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Ghirahim is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][5][name reference needed], debuting as an antagonist in Skyward Sword[6].


He is a figure of authority in the land below Skyloft, and he thinks quite highly of himself,[7][8] preferring to be called Lord Ghirahim.[9] His main objective is continuously hunting for Zelda, in order to use her spirit as a goddess for his plan to resurrect his master, Demise.[10][11][12] Although at first Ghirahim thinks little of Link and his presence,[13][14] the Demon Lord grows frustrated and erratic as he realizes the young hero is an obstacle to his plans.[15][16]

Ghirahim is portrayed as a flamboyant, seemingly calm and overconfident individual whose only goal is to capture Zelda and use her to revive Demise, his master.[9][10] His mannerisms are exaggerated and theatrical, speaking in an eloquent and flashy style when addressing others.[17][18][19] Ghirahim is also conceited and vain when it comes to flaunting his own appearance, which he regards as "stunning", "exquisite" and "pure".[19] He acts formally and politely towards Link, at first claiming to be "uncivil" since he had not yet properly introduced himself to the young hero when they first met.[20] Despite this, he is not above insulting others and calling them juvenile names, mocking them at any chance he gets.[21][15][22][23] Since he considers himself to be superior to humans and an honorable fighter,[16][24] he at first chooses not to murder Link immediately, as it would be unfair for the young hero.[8] Nonetheless, Ghirahim enjoys toying with others and making them suffer until he has been satisfied.[25]

However, when things do not go the way he plans, the Demon Lord loses his composure and becomes an erratic and violent fiend who seeks to take out his anger on someone else while satisfying his "strong appetite for bloodshed."[26][27][25] In reality, Ghirahim is shown to be a merciless and uncontrollable sociopath who merely hungers for battle and the brutal massacre of his enemies.[28] This is demonstrated several times throughout the game; he first claims that he will beat Link to within an inch of his life,[27] promises to deafen his ears with the shrill sound of his own screams and says that he will beat Link senseless to deliver a final blow, thus snuffing out the flame of his life.[29][30] Despite all his disturbing and ruthless threats, Ghirahim can never best Link and becomes incredibly frustrated, outraged and aggravated at the fact that a mere human could defeat him.[31][24]


Ghirahim Reveals Himself[]

Girahim first app

Ghirahim discovers Link's presence in the woods.

Ghirahim taunt

Ghirahim taunts Link.

After Link wins the Wing Ceremony, Ghirahim summons a tornado near Skyloft, which sucks up Zelda in an attempt to capture the Spirit Maiden.[32] However, those plans fail to come to fruition due to Impa's intervention.[33] Ghirahim and Link, both pursuing Zelda, initially meet in the Skyview Temple, where the young hero finds the Demon Lord attempting to open the door leading to the Skyview Spring. Angered by the turn of events, Ghirahim vents his irritation by engaging Link in combat. He promises to not murder the young hero, as it would be unfair, and instead decides to beat Link within an inch of his life.[27] Despite the threats, Link defeats Ghirahim, who is surprised at Link's skills but reminds him that the Goddess Sword is the only reason he is still alive. With Zelda's presence gone, Ghirahim leaves, but not before warning Link that he would kill him if he gets in his way again.[13]

Continuing the Pursuit[]

Ghirahim constantly pursues Zelda and nearly captures her on several occasions. In one instance, Zelda is captured by Bokoblin forces, but upon Ghirahim's arrival, he discovers that Impa has rescued her.[34] After venting about the situation to Link,[14] he summons Scaldera to take his frustration out on him and leaves.[25]

Later, Ghirahim nearly reaches her at the Temple of Time at the edge of Lanayru Desert, where he interrupts Link and Zelda's reunion by making his way in through the debris. Creating a barrier to prevent Link from interfering, he goes after Zelda but is stopped by a protective barrier created by Impa. Ghirahim, however, is eventually able to break through Impa's defense and readies to deliver the final blow when Link, with Ghirahim's barrier fully vanished, intercedes by attacking the Demon Lord from behind.[35] This gives enough time for Impa and Zelda to escape through the Gate of Time, with the former fully obliterating the gate to impede Ghirahim from following them.[36] Blaming himself for not having dealt Link in their last encounter, Ghirahim vows to mercilessly kill Link next time they meet.[29]

Ghirahim ac

Ghirahim waits for Link.

At the Ancient Cistern, Ghirahim is waiting for Link, once again expressing his frustration due to Link's constant interference. Before disappearing, he infuses a statue with dark energy, causing it to attack Link.[37] Later, Ghirahim appears to Link again at the Fire Sanctuary, where he claims their frequent encounters are due to the "thread of fate" to which they are bound.[38] The Demon Lord then explains his joy and relief at his discovery of a second Gate of Time and, although he had promised to violently punish Link, he decides to spare the young hero's life should he reveal the location of said gate.[39] When Link refuses, Ghirahim reveals his second form and admires himself before the two engage in battle again, claiming that he will have no mercy on the young hero.[19] However, Link emerges victorious yet again, irritating and humiliating Ghirahim since he, a Demon Lord, was unable to defeat him and keeps on being bested by a human child.[31] Before retreating, he reminds Link that he is still nothing and will drag him into "an eternity of torment" at all costs.[31][23]

Demise's Resurrection[]

Ghirahim is unsuccessful in reaching Zelda before Link can destroy Demise in their time; however, the sense of security brought on by Demise's destruction causes Zelda to awaken from her slumber. At this moment, Ghirahim strikes and finally abducts Zelda; he takes her back to the past where Demise is still sealed, but alive, and sacrifices her to his master.[40] Link rushes to stop the ritual, but Ghirahim summons hordes of enemies and magic Barriers to slow him down and buy Ghirahim time.[41] Defeating the horde, Link eventually reaches the Demon Lord, who, having grown tired of Link's persistent interventions, decides to finally finish the young hero off in a "humiliating death."[28] Ghirahim reveals his true form as Demise's Sword and chatasises himself for not killing Link in the first place.[15][16] Although he is significantly more powerful in this form, Link still triumphs, much to Ghirahim's fury.[24] Ghirahim, however, declares that the ritual continued during the fight, and Zelda's soul is consumed by Demise, who appears in humanoid form and promptly takes his sword back.[42] Ghirahim laughs hysterically as he transforms back into his true form: a sword in Demise's hand. When Demise suffers a fatal blow at Link's hand, his sword whose is Ghirahim disappears shortly before Demise dies and restores Zelda's soul. What this means for Ghirahim's ultimate fate is unknown, though he is no longer a threat.


Skyview Temple[]

Fi's Comments
First phase
Fi says:

Target lock: Ghirahim

I have no confirmed information about this man, other than he refers to himself as a "Demon Lord."

I sense a powerful and evil aura, and I estimate his level of ability as highly adept. However, according to analysis, he has yet to reveal his true power.

show more...

Speech analysis indicates absolute confidence in his own abilities.

Master, you must watch for Ghirahim's ability to grasp your sword with his bare right hand.

It is highly probable that he observes the angle you hold your sword at and prepares his defense accordingly.

I recommend attacking from the direction opposite his hand.

Should he catch hold of your sword, I recommend swinging in the direction Ghirahim's hand opens.

My analysis confirms that Ghirahim's fingers always point upward when he holds your sword, Master.

The probability of escaping his grip by swinging your sword upward is approximately 100%.

Second phase

I have detected a change in Ghirahim's fighting style from the beginning of the battle.

I theorize that this change happened because of the small amount of damage he sustained.

Analysis indicates that the daggers Ghirahim shoots will align on a single plane in one of three orientations: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

With good timing, you might be able to repel them with a single swing of your sword, but my judgment shows that this maneuver will be difficult.

I can now confirm that Ghirahim has the ability to teleport.

Further study reveals that he may be vulnerable immediately after teleportation. This is your chance to attack.

However, be aware Ghirahim may use his sword to guard against just such an attack.

Ghirahim will repeatedly move around you, Master. I recommend engaging him with your sword as he makes his attack.

It is probable that the moment before Ghirahim readies his attack, he will reveal the direction he will move as he attempts to flank you.

If you are unable to establish the correct timing to attack, I suggest using your spin attack.

Ghirahim acts as the first boss of Skyward Sword, at the end of the Skyview Temple. After drawing his sword at Ghirahim's back during a pre-battle conversation, Ghirahim decides to measure Link's skill in battle. Though initially unarmed, the Demon Lord will walk towards Link with his right hand raised while it glows red. During this portion of the battle, he is capable of easily dodging and stopping Link's sword strikes with just two fingers if he attacks prematurely or in a predictable manner since Ghirahim will follow the direction in which Link's sword moves. If Link does not struggle and remove the sword from his grasp, Ghirahim will take it from Link's hands and attack him with it. Link can only retrieve it back if Ghirahim throws it, however the Demon Lord may try to pick it up again if Link is not fast enough. Alternatively, Link can Shield Bash as Ghirahim attempts to strike him to make the sword drop.

To be able to attack Ghirahim during this phase, Link must swing his sword in the opposite direction where the Demon Lord's hand is currently positioned. Holding the Goddess Sword to the right to lead Ghirahim's hand in that same direction then quickly swinging from the left will guarantee a hit if done correctly.

After sustaining enough damage, Ghirahim will draw a saber-like sword of his own. Throughout the fight, he can vanish at will and transport to another part of the room. He can also summon several red, glowing diamond-like blades, which he can throw at Link to damage him; these can be deflected if hit with the sword in the same direction that they are traveling, or by simply using a Shield Bash. While Ghirahim is wielding his sword, he will sometimes briefly stop, lower himself, and charge at Link, unleashing a powerful strike at him. A few well-timed sword strikes can stop the charge and deal damage. Alternatively, Link could use a Shield Bash to throw Ghirahim off-balance, giving the young hero a chance to strike. Another attack consists of transporting behind Link and holding his saber in a specific direction. Link must quickly strike Ghirahim in that same direction before the Demon Lord attacks him. Once Ghirahim has been hit enough times, he will promptly retreat as he can no longer sense Zelda's presence.

Fire Sanctuary[]

Fi's Comments
First phase
Fi says:

Target lock: Ghirahim

Ghirahim is the Demon Lord leading the monsters. He displays superior mental and physical prowess, as well as expert command of magic.

Though possessing some gentleman-like qualities, he will devolve to his true nature when enraged.

show more...

Analysis indicates that the daggers that appear around Ghirahim also act as a defensive barrier.

Removing these daggers before attacking should be an effective means of breaking down his defenses.

It appears that Ghirahim prefers to use his right hand to attempt to grab your sword, Master.

Should he succeed, I recommend swinging your sword up and down to force him to release it.

However, Ghirahim continues to utilize more of his true power, and the probability of it taking more than one swing to release your sword is 100%.

To land an attack on Ghirahim, I advise you to swing your sword from a direction that cannot be blocked by daggers or Ghirahim's right hand.

Ghirahim will move his right hand in time with your attacks. However, Master, there will be times when he is too slow to meet your attack.

Second phase

I have detected a change in Ghirahim's fighting style since the beginning of the battle.

I have concluded that this change happened because of the small amount of damage he sustained.

When Ghirahim shoots his daggers, I recommend repelling them by swinging your sword along the line the knives are positioned in.

Logically, if surrounded by daggers, using a sword technique that attacks in all directions would be effective.

There will be a significant opening for counterattacks if you are able to avoid Ghirahim's overhead attack when he teleports above your head.

He will teleport to places other than above you, of course, but my analysis confirms an interesting behavior pattern.

He assumes different stances when he plans to teleport above you and when he plans to go somewhere else.

I am confident Ghirahim will use his sword to defend against your attacks, Master.

Ghirahim wields two swords, so the probability that he will block two of your sequential attacks is 100%.

SS Ghirahim Render 2

Ghirahim appears again as the boss of Fire Sanctuary, where he becomes more formidable. He starts off the fight by shielding himself with two red, glowing diamonds, which act as both a defense and offense to Ghirahim. The diamonds will block Link's sword strikes before disappearing if the young hero slashes in the direction that they are positioned. Like the first battle, if Link attacks predictably, Ghirahim will grab Link's sword and will also fire the projectiles at the young hero. Should Link be far away from the Demon Lord, the red diamonds will be thrown at Link as well.

To deal damage to the Demon Lord in the first phase, Link must once again lead Ghirahim's hand in one direction but quickly striking from the opposite direction, while at the same time being careful not to hit the floating diamonds. If the diamonds are at the top and bottom, Link can make horizontal strikes at Ghirahim. Alternatively, the young hero can first get rid of the protective projectiles carefully and then strike at Ghirahim from any angle. Eventually, however, the Demon Lord will summon four diamonds instead of two to form a square and thus increase his defense. After landing a hit on Ghirahim, he will throw the red diamonds, if any are left, at Link, which can easily be dodged or deflected.

When he is dealt enough damage, Ghirahim will draw out two slender sabers. Using these, he will attempt to block Link's attacks in a manner similar to the Stalfos, and then follow up with a counterattack if Link does not strike in the correct direction. Here, Link must slash his sword in the unprotected regions, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, which will leave him open to more attacks. Other techniques he employs include rushing at Link with both swords ready, leaving a small window of vulnerability. Right afterwards, he will slash away at Link; however, these attacks can be blocked with a timely Shield Bash, which will leave him open to more attacks. Another technique involves him jumping up and teleporting, followed by a down thrust of sorts. If Link manages to evade the falling attack, Ghirahim's swords will be temporarily stuck, making him vulnerable.

The last variation of Ghirahim's attacks in the second phase includes the red diamonds. He will summon them in three different ways: a circle engulfing Link horizontally, vertically, or by firing them at Link in groups of five. The first two can be deflected with a horizontal or vertical Spin Attack, while the last method involves Link slashing at them in the correct direction.

After he is defeated, he will become enraged, and will angrily rant about how he cannot defeat Link, even though he is a demon. After he finishes, he will retreat.

Sealed Grounds[]

Fi's Comments
First phase
Fi says:

Target lock: Ghirahim

This Demon Lord leads the monster forces.

There is a 90% change in outward appearance compared to previous encounters with him. I detect a dark aura emanating from his entire body.

Be cautious, Master. This opponent is extremely dangerous and likely to fell you with a single blow.

show more...

He is now revealing his true power. I am detecting a significant increase in muscular strength.

Unfortunately, I must also conclude that none of your weapons will be effective against him.

Analysis indicates that attacks from your sword may drive Ghirahim back, if ever so slightly, Master.

I have noted that Ghirahim has a tendency to stand near the center of the platform, Master. There is an 85% probability he does this to avoid falling off.

Master, there is a 95% chance that Ghirahim will attempt to intercept your sword in order to defend against your attacks, just like last time.

If you notice a large change in his stance, take care to note the position of his hand.

Second phase

There is a 90% change in outward appearance compared to previous encounters with him. I detect a dark aura emanating from his entire body.

I can confirm a change in Ghirahim's fighting style, likely as a result of the minor damage he has suffered.

I project that the weak spot revealed on his chest from the previous attack will continue to be an effective target.

However, there is a 100% probability that Ghirahim will block all attacks targeting this area while he is in his standard state.

I suggest you attempt to parry Ghirahim's sword away, Master. This should leave the weak spot on his chest open to attack.

Taking advantage of opportunities to attack the villain's weak spot should be your top priority.

My analysis shows that it is impossible to parry away Ghirahim's sword in one attack.

I theorize that it will become possible by attacking in the same direction a number of times.

Third phase

There has been a 90% change in his outward appearance since our last meeting. I detect a black aura emanating from his entire body.

I have also confirmed that he is using a new weapon.

Results from my analysis confirm that the sword Ghirahim wields can be broken by your sword, Master.

I theorize that Ghirahim used magic to call this weapon into existence.

Now that he is deeply wounded, the sword he wields appears to have become brittle.

I have detected identical responses from the center of Ghirahim's sword and Ghirahim's chest.

By destroying the sword's core there is a 100% probability that the sword itself will be destroyed.

I recommend carefully watching the sword's movement and repeatedly attacking the same spot.

SS Ghirahim Render 3

Ghirahim appears for the final time when he captures Zelda and begins to start the ritual to revive the Demon King, Demise. To slow Link from reaching him, Ghirahim summons a horde of monsters including virtually all types of Bokoblins, Moblins, and Stalfos.[41] When Link manages to defeat the onslaught, Ghirahim faces him in battle again in his final form.[15]

He summons platforms upon which he and Link do battle, high above the center of the Sealed Grounds.[16] Although his body is invulnerable to attack, he can be beaten back by sword strikes and pushed off the edge. When this happens, Ghirahim will assemble a lower platform and land on his back, at which point he can be damaged with a Fatal Blow. Ghirahim will counterattack during this phase by attempting to kick Link or, if he's near the edge, grab the young hero and switch places with him so as to prevent from falling. After being hit several times, the Demon Lord will occasionally hold out his hands filled with electricity to block Link's attacks. Like before, Link must slash with his sword in the unprotected regions until he drops his hands.

After three strikes, Ghirahim will face Link on the ground and draw a slender rapier. He fights with familiar techniques, but can only be damaged by using a thrust attack on the vulnerable jewel on his chest. Ghirahim is capable of summoning a dark, slow-moving version of the Skyward Strike, which can be reflected back at him by hitting it in the same direction it is moving. If Link fails to strike it in the same direction, the fiery disc will go out of its trajectory. Eventually, Ghirahim will fail to deflect it back and become stunned, vulnerable to Link's sword thrusts. Should Link approach Ghirahim, the Demon Lord will strike the young hero, although this attack can be deflected with a Shield Bash to leave him momentarily open to attack.

After receiving enough damage, Ghirahim will draw a massive broadsword. Although at first Ghirahim will attempt to strike at Link, he will eventually raise the sword vertically or horizontally. Link can chisel away at the sword by striking it in the opposite direction it is being held. If the young hero does not deliver enough blows consecutively, Ghirahim will repair the broadsword. Breaking the sword leaves the enemy vulnerable for a time to more sword thrusts. After Ghirahim has sustained enough damage, the battle will be over.

Spinoff appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors[]

HW Ghirahim Render

Ghirahim appears in Hyrule Warriors as an antagonist and also as a playable Warrior. His weapon is the Demon Blade, the sword he uses in Skyward Sword. His style is very fast, relying on teleportation tricks and odd moves that take his opponent off guard. He is capable of creating daggers from thin air to use as projectiles, conjuring a ceiling to slam into enemies with his mind, and transforming into his true form. He has a unique mechanic where he can tie his opponent to a red string, opening up new, more powerful combos. While fast and strong, a flaw of Ghirahim is that he is so narcissistic that he poses after many of his moves, leaving him open to retaliation. However, this flaw can be somewhat mitigated by the fact that Ghirahim is capable of simply dodging in order to cancel several of his poses, allowing him to continue fighting.

In Legend Mode, Ghirahim first appears in and serves as a mini-boss in the Scenario "Land of the Sky" and as a boss in "Sealed Ambition". He forms an alliance with Cia's subordinate Volga and they plan an attack on Skyloft, but Ghirahim is later forced to retreat to the Sealed Grounds to personally protect the Gate of Souls. After summoning The Imprisoned to attack Link and his allies, Ghirahim is defeated in battle and sealed within the Gate of Souls. However, he and Zant are later summoned by Ganondorf to aid him in his quest to obtain the Triforce, following the defeat of Cia. They help him to take over the desert stronghold in "Ganondorf's Return", and follow him to take the Triforce pieces in "March of the Demon King" and "Battle of the Triforce". In Enduring Resolve", Ghirahim and Zant are left in charge of commanding Ganondorf's Forces in Gerudo Desert, but they are defeated once again by the Hyrulean Forces.

In the Master Quest DLC Pack, Ghirahim appears in "The Demon Lord", fighting against the Skyloft Forces. Cia and her Dark Forces enter the battle between them in an attempt to enlist Ghirahim. He temporarily becomes Cia's enemy when she forms an alliance with Fi, but then betrays her when she convinces Ghirahim to join her Force.

When defeated in battle, Ghirahim occasionally drops his Sash as a silver Material, and rarely his Cape as a gold Material.

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Ghirahim appears as an Assist Trophy. When summoned, he attacks opponents by slashing his blade or by throwing daggers. He can also teleport to different areas of the stage. Ghirahim also appears as a Trophy.

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
3DS Logo WiiU
SSBfN3DS Ghirahim Trophy Model SSBfWU Ghirahim Trophy Model Skyward Sword Link encounters Ghirahim repeatedly during his adventure. Extremely confident, he encourages Link to use his title, Lord Ghirahim, when they first meet. Is he truly powerful, or does he use eloquent words to distract you and gain an advantage? Random

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Ghirahim — Spirit Battle Information

SSBU Ghirahim Spirit Icon
SSBU Primary Spirit Icon Primary Spirit
No. 228
Team Power SSBU Grab Type Icon Grab | 8800 Rank ★★★ ACE Fighter(s)
Stage Skyloft Theme "Ballad of the Goddess" SSBU Corrin Stock Icon 5 Corrin
Rule(s) Assist Trophy Enemies Hazard(s)
 · The enemy's melee weapons have increased power
 · Hostile assit trophies will appear after a little while
 · The enemy has increased move speed

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ghirahim appears as a Spirit with no ability. Ghirahim also returns as an Assist Trophy acting identically to how he did in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.


  • In Ghirahim's first two forms, his right ear is pointed, whereas his left ear is round. However, in his final form, both ears are pointed. It is likely that the designers shortened his ear in the first forms to make animating his hair easier.
  • Ghirahim acts as the counterpart of Fi, as they are both the humanoid forms of swords. Ghirahim's weapon form resembles a dark version of the Master Sword. In addition, Fi is generally regarded as calculating and emotionless, while Ghirahim is very open and dramatic about his emotions.[43]
    • Despite this, Ghirahim and Fi never interact throughout Skyward Sword.
  • When seen beginning the ritual to revive his master, Ghirahim can be heard humming his own theme music.
  • Ghirahim is supposed to be around the same age as Link.[44]
  • Ghirahim's personality alters a bit in the Japanese version after his second defeat, becoming noticeably rougher overall. The English version omits this change in characterization.
    • On a similar note, his "fair threat" to Link just before the first fight was more severe in the Japanese version, citing he forgives Link for the first intrusion (mostly due to not willing to vent his full anger at Link due to the latter's status as a child and it being unbecoming of his status as the current leader of the Demon Tribe), but still resolves to inflict severe enough wounds that Link will have to take 100 years at most to recover from them.


Ghirahim is a portmanteau of "Ghira", name which sounded villainous to the game's designers, and Agahnim, the wizard antagonist from A Link to the Past.[45]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseギラヒム (Girahimu) (SS)[46]
CanadaFrenchCAGhirahim (HWDE)
FranceFrenchEUGhirahim (SS | HWDE)[47]
GermanyGermanGhirahim (SS | HWDE)[48]
ItalyItalianGhirahim (HWDE)
SpainSpanishEUGrahim (HWDE)[49]
Latin AmericaSpanishLAGrahim (HWDE)[50]
This table was generated using translation pages.
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Video Gallery[]

Demon Blade gameplay from Hyrule Warriors


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