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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in A Link Between Worlds. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Skip the Knucklemaster Fight

  • Effect: Skip most of the Knucklemaster boss fight.
  • Prerequisites: Tornado Rod
  • How To: Once the fight starts, have Link run to the top portion of the room. Wait for Knucklemaster to attempt to ram into Link, then use the Tornado Rod just before he hits. If done correctly Link will appear outside the Skull Woods in the area where the portrait of Seres is.


  • Effect: Have Link get stuck in a rock.
  • Prerequisites: Shield
  • How To: In the Miner's House, have Link pick up a rock. Next, press the R button to activate his shield. If done correctly, Link will be holding the rock with his sword and shield out. If the R button is held down, Link will raise his shield, and the rock will be in his chest unless the R button is released or the rock is thrown. This glitch will not work if Link's sword and shield are out before picking it up, however.

A Link Between Objects

  • Effect: Have Link get stuck in-between some hedges and a building.
  • Prerequisites: Pegasus Boots
  • How To: First, go to Fortune's Choice in Kakariko Village. Just next to the sign, face northwest and press the L button to activate the Pegasus Boots. If done correctly, Link will run in-between the hedge and the building and will violently bump into them. This glitch is cancelled if the Pegasus Boots are deactivated.

Shieldless Blocking

  • Effect: Use your shield without using it.
  • Prerequisites: Any shield
  • How To: Simply go to any area, such as your house, where you can't use your sword and try to block with your shield. Link will perform the animation but won't be holding a shield.
  • Notes: This will only work the first time you attempt it in an area. Afterwards, you must leave and reenter to perform the glitch again.

No Magic Meter

  • Effect: Have no magic meter, and skip a few cutscenes.
  • Prerequisites: See the signs at the eastern temple
  • How To: First, go to the Eastern Temple and see Ravio's signs, telling you to get the bow. Return to your / Ravio's house, and he'll ask you which signs you saw. Choose any symbol but the bow, and he'll tell you that your selection isn't correct. Leave the house, and get killed by monsters. You'll be returned to Ravio's shop, and he'll ask you if you want to rent the bow again for 10 Rupees. Once you buy the bow, you won't have a Magic Meter , and you won't see Osfala's cutscene by the Eastern Temple.

Endless Dash

  • Effect: Link runs but never hits a wall.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Turtle Rock, Pegasus Boots, Access to Staircase Room (Either Floor)
  • How To: Aim at the corner on either side of the staircase on either level and hold down L until Link starts dashing then release.
  • Notes: You can stop running normally. Link will never hit the wall.

Ice Gargoyle Launch

  • Effect: Link launches a great distance.
  • Prerequisites: Have reached the Ice Caverns on the trip to the Ice Ruins.
  • How To: Inside the Death Mountain Caverns (Lorule) that you have to take in order to get to the Ice Ruins dungeon, go to the giant Ice Gargoyle and aim yourself on the bottom part of the platform. Let the Gargoyle hit you. If performed correctly, Link will launch at high speeds to the bottom portion of the map.
  • Notes: This is only useful to get the Maiamai at that part of Death Mountain.

Gargoyles and Sand Walls

  • Effect: Link glitches into a sand wall.
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Desert Palace
  • How To: Inside the room to the room right of the glowing green portal, there should be three statues. Push the ones on the walls down to the ground. Make a sand wall with the Sand Rod towards the top of the room. Push one gargoyle onto the space next to one of the cracks between the squares in the sand wall, and place the other two above and below that one. Pull the middle gargoyle away from the sand wall so that it can be pulled back towards the sand wall, facing away from the wall. Now, pull the statue into the crack and do not let go of the gargoyle: Link should slide either up or down a little bit. Letting go of the gargoyle will slide Link further, now between one of the other gargoyles and the sand wall. Grabbing one of those gargoyles and pulling backwards will pull Link inside the sand wall. Walking around in the sand wall will be difficult and often push Link out.
  • Notes: This is much easier to do with the upgraded version of the Sand Rod, as the walls will remain until a new one is formed.

Portal clipping glitch

  • Effect: Causes Link to be pushed through the portal without having to merge.
  • Prerequisite: Stun an enemy and take damage, so that Link can run through the enemy during the invulnerability period.
  • How to: Find a portal that does not have a smooth surface. To determine this, Link should walk diagonally against it at sharp angles. If Link acts as he walking against the corner (not sliding against the wall), then it is "clipable". Locate an enemy that can be stunned (such as a Moblin), and lure it so that it is directly in front of that patrol and as close to it as possible. After that, make sure both Link and the enemy are in front of the portal. Stun the enemy, and as soon as its stunned state is about to wear off, take a hit from it by contact and run through the enemy into the portal. The enemy will push Link through it. Unlike using wall merging to travel through portals, the game will act as if Link had fallen into a pit. This clipping glitch also works on a crack that leads to a Piece of Heart in the woods in Hyrule, by making the Buzzblob push Link through the crack.

Skip bosses in Lorule Castle

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  • Effect: Allows Link to skip many of the bosses in Lorule Castle.
  • Prerequisite: Have Bombs, have not destroyed the boulder near giant bomb.
  • How to: In the room with the red/blue Crystal Switch, Moldorms, and a giant bomb, head south to where there is a boulder that can only be destroyed by a giant bomb that is south of it. Stand on the red barrier to the left of it, and trigger the crystal switch from a distance so that the barrier that Link is standing on rises. While on the barrier, move close to the boulder so Link's sword can hit it. Now place the bomb and time the Spin Attack right when the bomb explodes (note that this is difficult to perform). If done correctly, the sword hitting the boulder combined with the explosion from the bomb will launch Link above the southern wall. After that, stay above the wall and keep heading right until Link reaches the bottom-right corner of the room. Now pass that corner, and Link will be on the other side of the gate leading to the final boss. Here is the video, starting on 1:28:13.

Early Death Mountain

  • Effect: Access Death Mountain without using the Power Glove.
  • Prerequisite: Have received the Captain's sword from the Blacksmith.
  • How to: Head to the entrance of Death Mountain south of the Miner's House before delivering the sword to the captain. Lure the nearby bird so that it is southwest of the Death Mountain cave entrance. Stand in front of the rocks blocking cave, facing southwest in line with the bird. As the bird charges, jump off of the ledge into the bird and it will knock you back on top of the rocks. Then simply head inside the cave and follow it round to death mountain. Entering the cave in this way also removes the rocks blocking it for the future. As you can't yet use the sword and have low health, killing the moldorms inside with pots is recommended.

Early Ravio's Shop

  • Effect: Access Ravio's shop before delivering the sword to the Captain.
  • Prerequisite: Have performed the above 'Early Death Mountain' glitch.
  • How to: First, perform the above 'Early Death Mountain' glitch to access Death Mountain without delivering the Captain's sword. Activate the Death Mountain Weather Vane, and then kill yourself using a nearby enemy. When you respawn in your house, Ravio's Shop will be open, and its opening cutscene will play as normal. The shop is still fully functional at this point.

Two Ravios

Two Ravios inside his shop
  • Effect: Two Ravios will be in your house at once for the remainder of the game.
  • Prerequisite: Have performed the above 'Early Ravio's Shop' glitch.
  • How to: Perform the above 'Early Ravio's Shop' glitch to cause Ravio's Shop to open without delivering the Captain's Sword first. Then speak to the guard outside Hyrule Castle and go to the Sanctuary as normal. Once the Yuga cutscene has played, the game will take you to the cutscene where you first meet Ravio in your house. However, due to the shop already being open, another Ravio will be standing in the centre of the room whilst the cutscene plays out. You will also appear to get up out of the Tornado Rod counter as that is where Link's bed would normally be. Once the cutscene is over, the second Ravio will stand behind the first for the rest of the entire game. This glitch also causes some Kakariko Village NPCs to duplicate too but these clones disappear later in the game.

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