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These are known glitches which are possible to perform in Hyrule Warriors. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Undead Enemy Glitch

  • Effect: Enemy stays alive.
  • Prerequisites: Defeat an enemy just as a battle is won.
  • How to: If you damage and defeat an enemy just as the VICTORY banner appears on the screen, the enemy will stay alive after the match has ended, or will remain for a longer amount of time compared to the rest of the army.

Max Rupees Glitch

  • Effect: Obtain nearly unlimited Rupees.
  • Prerequisites: Defeat a giant boss by depleting its Weak Point Gauge, but without performing a Weak Point Smash.
  • How to: The player must have a weapon with Rupees+ slot and head into a battle with a giant boss (such as King Dodongo, Gohma, Argorok, or Manhandla) and deplete their Weak Point Gauge, but without performing a Weak Point Smash. Instead, the player must defeat the monster without entering the yellow ring which activates the Weak Point Smash. Once done, the player must immediately attack a small foe as the boss disintegrates. This will transmit the max Rupees glitch, sending in 9,999,999 Rupees to the player’s data. This glitch works continuously.

Living Defeat Glitch

  • Effect: Lose a battle due to a playable Warrior being defeated without the Warrior actually dying.
  • Prerequisites: Be killed in battle nearby a healing item.
  • How to: The player must be defeated by an enemy during a battle while next to a Heart. If done correctly, the Warrior will fall onto the Heart as the defeat message pops up. Despite the battle already being over, the game will still heal the Warrior, and a few seconds later the Warrior will stand back up. However, the battle will still be lost.

Out of Bounds Glitch

  • Effect: Usually results in being unable to complete a battle due to the playable Warrior being unable to defeat all required enemies as a result of either the Warrior or an enemy being clipped through an invisible barrier into a normally restricted area of the map without a means to return to the battle (though there are exceptions, such as access to cliffs which can be jumped off of in a restricted area that lead back to the battle).
  • Prerequisites: None, though its easiest to perform as large, broken Warriors such as Ganon in Ganon's Fury and weapons such as Link's Horse.
  • How to: The player must attempt to defeat an enemy or giant boss in battle while next to a wall or door that leads to a blocked off portion of the map. If done correctly, the Warrior or the enemy will clip through the invisible barrier into the normally inaccessible portion of the map. With the Cucco and Ganon this is done by repeatedly hitting the enemy or giant boss against the barrier you are trying to clip the enemy through. With standard Warriors (like Link etc.) you want to perform a Weak Point Smash against the enemy or giant boss while against the barrier you are trying to clip through. If angled right, the Weak Point Smash cut-scene will result in the enemy or Warrior clipping through the barrier.

Unwinnable Boss Battle Survival Lv. 3 Glitch

  • Effect: Unable to complete the battle due to the playable Warrior being unable to kill Dark Gohma as the giant boss does not render to progress the battle. From a completionist standpoint, makes it impossible to A-Rank every scenario of Boss Battle with all playable Warriors.
  • Prerequisites: Play Boss Battle Survival Lv. 3 as Ghirahim and have the Version 1.12.0 update. The glitch does not appear to have been in earlier updates prior to Version 1.12.0 based on Youtube evidence, though it is unclear as to which update first resulted in the glitch's occurrence.
  • How to: Have the game updated to Version 1.12.0 and play the battle with Ghirahim.

Heart Container Isn't Crossed Off After Getting an A in an Adventure Mode Mission

  • Effect: After getting an A Rank in a mission in Adventure Mode, the Heart Container you just obtained won't be ticked off.
  • Prerequisites: Play Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and beat any Mission with a character who should get a heart container with an A rank.
  • How to: Have game version 1.0.1 and keep on beating missions that give you A Rank Heart Containers, until one finally doesn't get crossed off. Harder missions are more likely to have this glitch.

Memory Leak Related Crashes

  • Effect: Playing Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition too long and constantly exiting and re-entering My Fairy can cause the game to crash. It's also possible to get menus to freeze and have visual bugs.
  • Prerequisites: Play Definitive Edition for more than 3-8 hours or/and don't close it down before/after putting the Switch into Sleep Mode.
  • How to: Play any version of Definitive Edition.