Gimos are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. They appear primarily in dungeons and are effectively the Lorule equivalent of Armos, though they also appear in the Desert Palace. They remain inactive until Link moves within a certain distance, at which point they begin to relentlessly pursue him. Like Armos, permanently inactive Gimos statues may be used to depress switches.

Ice Gimos and Fire Gimos may be found at Lorule's Death Mountain and Turtle Rock, respectively. Both are immune to most attacks, though Ice Gimos are weak to the Fire Rod while Fire Gimos are weak to the Ice Rod. Both kinds of Gimos are vulnerable to the sword, but take less damage from it than they do from the Fire Rod and Ice Rod. Attacking Ice Gimos with the sword will do no harm to Link, however using it to attack a Fire Gimos will hurt him similarly to attacking an Anti-Fairy.

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