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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Ocarina of Time. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.


These tricks can usually be used anywhere, and are many times essential to doing glitches further down this page, in addition to many other miscellaneous uses.

Crooked Cartridge[]

  • Risk: Dangerous if used incorrectly
  • Effect: Disable Link's collision with certain objects, allowing for sequence breaking
  • Prerequisites: Any Nintendo 64 version of the game.
  • How to: Slowly and carefully lift the left side of the game cartridge out of the system until Link either disappears or begins to appear glitched and deformed, but don't lift it enough to make the game crash. This has many uses, including bypassing Mido to reach the Deku Tree without the Sword and Shield and bypassing the Kokiri guarding the forest exit to leave the forest without the Kokiri's Emerald.
  • CAUTION! This can cause permanent damage to your cartridge, and can result in the loss of game data and save files! Take extreme caution when performing this glitch.

Power Crouch Stab[]

  • Effect: Has the same power and effect as your last attack.
  • Prerequisites: Have a Sword, Deku Stick or Megaton Hammer and a Shield (cannot use Hylian Shield as child).
  • How To: Do an attack (best with a Jump Attack) then press R to use your Shield and B to do a crouch stab. It will have the same power as your last attack. i.e., use a Jump Attack with a Deku Stick then Power Crouch Stab with your Kokiri Sword and it will have the power of a Deku Stick Jump Attack.
  • Notes: This is useful for inflicting large amounts of damage in a short amount of time. It can be used to beat Gohma in 5 seconds for example. Also worth noting, if you attack with the Megaton Hammer then Power Crouch Stab with a Sword, it will have the same effects of the Hammer, including breaking rocks and activating rusty switches.

Clip through walls[]

OoT Wall Clip

Link walking inside the house

  • Effect: Varies depending on where it is used-can vary from nothing to access to the Bottom of the Well as an adult.
  • Prerequisites: A sword.
  • How to: Find one of the following corners and walk into it straight on.
  • Zora's Domain: The bottom corner to the immediate right of King Zora. (Adult only)
  • Great Deku Tree's Meadow: Anti-clockwise around one side until you reach the first area enclosed by roots.
  • Kakariko Village (1): The corner made by the side of the Bazaar/young boy's house and the closest rock wall. (Child Only)
  • Kakariko Village (2): As you enter Kakariko Village from the Graveyard, it is on the edge of the "stone tunnel" closest to the Graveyard.
  • Kakariko Village (3): As you enter the area with two Cuccos as a child, position yourself on the left side of the ladder leading to the Potion Shop.
  • Kokiri Forest: As you exit from the Kokiri Shop, face towards the Great Deku Tree and jump into the water in front of you. Go to the corner where it meets the edge of the wall and ends. (Adult Only)

As you walk directly into one of the above corners, draw the sword and hold Z. Push forward on the Analog Stick and press A to preform a Jump Attack. If done correctly, Link will move through the wall, into the void in some cases.

  • Notes: If this glitch is done in Zora's Domain, Link MUST have the Iron Boots. If he walks to the end of the platform, you can remove the Iron Boots, jump, land in invisible water, and ultimately gain access under Zora's Domain's ice. If Adult Link Longshots to the second floor of the Kakariko Windmill, grabs the cucco, and floats to the 4th corner listed and places down the cucco, you can perform the glitch, grab the cucco, and float to the Bottom of the Well as an adult. If the glitch is attempted as Child Link on the 1st corner listed, you can access the Bazaar as a child.

Infinite Sword Glitch[]

  • Effect: Makes your Sword attack endlessly
  • Prerequisites: Have a Sword, Deku Sticks or Megaton Hammer. Be around something/someone that can be interacted with using an A command (e.g., Speak, grab, open (chest, not door)read, etc.). If there is nothing to interact with, you can also use bombs, since they can be grabbed, but it is harder.
  • How To: Align yourself so you are near the object and can see the action icon. Press R to shield and B to stab (some things you will need to move your shield to the right/left so you won't stab it and be moved backwards so that the action icon no longer shows). While in mid-stab (to be precise, while the sword is about to recede), press the A button to activate the action. The blade will be glowing white while the interaction takes place if you've done it right. This will cause the sword to attack anything it touches, even while running.
  • Notes: You won't be able to fall or jump off ledges. If you attack with your Sword/Deku Stick/Megaton Hammer, shield without pressing Z, walk on a slippery slope, swim in water, enter a cutscene/new area, or are damaged while standing still the glitch will stop. If you do this glitch with a Power Crouch Stab, your infinite Sword will have the same power as your last attack. Very useful on bosses, notably Twinrova and Ganondorf. This glitch is also present in Majora's Mask.

Infinite Deku Stick glitch[]

  • Effect: Makes a Deku stick not break after its use.
  • Prerequisites: A Deku Stick
  • How to: Take out a Deku Stick and perform a Jump Attack at the wall at a slight angle. If done correctly, the Deku Stick should hit the wall twice and the top half will break off. However, Link will still be carrying the broken portion. The broken portion of the Stick can be used normally but will not break. Another method is to get electrocuted by anything while holding a broken Deku Stick. The broken Deku Stick cannot be used to light torches and will consume one Deku Stick. If done with only 1 Deku stick remaining, then you won't be able to swing it, but you can still perform a Jump Attack
  • Notes: This glitch is also present in Majora's Mask, although, it is not as easy to achieve. It can be done by taking out a Deku Stick, then performing a Jump Attack against a Dodongo.

Bomb Hover[]

  • Effect: Hover in air and gain lots of height/distance
  • Prerequisites: Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch, Bombs.
  • How To: Go to any ledge and stand with your back to it. Drop a Bomb behind of you, and do a backflip just before it explodes while holding R to shield. You will then hover in midair

Bombchu Hover[]

  • Effect: Hover in midair and gain lots of height/distance
  • Prerequisites: Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch, Bombchu's
  • How To: Go to any ledge and stand with your back to it. Do a backflip, and while in midair, quickly take out a Bombchu and shield right after. The Bombchu will explode instantly. You will hover in midair unharmed if done right.

Ground Jump[]

  • Effect: Makes Link perform a small jump that can reach grabbable ledges previously too high for Link to grab
  • Prerequisites: Have a Bomb and a Shield
  • How To: Place a Bomb in front of you. Go backwards a little bit so the A button says Attack, then hold R and mash the A button so Link gets stuck. Wait until the Bomb explodes and all of your buttons should now be disabled except Z, R, pause and A. To perform a Ground Jump, just attempt to do a backflip and Link will jump.
  • Uses: The Ground Jump can be used in the main room of Dodongo's Cavern just below the ledge with a switch to open a door, simply Ground Jump to the ledge using the bomb flower next to it and you'll skip the first Lizalfos fight.


  • Effect: Travel at an extremely fast speed.
  • Prerequisites: Can range from only a Shield to Nayru's Love and Bombs.
  • How To: There are 3 ways to do this.
Method one[]

You must be near a pick up-able item (e.g. grass, rock) and have an enemy nearby. Have the enemy be near the item then press Z and R and roll into the item so that the action icon "attack" changes to "grab" then mash or time A while still in mid roll to "grab" the item. When you start to come up from the roll, if the enemy hits your Shield, it should activate the Superslide. You will be going backwards extremely fast and will not end until you let go of R (letting go of Z is fine).

Method two[]

By far the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is put on Nayru's Love and then just follow the steps in Ground Jump and you'll go flying back.

Method three[]

Probably the hardest, but most useful. Do a backflip, then in mid-backflip pull out a bomb and press R to drop it. It should be far enough away so that the action icon does not say "grab". Near the end of the bombs fuse, about 1/2 a second after it starts flashing rapidly, mash the A button. You will roll and should "grab" the bomb but not actually grab it. If you timed it right it will blow up when you get up and you will Superslide.

  • Notes: Superslides can usually clip into <90 degree angles.

Damage Boosted Jump[]

  • Effect: Gain height on a jump using a Bomb or Bombchu
  • Prerequisites: Equip Bombs/Bombchu.
  • How To: Bombs: Take out a Bomb. Hold it. Let it run almost to its end, then press Z+R to release it. The Bomb will explode beneath you.

Bombchu: take out a Bombchu. Hold Z. Run off the ledge then quickly press R to Shield drop it and it will automatically explode. Press B quickly after pressing R for a slightly higher boost.

  • Notes: Pressing B just after the bomb is dropped will add even more height. With a Bombchu, it will explode automatically when dropped.

Mega Jump[]

  • Effect: Very large jump
  • Prerequisites: Bomb, Hover Boots
  • How To: Go near any ledge that you can jump off of. Place a Bomb behind you then go to the edge of the ledge. After it explodes, try to pause the second Link starts to jump off, Link's legs should still be "touching" the ledge. Switch to the Hover Boots and if you did it right, you will do a very long jump.

This can be used to get across the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley without the Hookshot, among other uses.

Mega Flip[]

  • Effect: Backflip or Sidehop very far at high speed
  • Prerequisites: Bomb, Shield, optionally Nayru's Love
  • How To: Place a Bomb in front of you so the A button doesn't say grab, then press Z and R to shield while standing up. When the Bomb explodes, quickly roll and do a backflip or a sidehop, you will then move very far, very fast. If done with Nayru's Love, simply backflip as soon as the bomb hits your Shield.

Sequence Breaking[]

Sequence breaking is doing something out of the order the game was meant to be played. This can include getting items early and skipping items or entire parts of the game.

Get Golden Scale early[]

  • Effect: Get the Golden Scale early as a child
  • Prerequisites: Access to Lake Hylia, 20 Rupees.
  • How To: Go to the Fishing Pond. Catch a fish that will beat the current record, but do not talk to the fisherman yet. Swim to the center of the pond, and make sure Navi isn't hovering over a fish. Hold Z, swim over to the fisherman and press A to talk to him (while still holding Z) and have him weigh the fish. He will then give you the Golden Scale.
  • Notes: If you want the Piece of Heart, just catch a fish that beats the record you set with the Golden Scale glitch with at least a 10 pounder. If you used a 10 pounder for the glitch, you can't get the Piece of Heart. With the Golden Scale, you can beat Jabu Jabu's Belly directly after leaving Kokiri Forest. Be careful about getting the Silver Scale from the Zora mini-game, as it will overwrite the Golden Scale, making you lose it permanently.

Get Silver Gauntlets early[]

  • Effect: Gain the Silver Gauntlets before you're supposed to have them. (This has a side effect of being able to access the Gerudo Fortress and Haunted Wasteland as a child).
  • Prerequisites: Have access to Gerudo Valley. Be Child Link.
  • How To: Grab the Cucco by Gerudo Valley. Go to the far end of the bridge and find the small support beam that sticks up. Jump to it and align yourself diagonally with the gate. Make sure the guards are a safe distance away. Run along the edge of the post and align yourself at the very last second before you jump off. When you're just about to hit the gate, press B twice to Jump Attack, and you should be on top of the gate. Jump down and get away from the guards before you're caught. You now have access to the Fortress and Wasteland. Climb the ladder next to the second gate, and turn around to face the ladder at the top. Align yourself to make a sidehop to the left. Get as close to the ladder as possible and jump to the side. You should land on the cliff close by. Walk past the gate and jump down on the other side (if you go to far on the cliff, you'll fall into nothingness). In the Wasteland, go to the far end of the quicksand. Cross the quicksand using the backwards run. It is fast enough to avoid sinking. Head to the boxes, then follow the flags to the monument. From here, you must have the path through the Wasteland memorized. Make your way to the Desert Colossus.
  • Notes: Before entering the Spirit Temple to obtain the Silver Gauntlets, enter the Temple, and exit again to learn the Requiem of Spirit.

Early Access to Shadow Temple[]

  • Effect: Enter the Shadow Temple without Din's Fire, Lens of Truth, or Nocturne of Shadow, as early as becoming an adult.
  • Prerequisites: Have a Magic Bean. Be Child Link.
  • How To: As a child, plant a Magic Bean in the Graveyard. Return as an adult and use the platform to access the ledge with a crate and a Piece of Heart. Stand on top of the crate with your back to the Graveyard (do not destroy it). Perform the Bomb Blast Jump glitch to get to the ledge you see before you. Land on the edge, and move slowly towards the "seam". Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch and run over to the entrance to the torch chamber and sidehop there. You should land in the chamber, but the torches and door will not be there, giving you access to the Temple.

Enter Ice Cavern as child[]

  • Effect: Enter the Ice Cavern as a child.
  • Prerequisites: Have a Slingshot, Bombs, Bombchu, and a Shield. Have access to Lord Jabu-Jabu.
  • How To: Hop on the railing to the left of Lord Jabu-Jabu. Perform the Infinite Sword Glitch glitch with a Bomb (remember to toss it before it explodes). Stand on the middle of the railing and hold Z. Pull out the Slingshot and aim it upwards. Backflip, pull out a Bombchu and hold R to raise your shield simultaneously. This should have the same effect as the Bomb Hover glitch. Repeat until you get to the rock face behind you, then simply run into the Ice Cavern.

Enter the Water Temple Anytime[]

  • Effect: Gain access to the Water Temple as either Adult or Child Link.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to Lake Hylia.
  • How To: Let yourself flow down the river that begins at the Northwest corner of your map. Face west. As you fall down the waterfall, perform a midair Jump Attack at the wall. This will put you on the other side of the wall, but you will still be swimming. Move north slowly. You will start falling. Get to the appropriate height (Low enough) to swim under the Water Temple, and move south, this will enable to swim again. Swim under the Water Temple and get close to the entrance.
  • Notes: If you let yourself fall too far, you will respawn back to the waterfall.

Skip the Forest Temple, Water Temple, and Fire Temple[]

Skip breaking the seal in Ganon's Castle[]

  • Effect: Skip the Temple rooms in Ganon's Castle to break the seal in the middle.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to Ganon's Castle.
  • How To: Enter the Spirit room. Grab the Armos Statue located in front of you, to the right. Drag it to the right of the door. Face the corner of the statue and wall and Jump Attack it from close range. Continue doing this until you break through the wall. You'll be in the main room, but you'll only see the room you came from, and the magic beams from each mini-dungeon that make the magic barrier. Use the beams to align yourself with the bridge to the sealed door and cross over. The magic barrier will not be there, so you can walk through.
  • Notes: The magic sealing beams may not always load, if the beams aren't there, try looking for the carpet in front of the exit by listening for the sound of your footfalls.

Skip the Deku Tree[]

  • Effect: Escape Kokiri Forest without completing the Deku Tree.
  • Prerequisites: Have the Kokiri Sword, a Deku Shield, and knowledge of the Infinite Sword Glitch.
  • How To: Go to the exit of Kokiri Forest and position yourself at the right corner of it (where the sign is). Then slightly angle yourself left so that if you would stab with your sword you would get knocked backwards (you're facing away from the person who's blocking the exit). Once you're positioned correctly, activate the Infinite Sword Glitch using the person blocking the exit. If done right, you will get knocked back into the person. Now go all the way through him so that you're in the log where you can exit. He will still be blocking you, but by moving towards the corner of the log slowly, the person will be on the top of the log. If he's on the left side, slowly move left. If he's on the right side, slowly move right. If done correctly, he will fall through the ground. Now you can exit Kokiri Forest.
  • Notes: If you re-enter the forest, you will have to do this glitch again to get out. IF you have the Zora Scale/Golden Scale, you can leave through the Lost Woods.

Alternate Method 1[]

Link can also leave the forest early on the Nintendo 64 version of the game through use of the Crooked Cartridge trick. Go to the exit of the forest and stand by the left side. Perform the Crooked Cartridge and start walking towards the exit on the left side, and Link should clip through the Kokiri guarding the exit. Once inside, the Kokiri may block Link's path again, although he can be bypassed by moving to the right side and going up the slope on the side of the exit.

Alternate Method 2[]

Another way to leave the forest early is to go to the crawl space which leads to the area containing the Kokiri Sword. Equip Deku Nuts to any C-button and have Link crawl into the space, then exit. While the screen still has the black bars at the top and bottom, quickly have Link read the sign. Once he reads the sign, press the button to which you assigned the Deku Nuts. If done correctly, Link will toss a Deku Nut and he will be able to move while still reading the text. Attempt to walk Link to the log at the exit and the Kokiri guarding it will not load, allowing Link to pass through.

  • Notes: This can be difficult and require a lot of patience because it's hard to judge where Link is, since the camera stays fixed on the sign. If you hold Z, Navi will fly in the direction where Link currently is, allowing for a rough estimate of his position.

Fight Ganon as Child Link[]

  • Effect: Face Ganon as child Link.
  • Prerequisites: Defeat Gohma and have at least one bottle with a fish or bug inside
  • How to: Go to the room where Link fought Gohma and release your bottled fish or bug. Then immediately catch it again so Link is holding the bottle. Perform the Ocarina Items glitch while backflipping into the warp which takes Link outside. You must do this so Link is on the very edge of the warp and not in the center. If done incorrectly, Link will simply warp outside. If you've done it correctly, the warp sequence should play without Link actually warping. Wait until the sequence fully completes, and then quickly stop playing and move to the door. After about five seconds or so, Link will warp outside. Try to time it so that you enter the door at the exact time when the sequence begins. If you did it correctly, Link should appear in a crumbling Ganon's Tower. Go through the only door to find Link atop Ganon's Tower with Ganondorf defeated. The normal cutscene will play and Link will have to escape the tower with Zelda. Once outside, Link will be able to fight Ganon while still a child.
  • Notes: Even though Link will not be holding the Master Sword, when Ganon knocks his sword away it becomes the Master Sword. Likewise, when Link retrieves it, he will appear to be holding the Kokiri sword. In addition, when Link deals the final blow to Ganon, he will sound like adult Link. Also, Ganon is vulnerable to Deku Sticks, which deal the same amount of damage as the Master Sword.

Swordless Link (and related glitches)[]

Various glitches that come from the Swordless Link Glitch.

Swordless Link 1[]

  • Effect: Make Link lose his sword.
  • Prerequisites: Have version 1.0 of Ocarina of Time. Be at the final boss battle with Ganon.
  • How To: Get to the point where Ganon knocks the Master Sword out of your hand. Save the game and restart. Link will have no sword equipped. A sword can be re-equipped from the Equipment screen.

Swordless Link 2[]

  • Effect: Make Link lose his sword.
  • Prerequisites: Be at the final boss battle with Ganon.
  • How To: Get to the point where Ganon knocks the Master Sword out of your hand. Do the Ocarina Items glitch and play the Sun's Song. This will restart the battle, with an unselected Master Sword in inventory. Do the Ocarina glitch again, and play any warp song. You'll warp away, leaving the battle. Link will be swordless.
  • Notes: You can play any warp song instead of the Sun's Song, and you will also end up swordless, but there will not be a Sword in inventory. This can be fixed by traveling back and forth in time.

Use Items on Epona[]

  • Effect: Use any C-items while riding Epona.
  • Prerequisites: Enact any of the Swordless Link glitches. Have Epona.
  • How To: After you become swordless, the game will allow you to ride Epona and use the C-items at the same time.
  • Notes: Use the Ocarina while on Epona. You will drop to the ground inside the horse. Stop playing, and you will be able to "remote control" Epona.

Hookshot Hover[]

  • Effect: Hover around.
  • Prerequisites: Activate the Use Items on Epona glitch. Have a Hookshot.
  • How To: While on Epona, Hookshot to any point it will stick. Instead of flying to the place you used Hookshot at, you and the Hookshot will stay in place. If you then press A to get off Epona, you will start hovering at about the elevation of the Hookshot point. You can then move about freely in the air, in some places like Gerudo Valley, you can even fly out of bounds.
  • Notes: Touching land will make Link unable to move and you will have to restart, though you can still pause and save if you need to. Moving yourself into the river, or any water, will cancel this effect. You can also cancel this effect by making Link touch the point where the Hookshot is stuck which will cause Link to do a large "super" jump. If you stay very close to the Hookshot point, Link will bob up and down slowly, then faster. If you touch the Hookshot point while bobbing, you will do a much larger super jump than without it.

Purple Fog Over Lon Lon Ranch[]


Purple Fog in Lon Lon.

  • Effect: A purple fog covers the Ranch for a short while and everything is silhouetted within it.
  • Prerequisites: Ocarina, Song of Storms, Epona, Activate the Use Items on Epona glitch.
  • How To: During the day, go to Lon Lon Ranch with Epona and accept Malon's Obstacle Course Challenge. In the middle of it, pull out your Ocarina while still on Epona and play the Song of Storms.

Zombie Link[]

  • Effect: Make Link Become a Zombie.
  • Prerequisites: Activate the Use Items on Epona glitch. Have Zora Tunic, Iron Boots and Hookshot.
  • How To: Go to Lake Hylia and get on Epona. Play the Ocarina to get back off of her. Then equip the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots and go underwater. When you're submerged and touching the bottom, press A to remount Epona. The game still believes you're underwater. Go over to the Scarecrow, stop, get out the Hookshot and fire at the fence behind it. Now, take off the Zora Tunic and wait for the timer to run out. It will then go to the death scene, but you won't die. Dismount and you are now able to walk around, even though you are dead.

Misc. Glitches[]

Random Glitches that don't belong in any other categories.

Swimming underneath Lake Hylia[]

  • Effect: Gets you under the Zora's Domain ice, going out of bounds, etc.
  • Prerequisites: Iron Boots, Water Temple completed
  • How to: This glitch is very simple. Simply go behind the opened iron grate underwater that leads to the Water Temple, and stop behind it but before you enter the temple. Unequip the Iron Boots. Link will float through the ceiling and be under Lake Hylia, swimming.
  • Notes: To avoid floating through the ground, constantly take off and put on the Iron Boots to be at the correct altitude.

Get Baby Epona Stuck[]

  • Effect: Gets Baby Epona stuck doing the running animation.
  • Prerequistites: Epona's Song, Any Ocarina, must be Young Link
  • How To: First, learn Epona's song from Malon at Lon Lon Ranch, then leave the horse field, stand outside the gate, and play it. Epona will come running. Make sure Epona is outside the arch, then step back some and play the song again as Epona turns around. This will cause Epona to start running into the fence. Do the song once more and Epona will stop moving, but still be doing the animation with enough room for Link to run between Epona and the fence.
  • Notes: Only tested in Virtual Console on Wii. This glitch ends after doing anything that reloads the level (Leaving the Ranch, Restarting, Etc.)

Use Ocarina in Lava[]


The effect of the "Use Ocarina in Lava" glitch.

  • Effect: Use an Ocarina in instant death lava in Death Mountain Crater.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Death Mountain Crater, a bottled Fairy, and any Ocarina.
  • How to: First, enter Death Mountain Crater without your Goron Tunic. This allows the "death timer" to start. Next, walk towards any edge near lava. Now, wait until the timer turns red. Prepare to jump as soon as there is 1-2 seconds. Once the timer runs out, your hearts should all disappear in mid-jump. Link will die on the lava, and will not reset. The fairy will come out at this point. Once the fairy is almost done with healing Link, start mashing the Ocarina button. If timed right, he will pull out his Ocarina.

Skip the Shadow Temple Stalfos[]

  • Effect: Skip the minibosses on the Shadow Temple ship.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to the boat on floor B4 on the Shadow Temple, have Din's Fire.
  • How to: Go to the boat in the Shadow Temple, and play Zelda's Lullaby to start it moving. Eventually, two Stalfos will land on the boat and start attacking you. Once you have them both in close range, cast Din's Fire so it hits them both. They will take damage, and will stay still as the boat moves, causing them to pass through the floor of it and disappear altogether.

Fall Off the World[]

  • Effect: Fall through a wall.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to the Lost Woods bridge. Have a bottle of bugs.
  • How To: Pour some bugs into the soft soil near the bridge. He should be on the edge. Kill him, and roll into him. The game will display the message regarding the Skulltula Token in mid-roll. You will then roll off the edge.

Stuck Navi[]


Navi stuck in the altar.

  • Effect: Stick Navi at the altar in the Temple of Time
  • Prerequisites: Be Adult Link at the Temple of Time
  • How To: Stand in front of the altar and press A to check it. Pull out your Ocarina and play Saria's Song. Talk to Saria and press A to advance the text. If done correctly Saria stops talking and you can move around and Navi will be stuck on the altar. Walk away from her and everything will be dark.

Enter Ganon's Castle Exterior[]

  • Effect: Enter Ganon's Castle (not the interior temple, but behind the wall of the exterior).
  • Prerequisites: Have the light bridge to the castle up. Equip Hookshot.
  • How To: There is a small dirt ledge to the right of the doorway into the castle. Jump to it and take out the hookshot. There is a dark portion of the wall that is "hookshot-enabled". Hookshot to it. If you get the right angle, you will fall on the other side of the wall. You can look inside, but can't really do anything but fall into the lake of lava.

Non-Magic Consuming Lens of Truth[]

  • Effect: Use the Lens of Truth without consuming magic.
  • Prerequisites: Have the Lens of Truth, Know the Song of Storms.
  • How To: Play the Song of Storms. Once it completes, quickly activate the Lens of Truth. It won't be using magic power.

Ocarina Items[]


Doing the Ocarina Items glitch with a Bomb.

  • Effect: Play items as if they were an ocarina
  • Prerequisites: Have a Bottled Fish or Bug. Have one other equipable item.
  • How To: Assign the Bottle and other item to the C-buttons. Release the Fish/Bug and catch it again. Do a backflip. While in the air, press the button for the Bottle, then the button for the other item. If done right, Link will hold the other item up to his mouth like an Ocarina. You can play it just like one too.
  • Notes: If you use Deku Nuts, the Lens of Truth or any item with 0 ammo (with the exception of Bow and Slingshot) as the other item, the game will erase the item and replace it with your bottled Bug/Fish instead of playing it as an item. Will not work on claim check, Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love, Zelda's Letter, or Magic Beans. See also Infinite Lon-Lon Milk glitch.

Invisible Bottles[]

  • Effect: Makes Bottles disappear
  • Prerequisites: Sword, Bottle, Shield
  • How To: Do the first two steps in "Ocarina Items" (take a Fish out, put it back in). Now, activate the Infinite Sword glitch. Take the item out of the Bottle, and you'll notice that there is no Bottle; the item falls out of nowhere. If you put it back in, it goes back to the void. To deactivate this glitch, just pull your Sword out.

Infinite Skulltula Tokens[]

  • Effect: Gain an undepletable number of Skulltula Tokens
  • Prerequisites: Have Boomerang. Have Bombs and Song of Storms
  • How To: Find the grotto by Hyrule Castle with a Gold Skulltula. Play the Song of Storms and the grotto will open. Bomb one of the walls to find the Gold Skulltula. Kill it with the Slingshot and target the token with the Boomerang. Throw the Boomerang, as it comes back, step back into the light that returns you to the upper world. There will be a message saying you got the Token, but it will be cut short. When you have control again, you'll have the token and if you go back in, the Gold Skulltula will still be there.

Bottle Duplication[]

  • Effect: Obtain up to 24 Bottles
  • Prerequisites: Have one Bottle. Have another item you want to sacrifice.
  • How To: Just before catching something in a Bottle (e.g., Blue Fire, Bugs, Fairy, Fish). Pause the game and switch the Bottle with the other item. This will replace that item with a Bottle.
  • Notes: WARNING! Turning most items into a Bottle will cause you to lose them permanently. Good items to use for this are Deku Sticks, Deku Nuts, Claim Check (after getting Biggoron's Sword), Magic Beans (after using all 10). If you replace the Ocarina, you can still play the songs with the Ocarina Items glitch, and if the item was a collectible (Deku Sticks, Deku Nuts, etc) then collecting another will turn it back into its original item.

Infinite Lon-Lon Milk[]

  • Effect: Restore health with an empty Bottle
  • Prerequisites: Have two empty bottles and access to a fish
  • How To: Use the Ocarina Items glitch with an empty Bottle. You will not play the Ocarina, but drink from the Bottle as if it had Lon-Lon Milk in it, restoring five hearts.

Underwater in Zora's Domain[]

  • Effect: Get underneath the ice created in Zora's Domain after you become an adult.
  • How To: Go to the Lake Hylia as adult Link. Take out your Sword and walk into one of the corners of the Lakeside Laboratory so Link clips inside. When you're clipped enough, do a Jump Attack and Link should clip inside the Lab. Now walk off the ground and swim to the Zora's Domain entrance while switching the Boots.

Steal the Fishing Rod[]

  • Effect: Leave the Fishing Pond with the Fishing Rod equipped to B.
  • Prerequisites: Have access to Fishing Pond.
  • How to: Go into the fishing pond and pay to fish. Go in the water and then swim close to the edge so you almost exit it. As soon as you start floating, hold down the A button to dive down and while you're surfacing rapidly press B. If done correctly, you will stop swimming when you land, and Link will cast the Rod but will still be able to move. Now, walk to the door and press A. Link will exit the pond with the rod still equipped to B.
  • Notes: If you attempt to use the Rod, Link will make the casting motion, but the Rod will not appear. He will simply stand there forever until you reset the game.

Use Deku Sticks as Adult[]

  • Prerequisites: Be an adult, have the GameCube or Virtual Console versions of the game.
  • How to: Steal the Fishing Rod as seen above. Jump into the lake to dim your B button, then go back to land to undim it. Pause and then unpause the game while the B button is not dimmed. Now you will see a Deku Stick equipped to B. If you hit a wall with the Stick, you will see the blade of a sword fly away.

Reverse Bottle Adventure[]

  • Effect: Rewrite inventory values to place items in Link's inventory or take items out.
  • Prerequisites: Have 0 Deku Sticks, at least one Bottle of Bugs or Fish in it, and know how to steal the Fishing Rod.
  • How to: First, steal the Rod from the Fishing Pond and turn it into a Deku Stick with the above method. Next, take out your Bug/Fish Bottle, empty it, and catch it again. While Link is holding the Bottle, perform a backflip and quickly press the button for the Bottle and then B. If done correctly, Link will empty the Bottle, and then the B button will display a bottle. This will overwrite a memory slot (determined by the item on C-Right), with the internal value of the empty bottle. The most common use for this is to obtain the Shadow and Spirit Medallions (allowing you to get Light Arrows early), and to obtain the secret colored gauntlets, which are obtained by having the Pocket Cucco trading item equipped to C-Right and by catching a Fish on the B button Bottle.
  • Note: With this glitch it is possible to overwrite most C-Items with a Bottle, and quest items (such as Ocarina songs, Medallions, etc). Do not save your game unless you know what you're doing.
  • Parameters: This glitch can not be done to obtain any C-button items, it will simply place a Bottle in the slot of the item. You can only use it for equipment, quest status icons, etc.

Hookshot Dot on Screen[]

  • Effect: Red target dot from Hookshot appears on screen even when Hookshot isn't equipped.
  • Prerequisites: Hookshot, Shield.
  • How to: Pull out the Hookshot and aim while Z-targeting. While continuing to target, press R to Shield. If done correctly, the red dot will stay on-screen even though the Hookshot isn't equipped and will wobble about as Link walks.

Epona on Water Temple Island and Link Bodiless[]

  • Effect: Epona warps to the Water Temple island and Link becomes totally bodiless, all C weapons originate from underneath Epona, sword does no damage.
  • Prerequisites: Epona, warp song to Lake Hylia.
  • How to: Get on Epona and head to Gerudo Valley. Once in Gerudo Valley, remain on Epona and try entering the tent at an angle, leaning sideways into the tent. After a few tries, Link will appear into the tent, but not on Epona. Pull out the Ocarina and warp to Lake Hylia. Epona will be at the warp point, but Link will be invisible. If you use arrows, Hookshot, etc., the item will switch to a view from under Epona, and will be used from that point. Link will not make ripples when swimming nor will enemies be able to touch him. Simply leave the area to fix the glitch.

Easy Dark Link[]

  • Prerequisites: Megaton Hammer, access to Dark Link.
  • How to: Go to the room with Dark Link and make sure you have the Megaton Hammer equipped. After that, start the battle and slash at Dark Link a couple of times. It doesn't matter if you hurt him or not, you just have to get him to block. Once you do that, try to pound him with the Megaton Hammer. If done right, Dark Link won't dodge the Megaton Hammer and will get hurt. Once he gets hurt with the Megaton Hammer once, you should be able to keep pounding him over and over again easily until he's dead.

Swim on Land[]

  • Effect: Swim on land.
  • Prerequisites: Be an adult, have Iron Boots.
  • How to: Got to a body of water where the water level goes gradually down (the fishing pond in Lake Hylia is a great place). Now swim out facing away from the land (it doesn't have to be too far, but far enough so that you're swimming). Now target and start swimming backwards (towards the land). In the middle of stroke, equip your Iron Boots. As soon as you start moving slower, take off your Iron Boots but keep swimming backwards. If done right, Link should still be swimming, even when he's on land.
  • Note: Remember, you don't have to be too far out in the pond, just far enough so that you are swimming. Also, using the Hookshot or Arrows will cancel this glitch, along with equipping your Iron Boots and swimming. While on the land, Link can draw his sword and shield and he can dive but if done on the ground next to the Lakeside Laboratory he will be looking up, he will not move and the Action button will change to "8". Simply use the Hookshot or Arrows to cancel, but the Action button will stay showing "8". Enter in the Lakeside Laboratory or leave the area to fix this.

Extra Damage from Bombs[]

  • Effect: Take extra damage from a Bomb (useful if you need to kill yourself quickly)
  • Prerequisites: Bombs, Ocarina
  • How to: Get out a bomb and wait until it is about to explode, and then place it, making Link take damage. As soon as this happens, use the Ocarina. When Link puts it away, he will take damage again, take out the Ocarina again and repeat.

Seam Walking[]

  • Effect: Varies by where Seam Walking is done.
  • Prerequisites: None
  • How to: Line up straight against the corner of a wall, where it meets exactly and press up on the controller. If you successfully get up the wall, you can walk anywhere except over the edge of the area, or else you will fall nearly-endlessly into a pit and have to redo the whole thing over again.
  • Note: You have to make sure it is like the wall by the place where you get Din's Fire, and not like the entrance to Zora Domain area.

Platform Skip[]

  • How to: Go to a very steep cliff/hole that has a higher level next to the area that Link will fall. Position yourself in a way that if Link falls, he will meet the very edge of the seam between platforms. If done correctly, Link will continuously grab the higher ledge and fall off, causing his scream voice animation to repeat and causing Link's normal movement while grabbing onto a ledge to repeat as well.
  • Notes: The glitch probably happens when Link is close enough to tricking the game into thinking he can grab the ledge when he really can't, which causes him to grab the ledge and let go repeatedly. Several known places for this glitch to work are the Great Deku Tree and the Water Temple. In the Deku Tree, jump from the floor to the first basement and aim at the ledge with the switch. In the Water Temple, jump from the middle platform on the third floor onto the ledge where Link can raise the water to the third floor. Interestingly, Link can actually make this jump if it is aimed correctly, which can allow him to bypass a small key.

Use Master Sword as Child Link[]

  • Effect: Have child Link equip the Master Sword.
  • Prerequisites: Must have access to the Master Sword and must not have given the Odd Potion to the Kokiri girl in the forest (as part of the trading sequence)
  • How to: Get the Odd Potion from the Potion Shop lady and go to the Temple of Time (without warping). Stand by the Master Sword's pedestal and press A at the exact moment the timer reaches zero. Link should return the sword and become child Link, and the timer should still be there with five seconds left. Once the timer reaches zero again, press A to take the sword. Link should reappear in the Lost Woods with the Master Sword equipped to B. He will appear to hold the Kokiri Sword, but swinging it will reveal that it has a much greater reach and does the damage of the Master Sword.

Enter the Bottom of the Well Early[]

  • Effect: Enter the Bottom of the Well while it still has water in it.
  • Prerequisites: Must not have emptied the well.
  • How to: Find a Cucco and attack it enough times so the next hit will cause it to attack Link. Bring the Cucco to the well and throw it onto the edge of the well. Stand on the side opposite the Cucco and perform a Jump Attack that hits the Cucco. If done correctly, Link should fall to the bottom of the well as the Cucco calls the Cucco revenge squad. Once the cutscene finishes, simply swim into the entrance.

Bongo Bongo Softlock[]

  • Effect: Cause the game to get stuck during Bongo Bongo's cutscene.
  • Prerequisites: Must not have defeated Bongo Bongo and must have at least one Bomb.
  • How to: At the boss room of the Shadow Temple, have Link take out a Bomb before reaching the end of the hole. Once he reaches the bottom, the Bomb will explode and harm Bongo Bongo, causing him to begin his attack pattern instead of completing the cutscene. He will continue to beat the drum, grunt, and attempt to attack Link. Link will be stuck in the cutscene and unable to move, requiring you to reset the game after performing the glitch.

Fog Glitch[]

  • Effect: Creates a colored fog almost everywhere.
  • Prerequisites: Must have just obtained the Nocturne of Shadow.
  • How To: Immediately after the cutscene where Link obtains the Nocturne of Shadow, leave Kakariko Village via the Hyrule Field entrance and then re-enter Kakariko. Walk past the first fence, and then immediately run back through the exit to Hyrule Field by walking backwards. If done quickly enough, it should be totally black except for certain objects (at night time), or there should be a green fog if it is day.

The glitch ends if Link does one of the following:

  • Dies
  • Enters a grotto
  • Enters a house

Cannot Defeat Ganon[]

  • Effect: Cannot defeat Ganon in the final battle.
  • Prerequisites: Must have Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, or Nayru's Love.
  • How To: Reach the fight where Ganon knocks the Master Sword out of Link's hand. Go to the Master Sword once you are able to, but don't touch it. First, equip either Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, or Nayru's Love and then walk towards it. Activate the spell and touch the Master Sword at the same time. The game will show the spell's animation, but won't show the Master Sword's animation. Once it has finished, you'll notice that the Master Sword will have disappeared completely, neither on the floor nor in the inventory, meaning Ganon cannot be defeated.
  • Note: You won't be able to defeat Ganon without the Master Sword; you can only reset the game and fight him again.

Interrupt Door Opening[]

  • Effect: Interrupt the door opening animation. Loads the next room, but keeps Link in the current one with it also loaded.
  • Prerequisites: Bombs and Din's Fire.
  • How To: Drop a bomb in front of the door. As soon as it starts to flash more rapidly, perform a Spin Attack and immediately afterwards cast Din's Fire. Pause buffer 3 frames, then after buffering press A. The door should then open and close, loading the next room, but Link will still be in the current room with it still loaded.
  • Notes: This is a precise trick and can take a few tries. Once done, however, it can be used to perform other glitches depending on the room.

Rocket Chest[]

  • Effect: A small treasure chest will fly upwards like a rocket. Link can even ride it.
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of Interrupt Door Opening trick. Must also have opened the small treasure chest in the well, and it must be filled.
  • How To: At the door behind the Song of Time block in the main room of the Forest Temple, simply go through the door then interrupt the door opening animation as shown above. Go towards the well and stand in the corner by it, facing the wall that goes behind the well. Backflip twice, then sidehop to the right twice. Get on the edge of the well, and roll (while not having walked prior to the roll). Soon afterwards, hold your shield out. Link should now fall into the water, but he'll soon be caught by the now-flying chest and be taken very high on the map.
  • Notes: Link needs to land at a specific spot in the water for this to work, which is why this glitch can also be somewhat precise. Once done, though, Link and the chest will travel upwards for a while (at least, a whole minute). N64 versions will crash, however, if both Link and the chest reach the game's max height limit, though on Virtual Console the chest will continually attempt to travel past the game's max height while Link continually attempts to fall. A jumpslash will get him out of this state, though it'll take him a while longer to freefall back down than it did to get to the top.

Meg Multiplication[]

  • Effect: Multiplies the amount of Megs present in the Meg boss fight. Also multiplies jars in the room, meaning Link can receive the same item drop more than once.
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of Interrupt Door Opening trick. Must also not have dispelled (killed) Meg.
  • How To: Trigger the Meg mini-boss fight, but as before interrupt the door opening animation. Rinse and repeat until you feel there are enough Megs in the room.
  • Notes: If performed 3 times, the amount of 12 Megs spawned will include 3 real Megs and 9 fake Megs. Jars will also multiply, meaning Link can obtain item drops from them more than once. The amount of Megs on the screen may severely lag the game though.

Din's Fire on White Bubbles Crash[]

  • Effect: Causes the game to crash.
  • Prerequisites: Must be in the room with White Bubbles in Spirit Temple.
  • How To: Use Din's Fire on one of the White Bubbles in the Spirit Temple. This will cause the game to crash.
  • Notes: Master Quest does not feature any White Bubbles, so this crash does not occur on that version.

Invisible Twinrova[]

  • Effect: Leads to a fight with an invisible Twinrova.
  • Prerequisites: Must not have yet beaten Twinrova.
  • How To: Get Twinrova's health down to where the next sword slash will kill her, then use three more of her attacks to trigger the Mirror Shield beam. If you then slash her at the same time the beam is still attacking her, the death cutscene will trigger (although quite laggy) but she won't actually despawn. If you then wait around 8 minutes (10,000 frames), an invisible Twinrova should emerge and begin to battle again.
  • Notes: The fight will be short since she will be down in health. However, two other effects of this glitch are that each time you do this, another blue warp and Heart Container will spawn. For each blue warp that is stacked, the speed of Link's rotation also stacks, leading to Link rotating much faster than usual in the blue warps which looks quite amusing.

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