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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in The Minish Cap. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Palette Glitch

  • Effect: Link's palette changes to incorrect colors.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to Mama's Cafe, at least one bottle, and at least one charm from Din, Nayru, and Farore.
  • How To: First off, visit Mama's Cafe, then use any of the charms. The charm will turn Link's tunic orange, his skin gray and his eyes an orange-red color.
  • Notes: This glitch will only stay in effect while in Mama's Cafe. It will not take effect if the charm is already active when you enter the Cafe.

Ocarina Glitch

  • Effect: Walk on walls and visit any room on that current floor.
  • Prerequisites: Ocarina.
  • How To: Equip the Ocarina to the A button and stand in front of a stairway. Press up and A at the same time, then Link should fall downwards, hover upwards, then be able to walk on the walls. This means you can go to any room on that floor,
  • Notes: Link can not go through doors, so therefore, Link can not defeat the boss. This glitch is very hard to do and may take a few tries

Wall Glitch

  • Effect: Make the bombable wall sound vanish.
  • Prerequisites: Bombs
  • How To: Enter the right room of Link's house, where Smith is located. Part of the bottom wall, when hit with your sword, makes the sound that indicates it can be destroyed with a bomb. Put a bomb next to it and let it blow up. Nothing visible will happen, but the wall will no longer make the destroyable sound. Link can now also push the wall, but it doesn't do anything.
  • Notes: When Link leaves the house then reenters, the wall will again sound like it can be destroyed with a bomb.

Right-Handed Link

  • Effect: Change the hand Link holds items with.

    Charging a normal Spin Attack (left); charging a flipped Spin Attack (right).

  • Prerequisites: A hole.
  • How To: Go to any hole that Link can use the Cane of Pacci on. Drop into the hole and hold down and left buttons. When Link hops out, he will be flipped, meaning the items he held in his left hand is now in his right and vice versa.
  • Notes: The glitch will be canceled if Link moves in any direction when not using Spin Attack or Bow.

Buy Invisible Smith's Sword

  • Effect: When attempting to buy an item from Stockwell's shop, Link will put the item back to the counter and buy it at the same time, causing him to buy an invisible Smith's Sword. This has no effect on your inventory or anything else in the game and can be done repeatedly.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Stockwell's Shop. Playing on the European version.
  • How To: Grab any item from Stockwell's shop and bring it to the counter. When you're about to talk to Stockwell, press A and B at the same time. If done with perfect timing, Link will put the item back on its shelf, but will still be trying to hold a nonexistent item above his head. When you buy it, Link will be holding nothing above his head and the text will read "You got the Smith's Sword! It's a sharp blade made by your grandfather.". This will work regardless of whether you have enough Rupees or not to buy the item.

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