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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Spirit Tracks. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Beedle's Glitchy Shop

  • Effect: Screen doesn't fade correctly. Spirit Train turns into different colors.
  • Prerequisites: Spirit Train and Beedle's Hot Air Balloon.
  • How To: Stop into Beedle's Shop, then exit, and then on the route select map right after you exit, hit the back arrow. The screen will get black and it will show a small bit of the Spirit Train which will glitch and turn colors. Then you will enter the Beedle's shop again.
  • Notes: This only happens with Beedle's Hot Air Balloon and happens for about three seconds. Nothing is damaged, but it doesn't always work.

The Bow Glitch

  • Effect: Make the picture of your first bow appear when you equip the Bow of Light.
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Sand Temple before retrieving the Bow of Light.
  • How To: Before opening the chest containing the Bow of Light, equip your bow so you can use it, and then open the chest. Once you do, get in firing position with your new bow, and the item picture displayed onscreen will be the sprite of the original bow.
  • Notes: You can do this as many times as you like, until you change items. Once you change items, the glitch is over and you can't do it again unless you either reset the game without saving, or make a new game and play up to that point.

The Moving Chest

  • Effect: Make the treasure chest that appears when you play the Song of Discovery in Anouki Village move one space to the right.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Anouki Village before learning the Song of Discovery.
  • How To: Go to Anouki Village and learn the Song of Discovery. Once you do, go into the Chief's house and back out. The chest will have moved one space to the right.
  • Notes: It is impossible to move the chest back, unless you reset your game.

Quick Shield Change

  • Effect: Change your regular shield to the Shield of Antiquity without having to go to Niko's house.
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Shield of Antiquity, regular shield, and access to Goron Village and the path leading to the Fire Sanctuary.
  • How To: Go to the tunnel to the Fire Sanctuary while in possession of a shield, and go over to the eastern side with the Like Likes inside the pots. Let one suck you up so you lose your shield. Then, go to the Goron Shop outside of the tunnel, and buy a new shield. The shield you just bought will appear to be a regular shield when you buy it, but it will be the Shield of Antiquity when you wear it.
  • Notes: This glitch has only been tested while in Goron Village, and if you go to Niko's house, you can change back into the regular shield.

Lava Hopping

  • Effect: Makes you hop on lava without getting hurt.
  • Prerequisites: Access to any part of the Tower of Spirits with lava in it that you can jump in off of a platform, with Zelda as a Phantom.
  • How To: Go to any area with lava and Zelda as a Phantom, and let Zelda push you into the lava, but right before you fall in, push down on either the D-pad or the B button, so your map comes out. It may take a few tries, but eventually, you will be in the lava with your map out, jumping up and down.
  • Notes: To stop this glitch, you must put your map away.

Hearts Mix-Up

The aftermath of the heart glitch.

  • Effect: Causes some of the hearts in the HUD to not fill up in order.
  • Prerequisites: At least 1/2 of a heart left, a red potion, and an available heart right next to you.
  • How To: Drink your red potion with the little remaining hearts you have left, and right as it starts to fill your hearts up, run and obtain the recovery heart next to you. The hearts will fill up incorrectly, skipping and having empty hearts in wrong places.

This happens because when the hearts are filling up, the game has a set number of hearts to fill, but when Link picks up a recovery heart, the number is changed and the game makes a miscalculation, causing the number of hearts to overflow and displaying link's health incorrectly.

  • Notes: If you are hurt or leave an area, your hearts will go back to normal.

Note: This glitch may crash your game, so perform it it at your own risk!


  • Effect: Makes you float.
  • Prerequisites: Access to either the Sand Temple, or Snowdrift Station.
  • How To:

Sand Temple: Go to the area where you got the hint, "Between one and three... is where... the key...hides..." and make a sand wall like you were going to go into the small area where the note is. Walk very slowly onto the wall that separates you from the note area, and you will be floating over the wall.

Snowdrift Station: Go up the first flight of stairs and then go south. Once you come up to a fence that is on a lower level than you, begin to walk onto it, and it will appear that you are floating.

  • Notes: This glitch has no effect on your game and can easily stop once you step down from the wall.

Infinite Arrow Orb Glitch

  • Effect: Makes an arrow flash and bounce between 2 orbs.
  • Prerequisites: Access to a room with 2 arrow orbs, presumably the 20th floor of the Tower of Spirits, or the B2 floor of the Fire Temple, Bow and Arrow.
  • How To: Put the 2 orbs into each other, (yes it's possible, even though a few times they may hop out of each other) and shoot an arrow into one of them. They will begin to flash and the arrow will continue to fly in between both of them.
  • Notes: To stop this, you must hit the orbs, shoot in another arrow or pick one up.

Stone Cucco Curse Glitch

  • Effect: Turns your cage into a stone and your cuccos turn blue-gray with red eyes.
  • Prerequistes: Exactly one Cucco in your Freight Car and access to the Sand Realm. Activated the Warp Gate near the Sand Temple.
  • How To: Use the Warp Gate on the far end of the Sand Realm, near the Sand Temple.
  • Notes This will not go away unless you use tracks to directly switch realms. Strangely, it remains when you use Warp Gates.

Spinning thorn

  • Effect: Makes a thorn spin randomly in a wall.
  • Prerequisites: Access to any of the thorn trees in the Whip Race.
  • How To: Grab one of the thorns in the thorn tree and throw it towards the wall. If done correctly the Thorn should get stuck in the wall and spin while moving forwards before breaking.
  • Notes: This does nothing to your game.

Fall into propeller holder

  • Effect: Fall into and be captured in a propeller holder.
  • Prerequisites: Have Whip, Be in Ocean Temple, Phytops beaten.
  • How To: Go to the boss room of the Ocean Temple after beating Phytops. Climb to the ledge below the top and grab a propeller. Now wait until you are almost to the edge of the platform where you fought Phytops and let go. If done right, you should fall into the holder. The propeller will respawn and you will be captured.
  • Notes: You can escape the trap by simply walking forward, therefore this glitch does nothing to your game.

Glitched Russell

  • Effect: Prevents access to Russell's Heart Container.
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Sword Training minigame in Hyrule Castle's training room.
  • How To: Score at least 900 hits against the three guards before acquiring the Heart Container. Russell will behave as though you have already received it and only give away treasure from that point onward.
  • Note: Saving after activating this glitch will prevent 100% completion on that save file!

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