you want to clip into, and get as close to the wall as possible. Have Link climb onto the ledge. On the first frame you have control, flick the control stick to have Link face the wall, then immediately roll, letting the control stick go neutral after you begin rolling. Link should now be inside the wall.

Zombie Hover

  • Effect: Hover despite having no health left.
  • Prerequisites: Access to a Bomb Flower.
  • How to: Damage yourself until only a quarter Heart of your health is left, and then go to a Bomb Flower. From there, slash at the Bomb Flower and let it explode and hurt you (be sure you are at a spot where you have a place to land on afterwards, preferably flat land). As Link is about to get back up, hold L and begin mashing A and B at the same time. Link should slowly begin rising up from the ground. When Link is high enough, stop holding L but continue mashing B to get higher.
  • Note: Once Link touches the ground, he will have perished, so it may be a good idea to save your game before trying this.

Survive a Zombie Hover

  • Effect: Survive a Zombie Hover when you would usually die after one.
  • Prerequisites: A bunch. Here they are as follows:

Connecting to the Tingle Tuner with a Game Boy Advance, perform the "Zombie Hover" glitch, and 20-80 Rupees minimum to cover the cost of any Tings

  • How to: Connect your GBA to your GameCube console and contact Tingle using the Tingle Tuner. Once the Tingle Tuner console opens, set a Red Ting to the GBA's B button. From there, perform a Zombie Hover as described above and press the B button on your GBA. Keep hovering until the Red Ting heals you.
  • Note: You can also use the Blue Ting for this glitch but it takes a while longer to heal you.

Skip Most of Dragon Roost Cavern

  • Effect: Skip most of the dungeon.
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of the "Survive a Zombie Hover" glitch.
  • How to: Begin by performing the "Survive a Zombie Hover" glitch. Once you have done this, cross over the bridge to the platform with the Bomb Flowers and slash the one facing south on the mini map and begin hovering (holding L, mashing A and B) once you have got control of Link. Once you have got decent air, stop holding L and continue mashing B until you reach a platform on the next floor (you will know when the mini map changes to this floor). As you near the platform, press the B button on your GBA and, once healed, Link should jump slash onto the platform. If done correctly, you will have skipped most of the dungeon and can now proceed.

Occlusion Oversight

  • Effect: Exposes visual programming function
  • Prerequisites: Nintendo Gallery access, Puppet Ganon figure complete.
  • How to: With the Puppet Ganon figurine, there is a bit of a visual glitch with the strings holding the puppet up going into the ceiling: if looked at near the top, the game's occlusion program makes the statue —and the strings— disappear. This is due to the figure's placement 'physically existing' outside of Link's point of view, thus the GameCube will no longer render it to save system resources. This is fixed in the HD re-release.

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