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Gigabari is a Sub-Boss in A Link Between Worlds.


Gigabari is a gigantic Bari that first appears in the Swamp Palace in its yellow form, where it is battled in a large room littered with Skulls. A purple Gigabari later appears in Lorule Castle, battled in a smaller room with moving grated floors above a pool of Lava.

Gigabari exhibit the same behavior as their smaller counterparts, slowly floating around and electrifying themselves every few seconds, but they require many more hits to defeat. When Link strikes it with his Sword, he will bounce backwards like when he hits a Hardhat Beetle, but if the Gigabari is electrified when struck, Link will be harmed instead. Once a Gigabari takes enough damage, it will burst and split into fifteen Biri of the same color. Ranged weapons such as the Bow and Bombs can be used to safely damage the Gigabari and its resulting Biri.


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