Glitches in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Oracle of Ages

The following glitches have been found in Oracle of Ages.

Mailman's House Glitch

In the past, enter the mailman's house. Using the Level 2 Sword, cut the bookcases located at the top right. There should be stairs there. If you chose to enter the stairs, you will reappear in the same place. If you cut the second part of the bookcase, there should be buttons that have already been pushed down. You can walk past this and enter a new screen. If you choose to do so, then you will appear in Rafton's house, but in the wall. You are stuck, and there is no way to get out without turning off the game or killing yourself with bombs.

Blinking Link Glitch

Go to the location of the raft and stand beside it. Place a bomb next to Link so that he is in between the bomb and the raft. When the bomb explodes Link should be blasted towards the raft. You will be able to use the raft now, and the damage invulnerability animation that causes Link to blink a red color should still be showing.

Stand on a Chest in Skull Dungeon

Go to the room where you have to shoot the moving crystal orb with the Seed Shooter. Stand on the blue tile and aim the seed shooter to the bottom right and shoot the crystal switch. When the chest appears you'll be standing on it. If you walk off the chest you won't jump down, but if you walk to it, you'll push it like normal. This may be possible to perform in other places as well.

Octogon Battle Glitch

When Octogon submerges, if Link dives underwater and immediately returns to land, he will be able to damage the Boss by striking its shell from the south with the Sword.

Veran Warp

After getting the Tune of Ages, return to Mermaid's Cave in the Present and use a Mystery Seed. Escape the room in the entrance to the dungeon the same frame the textbox appears, you will land in a glitch room. Use the Tune of Ages to escape. Go up 3 screens not moving horizontally then use the Tune of Ages again on the 2nd square from the bottom. Then move Link to a position near the top right. Load Ember or Pegasus Seeds from the Seed Shooter. Equip Bombs on A and Roc's Feather on B. Then jump and open the map on a frame where you can see Link's shadow and select glitch tile (3rd from the left). Close the map and press select on a frame where the time portal is green. Select the glitched tile until the cursor becomes purple and exit the map. Veran's metamorphosis form will spawn, along with a glitched Ring Box. Due to the fact that the "Save & Quit" textbox from the end of the unlinked game is also spawned, this glitch can be used to skip an unlinked playthrough of Ages if done in a linked game of Ages.

Oracle of Seasons

The following glitches have been found in Oracle of Seasons.

Speech Problem

To begin this glitch you must first beat the Poison Moth's Lair. After that visit the Floodgate Keeper and talk to him. His dialogue will be the same as Impa says to you when you started the game. He then tells you where you can get to the keyhole and then asks if you've opened the floodgates.[1]

Inability to Obtain Ricky's Flute

In a linked game where Ricky was chosen as the animal partner in Oracle of Ages, it is possible to be unable to obtain Ricky's Flute by going to Blaino's Gym and defeating Blaino before speaking with Ricky. After returning Ricky's Gloves, Ricky will not speak his dialog about giving Link his flute, nor will he give him Ricky's Flute. Because Ricky was chosen in the previous game, Moosh and Dimitri will not appear, and since the player did not obtain Ricky's Flute, it is impossible to reach the Subrosia Portal in Spool Swamp, and subsequently making the game unbeatable.

Both titles

The following glitch was found to work in both Oracle titles.

Moosh Cheat

When Moosh is needed to float Link over a series of pits, normally a fall starts you back at your entry point on the screen. But clear a pit, dismount Moosh, open the Items subscreen, then remount Moosh and try for the next one. Falling into the pit will respawn Link and Moosh where you last opened the Item Subscreen.

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  1. "Link! Are you all right? Actually, I am the nurse of Hyrule's Princess Zelda. And Din's no dancer either. She is actually the Oracle of Seasons who wields control over the forces of nature. Zelda has mystical powers that told of a curtain of shadow drawing around Din. I was instructed to take her to Hyrule in secret. You can get to the keyhole from that puddle outside. Did you open the floodgates? The vines there get so overgrown in summer!" — Floodgate Keeper (Oracle of Seasons)