"Blue is safe. Yellow is caution. Red is danger."
— Giant Hardhat Beetle

Giant Hardhat Beetle, sometimes referred to as Turtalfos or D. Poon (ド・ポーン Do Pōn?), is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It is the boss of the Color Dungeon, which appears only in the DX re-make.


Despite Giant Hardhat Beetle's warnings for Link to take his time, Link must strike with his sword quickly and successively to change its orb's color from green to red, showing that the line the Giant Hardhat Beetle says refers to its own health. Over time, the Giant Hardhat Beetle regenerates its health, and it launches fireballs in an attempt to prevent Link from getting close for a strike. Another effective approach is to use arrows or the Magic Rod if Link has obtained them. After it is defeated, Link can enter the next room to change the color of his tunic.


Giant Hardhat Beetle (Link's Awakening)

Giant Hardhat Beetle (Link's Awakening)

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