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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Four Swords. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Both Versions

Bombarossa Respawn Glitch

At the end of a certain stage in Vaati's Palace, there will be a few Roc Capes nearby and a platform that circles the entire stage. If you go around the platform, blow up the Bombarossa and end the stage while they respawn, the stage will end and the Bombites will be distorted.

Stuck Chaser

Occurs randomly when you switch between two Links in single player, one within a Chaser's attack line and the other out of the way. Sometimes the chaser will become stuck and continually move back and forth even if nobody is there.

Heart Container Air Grab

If you try to jump over a Heart Container with the Roc's Cape, you will stop and be holding it in mid-air.

Anniversary Edition Only

Realm of Memories Imprint

Simple. Enter the Realm of Memories stage select room, then exit. For a brief moment, there is only the imprint of the Triforce where the Stage is supposed to be, with the Triforce missing from sight.

Pit Spins

To execute the White Spin, very carefully position yourself near a pit or hole in the ground. Unleash your Spin Attack once charged and move towards the corner of the pit or hole. If you were positioning correctly, Link will sink in for a second, then be pushed out. From here there are three outcomes:

  • No Spin-The spin is cancelled with no apparent effects
  • Red Spin-You continue the spin, but Link's sword is red and there are no sparkles. You can continue the spin, but it has a decreased range and still goes the normal amount of spins.
  • White Spin-The most useful of the three by far. You continue the spin, but Link's sword is white and there are no sparkles. You can continue the spin for a very long about of time, although your range is slightly decreased.

Notes: The effect depends on your timing, although it is not known exactly what the timing rate it. Also it depends on how you position yourself to the pit. This glitch only can occur when the corner of the pit bends inwards. It can be made easier with ice.

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