Glitches in Phantom Hourglass

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Phantom Hourglass. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Freezing Glitch

  • Effect: Make two scripts collide and freeze the game
  • Prerequisites: Before you face Jolene for the last time
  • How To: First you need to let Jolene find you. When she does, sail over to a Golden Frog. When she is on the edge of Link's sights, shoot the frog. By the time your artillery makes contact with the animal, Jolene will have seen you. These two events will be activated at the same time and the scripts will collide, freezing your game.
  • Notes: To fix this, shut off the game. You'll be back where you were the last time you saved the game.

Go past load zone glitch

  • Effect: Jump over doors
  • Prerequisites: Be at an area where there are two signs near a door entrance (must be top of screen) such as the first room in the Pyramid in the north-east of the Isle of the Dead or Mutoh's Temple
  • How To: Go in front of the signs slightly so that they are behind you, then use the grappling hook to attach the two signs together. Now perform the slingshot move, by pushing against the rope so it launches you forward, and you will get past the load zone of the other area.
  • Notes: None

Cucco Glitch

  • Effect: Freeze Grappling Hook in mid-air
  • Prerequisites: Be at any island with a Cucco on it, Bombs, Grappling Hook
  • How To: Grab a cucco and trap it in a corner. Hit it until one more hit will make it attack you. Drop a Bomb next to it, and just as it's about to explode, throw the Grappling Hook at it. If done correctly, when the Bomb explodes, it will attack you, and the Grappling Hook will be frozen in mid-air.
  • Notes: Move Link around and the Grappling Hook should no longer be frozen.

Temple of the Ocean King Glitch

  • Effect: Explore areas Link can't get to normally
  • Prerequisites: Have the Spin Attack
  • How To: Go to the exterior of the Temple of the Ocean King. Go to the tree closest to it, on the upper-left side. Use your Spin Attack on the right side of the tree. If done on the right angle, you will go through the wall of the Temple of the Ocean King and can explore the out of bounds area surrounding it. If you jump down the cliff above the Mountain Passage, you will become stuck in Oshus's fence.
  • Notes: If you get stuck in the fence, you can turn off the game and start at your previous save point. If you save inside of the fence, you can still get out by turning off the game and returning to the game file; when Link automatically begins to walk down through the upper portion of the fence, quickly drag your stylus upwards at the top of the screen to make Link turn around and exit the fence. Gameplay will then resume normally.

Going through wall Glitch

  • Effect: Can make Link go through a wall.
  • Prerquisites: Have the Spin Attack
  • How To: In the cave of Mercay Island where you meet Freedle, go cross the bridge, then go right above the set of stairs (to the direct right of the bridge), use the Spin Attack and you will go through that wall.
  • Notes: You can go through this wall but only this one. YOU WILL LOSE HEALTH DOING THIS.

Mailbox glitch

  • Effect: Not be able to hit a mailbox.
  • Prerquisites: Arrive at Mercay island and not have entered any house yet.
  • How To: Arrive at Mercay and use your sword to hit the mailbox, the sword should go right through.
  • Notes: Enter a house to remove the effect, it happens every time.

Force Gem glitch

  • Effect: Drop a Force Gem through the floor of The Temple of the Ocean King.
  • Prerquisites: Access to the 3rd floor of The Temple of the Ocean King.
  • How To: Go halfway up the stairs that lead to the Force Gem Pedestals, and tap the edge of the highest one. If done correctly, the Force Gem should fall right through the floor.
  • Notes: As if it fell down a regular hole, the Force Gem always flies back up to Link.
  • The glitch happens because the game does not register Link on that floor, therefore it is not solid, and things can pass through it, like the Force Gem did.

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