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This article is about the ship in The Wind Waker. For the Dungeon in Phantom Hourglass, see Bellum's Ghost Ship.
Ghost Ship
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The Ghost Ship is a minor Dungeon in The Wind Waker.[1][name reference needed]

Entrance to the Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship haunts seven islands of the Great Sea during the night. It appears at different locations depending on the current state of the moon. Only by obtaining the Ghost Ship Chart, hidden on Diamond Steppe Island,[2] Link can enter it.

The Ghost Ship appears at Crescent Moon Island during full moon,[3] Diamond Steppe Island when part of the right half of the moon is missing,[2] Bomb Island when the right half of the moon is missing,[4] Spectacle Island when the crescent moon faces up,[5] Five-Star Isles when the crescent moon faces down,[6] Star Belt Archipelago when the left half of the moon is missing,[7] and Greatfish Isle when part of the left half of the moon is missing.[8]

Themes and Navigation

The Ghost Ship is transparent with surrounding blue flames. It bears a tattered sail and flag, and, on its bow, is a carving of what appears to be a person praying. Whenever Link is in the same area as the Ghost Ship, the sky fills with dark clouds and thunders, and a haunting melody starts to play. The interior has broken wooden beams and, on both sides of the floor, are four skulls lined in a row. The cracked left side of the ceiling shows what appear to be spirits floating by. There is also a small beam of light on the right side, containing a lone flower. In The Wind Waker HD, the interior floor also bears a ghastly haze.

Once inside the Ghost Ship, Link must defeat two Poes and a Wizzrobe, which is able to summon ReDeads and Stalfos. After defeating all the enemies, Link will be able to climb up a ladder leading to a Treasure Chest which contains a Triforce Chart in The Wind Waker or a Triforce Shard in The Wind Waker HD. After collecting the contents of the Treasure Chest, a demonic scream sounds throughout the Ghost Ship. Link then awakens aboard the King of Red Lions, with the Ghost Ship disappearing forever.

Minor Enemies


  • In the small room containing the Treasure Chest in The Wind Waker, there is an engraved face on the wall that seems to have a wide, eerie grin from afar. However, when Link approaches it, the face quickly changes to that of an expressionless, normal face. This was removed in The Wind Waker HD.
  • The scream that is heard when obtaining opening the Treasure Chest is actually a sped-up version of an unused audio clip of Jabun screaming.[9]
  • At some point, the Ghost Ship was encountered and photographed by Lenzo.[10]


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